Hello my fellow subjects. After making the blog as to how I rank the Frozen songs, I thought to myself, why not make a blog of how I rank the songs from The Lion King, since its another big musical blockbuster? And that's what I intend to do since The Lion King is my favorite Disney Renaissance musical. Now, I should tell you that I will only include songs that have ever heard in the movie itself, not the CD soundtrack, which are Elton John's "Circle of Life" and "Just Can't Wait To Be King". But I am going to have include...(sigh), well, take a look below.

#7: The Morning Report

Zazu-Simba-(The Lion King)

I prefer to TALK about the Morning Report instead of SINGING it.

Unfortunately, I have to keep my word, since technically this song has been heard on the Screen in Lion King history-its IMAX re-issue, to be exact. and this is definitely the worst Lion King song ever. When I heard that there was a new included musical number to the Lion King, I was actually curious. I was hoping it would be another "Human Again" type of song sung by Timon and Pumbaa. <Sigh> But, when I saw this, I thought it stank. Why?? Its stupid, ridiculous, and completely forgettable. They just changed the scene, the singing was really bad, and it had no point to it. This is one of those things where you try to make something great even better, but then you find it ruins and overdoes it. That's pretty much how I describe this song. Maybe, Disney was trying to make The Lion King even better like what they did with "Human Again". Now that song works because it inserts a scene between two instead of changing it, the singing was very good, and it expresses the dream of the enchanted objects: to become human again. "Morning Report" does nothing of the sort. I was SO happy that they got rid of this song on my 2011 DVD of the Lion King. It's just not worth listening to. There are better Lion Kings songs than this.

#6: Can You Feel The Love Tonight


Lions In Love

Now we can get on with the songs we actually remember and like better from the film. I'm not a huge fan of this song, but as love songs go, its pretty sweet and soothing. I mean come on, its about Simba and Nala being so happy to see each other after so many years. Also, when you see Simba and Nala drinking by the pond, it also expresses their wonderns and concerns about each other, like any other couple. Simba is worried what Nala would think of him if she knew that he was "responsible" for Mufasa's death (of course, we all know he isn't). To Nala, seeing Simba out here in the jungle is baffling for her. She wonders why he's reluctant to go back to Pride Rock and take his place as king. She knows Simba wouldn't just bail out of his place, unless there was an actual reason, yet Simba won't tell her. But nevertheless, seeing each other is just too darn wonderful (although Timon and Pumbaa beg to differ). Love is just so darn lovely, especially for lions.

#5: Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Elton John's Version)

Elton John

Elton John

Now I know what you're thinking; I'm including Elton's John version of "Can You Feel The Love Tonight", but not his versions of "Circle of Life", or "I Just Can't Wait To Be King?" Well, this is heard during the end credits, as you know. And besides, I like to stick with the end credits of some movies, just so I can hear the soothing end credits music, such as this. It also does has different lyrics than the one you heard from Simba and Nala's date. I can't remember the lyrics off the top of my head, but when they mix together with the melody, it works very soothingly, much like Paul Williams's version of Flying Dreams from "The Secret of NIMH". And like most end credits music, I always feel like it expresses how even though Simba went through, he was able to get past it, and made things all right in the end. I hope Elton John got a grammy award for this.

#4: Be Prepared


Be Prepared for a tragedy.

There's always something evil that will happen that the villain foreshadows. And its represented in this cool but creepy song. Scar wants to be king of the Pride Lands, and there is no way he's willing to let Mufasa and Simba cut his place in line. So he negotiates with the Pride Lands' sworn enemies The Hyenas to help him. The song does well in making it sound creepy and chilling at first, but then making it bigger and louder as it goes on, much like "Poor Unfortunate Souls". The Hyenas are also unhappy about being unable to "run the joint" as they put it, so Scar comes to talk to them about a plan of brains seeing that brawn did not work for them earlier. And the colors that smoke from the Elephant Graveyard's geysers matches the moods perfectly; green for cool and sinister, yellow when they hyenas were marching in line, and red when the song was getting extreme. "Be Prepared" is such a good song, or should I say a BAD song! ):D

#3: Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata

No worries.

Now don't you worry. For every villain's song in the Disney Renaissance, there's always a comic relief song to help brighten up our moods. Poor Simba blames himself for Mufasa's death and he has nowhere to go. But once Timon and Pumbaa cross his path, they use their motto to teach Simba to forget his troubles and just stop worrying. And it actually helps cheers Simba up. He tries grubs for new foods, and he's free of his depression of no longer being eligible to be king (for now, anyway). We also see a funny flashback of Pumbaa getting rejected for his bad odor. No animal wanted him around because of his farts (Sorry, but farting makes me laugh). And he also used "Hakuna Matata" to forget his troubles. So while I wouldn't use this song to forget my troubles COMPLETELY, I do try to forget my troubles from time to time when I need to let loose and relax, though I gotta tell you, its not easy when you have a lot of anxiety. I remember when the Diamond Edition of The Lion King was coming out, I saw a clip on the Disney website where they got the phrase from. The Disney Animators had to go to Africa while the film was in production, and the citizens of Africa taught it to them. I never knew that. Plus, I find Timon and Pumbaa half right. Bad things do happen. You can't stop that, but you CAN make solutions around them. But still, "Hakuna Matata" does teach you something, one way or another.

#2: Circle of Life

Lion-king Circle of Life

The Circle of Life is circular. :)

Circle of Life is in my opinion, a cultural work of art. We see the animals acknowledge that a new future heir to the Pride Lands is born, and we have an African chorus heard in the background to teach us more about it. Its a song that teaches us about life and birth. When something ends something new takes its place. Maybe we are reincarnated into something else when we die. Either way, Circle of Life teaches us that there never is an end to life on earth. But even if the lyrics weren't educational, the song is still really good with its melody, and like I said, African Culture. Its also really cute to see Simba as a cub. I also love seeing all kinds of different animals who show up at the ceremony-elephants, giraffes, zebras, gazelles, monkeys, the list goes on. Its a song about good things coming your way in life. Its what I call the Lion King equivalent to "When You Wish Upon A Star."

And the number one Lion King song on my list is....

#1: I Just Can't Wait To Be King


Simba can't wait. Can you

Out of all the songs from The Lion King, I'd say I enjoyed this one the most. I know its not the same moral-type song that "Circle of Life" was, but hey- this song really entertained me! Ts really funny and fun seeing Simba and Nala having fun together as kids and driving Zazu crazy while they're at it. I see a lot of "inheriting heir" type stories where the heir is NOT excited about becoming next in line and have conflict about it while they're young. Its ironic and enjoyable to see that Simba IS excited about becoming king. And all the music and singing from the other animals at the Watering Hole made it a song you just want to sing out loud and dance to. For me, it represent the fun of the first half of The Lion King. Its one of the best songs ever to be heard in Broadway style, and I still really enjoy it. Its fun, has a really good melody, a great song to listen to.

And that is how I rank the songs from The Lion King, our beloved epic musical. I'd say go check them out in the movie, but you already have. :)