Hi everyone. Welcome to another one of my musical rankings. I have been thinking about Hercules lately, along with its songs. And to be honest, I find them as catchy and emotional as some of the other Disney Renaissance song, particularly The Lion King. So I thought, why not do a blog post on song rankings. So let's rewind back to Greece during the Golden Age of Powerful Gods, shall we?

#6: The Gospel Truth songs


You go girls!

Ok, it's certainly not that I don't like these songs, it's just that each gospel truth song is a little too short on its own. But hey, they are pretty catch, or the opening one is. It starts with the Muses making a 4th wall joke, wanting to make the story's narration more fun. I personally wouldn't have minded eiter way, but still it's cool. The Muses sing in Gospel style and the beginning sounds kinda bouncy. They also sing the backstory with the Titans and Zeus as opposed to the dark ways films do with Beauty and the Beast or Kung Fu Panda 2. The other two gospel truth songs are just brief narrations in song mode. That's all I can say.

#5: Go The Distance

Go the Distance

Hercules will go anywhere to find his belonging!

Thanks to the evil Hades, Hercules is a mortal human being and is raised on Earth. But there is a major problem-Hercules still has his god-like strength and is hated by the local townspeople for causing so much destruction. The poor guy feels like he doesn't belong. It is that "I don't belong" song and problem, but it's written with the right amount of drama and emotion to it. Hercules is willing to do anything and go anywhere to find where he belongs. Not my favorite song, but still "I Want" passionate.

#4: Go The Distance (End Credits Version)

398px-Michael Bolton-01

The only song that could be more dramatic is the version sung my Michael Bolton during the end credits. Like most end credits songs, it feels like it's saying the main character managed to have his/her dreams come true, despite all the conflicts and hardships that have happened. And you know what? This one makes me wanna cry! It's just...emotional! I played this song to myself a few times when my dog was almost put down (due to a biting incident), and I felt like the song's emotion matched mine! Michael Bolton, I admit doesn't have the greatest singing voice ever, but the rest of this song makes up for it.

#3: One Last Hope

Hercules-br-disneyscreencaps com-3599

Hercules is the one last hope to Phil and Greece!

I remember most times I listened to this song was on the Animated Storybook version of the movie. I enjoyed it pretty well. Phil has been retired from training heroes, all of which failed his expectations, but Zeus forces him to train Hercules anyway. There's not much for me to say about the melody, but seeing Hercules rescue a damsel in distress is easier said than done. There are a lot of rules on Phil's standards, but eventually Hercules gets through with all the fast paced action we see. It's not easy, but Hercules turns out to be the one last hope that wins the day, not just for Phil but for every other character in the, every good guy that is.

#2: I Won't Say I'm In Love

Meg will say she's in love...eventually.

Now we're talking! Most Disney Renaince love songs such as A Whole New World are sung and shown with the lovers together. This one however, does things a little differently. Meg is reluctant to fall in love again due to saving her ex-boyfriend's life for nothing. This is the kind of song where your true feelings take over your head and you can't escape it. The Muses sing in the background like Meg's consciences, trying to urge her to follow her heart and that falling in love with Hercules is okay. The lyrics and melody are very catchy, probably one of Disney's best love songs. I really enjoy listening to this one. It feels like it has cinematic emotion.

And the number one best Hercules song is...

#1: Zero to Hero

Hercules beat up Nemean Lion

Zero to Hero in no time flat!

Despite Hercules not really being closer to being a true hero, he gets plenty of fame and admiration from Greece after defeating the deadly Hydra. This song is wild, fast paced, and very entertaining. And to make things even better, we see a lot of modern stuff thrown in the past as we see Hercules merchandise spreading; autographs using stone and chisel, action figures, shoes, pottery that looks like newspaper headlines, the list goes on. We also see Hercules fight other monsters from Greek mythology like a minotaur, the Lion (I forget the name of it), and Medusa. Now on that note, I know that some ex-fans criicized the film for being historically inaccurate with some of those monsters, but I think it's more like a fractured Greek mythology sort of thing, kinda like Shrek. So from zero to hero, Hercules truly has put the glad in gladiator!

And that is how I rank the songs from Hercules. I hope you enjoyed this blog. See ya next time.