Hello my fellow readers. Today's blog is how I rank the Disney Princesses. We all know that one of Disney's greatest strength is adapting fairy tales, especially the ones with princesses and true love. One of their most iconic trademarks are the Disney Princesses. A lot of them have touched the hearts of many Disney fans, especially the little girls, resulting in the Disney Princesses having their own merchandise and show, Sofia the First, which I found pretty cute. While I of course, initially grew up with talking puppets, animals, and mice, I later came to accept the Disney Princesses, seeing as though they are beautiful women guys like me kind of have crushes on, and have pure kind sweet hearts. So I am counting down all the Disney Princesses.
Disney Princess Promotional Art 20

#13: Pocahontas

Pocahontas Disney

Despite some of her heroic actions, I am not really a fan of Pocahontas. I know I should be praising her for saving her tribe and all that stuff, but Pocahontas was the first Disney Princess whose ending was unhappy. She lost John Smith, and even though they would spiritually be together always, it just did not feel the same. And her movie is also pretty serious too. She says Kocoum never smiles, but I honestly don't remember her smiling a lot either. She looks like she is always too focused on her spiritual side, rarely showing any personality, outside of her cultural wise side. She's not terrible, she's just not a character I enjoy that much.

#12: Merida


Merida is one that I consider the "Black Sheep". Her fans say she's remarkable for being the only Disney Princess without a love interest, and I have to admit that is pretty rare too, I am just the kind of guy who has trouble adapting to change. However, I still had a lot of trouble getting into Merida. I don't know if it's her design or her accent that gets me off. Characteristically though, she is one of those characters who love having free time and adventure, much like Pocahontas. And of course, she has an argument with her mother about getting married, which is different from the traditional father-argument, but I just didn't really find it that strong. She is rebellious, but in a pointless way. I can't even understand the lesson she goes through. That't why I couldn't get into Brave very well. But there's nothing awful about Merida. I don't hate her, I guess she's just not for me.

#11: Snow White

Princess Snow White and her horse

Now I know what you're thinking-why would I rank a Disney Princess who does little higher than two princesses who do things?....Well, first off, this is just my own opinion. And second, I do tend to think about the fairy tale princesses when I think of Disney Princesses. Yes, even though Snow White was a stereotypical bland princess who just waited for her prince, she has the honor of starting the great tradition of full-length animated features. The idea of her film was just to adapt an animated film, not make great points. Disney usually improves film after film. I admit SW is not one of my personal favorites, she is still pretty sweet. She does help a lost bird fly away after all. And not to mention she cleaned up the dwarves' cottage, and nobody even made her (unlike her step-mom back at the castle). She just knew it had to be done. Who would want to live in a dirty house? She also bakes delicious desserts, which of course is one of the reasons the dwarves accept her. And of course, she's sweet and kind, earning her rightful title as the fairest in the land. She's not the best Disney heroine I know, but she still has her nostalgic charms.

#10: Aurora

Princess Aurora disney

Aurora, like Snow White does very little, but she has her traditional fairy tale charms. She has a pretty deep singing voice. One thing I never noticed when I was younger was her clever optimism (but then again, I barely watched her movie). She seems a bit disappointed that Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather treat her like a child, but she says she fooled them by meeting a prince in her dreams. Her prince may only be a dream, but she believes that she will one day meet him, ironically, that same day. I was glad that her distress about her betrothal was a misunderstanding, having her true love and her betrothed prince being the same. Sleeping Beauty is not one of my personal favorites, but Aurora still has a few sweet charms.

#9: Cinderella


Cinderella is a Disney Princess I have great sympathy for. Whenever I think of women who are forced to do all the work around, she is usually the first one I think of. Cruel environments make me uncomfortable, especially when the character has to endure them for so long. Poor Cinderella is forced to do all the chores around the place, under the orders of her cruel step-mother and her abusive stepsisters. I have to admit, I do admire how Cinderella manages to get around all this. She still has her dreams, and she has plenty of animal friends to keep her company, such as the mice and Bruno who are my highlights of the film. She has a sweet singing voice when she sings "A Dream is a wish your heart makes" and part of "Sing Sweet Nightengale", which even Lucifer found (slightly) better than the way Drizella sings. Cinderella is beautiful, kind, and dreamy representing her classic fairy tale.

#8: Rapunzel


Like Cinderella, she is a blonde who deals with a psychologically jerk mother-figure, though Gothel isn't nearly as bad as Lady Tremaine. What makes Rapunzel even better than someone like Cinderella is her wild funny energy, like most CGI animated heroines are nowadays. Rapunzel was the first Disney Princess to be computer-animated, trying to blend classic traditions with the popularity of computer-animation. And it totally worked, similar to Fiona from Shrek. She is trapped in her tower in the beginning, but as shown in the "When Will My Life Begin" sequence, she makes the best of it, by baking, taking care if the tower's chores, games, and especially painting. When she embarks on her adventure with Flynn, she is shown to be funny and courageous, like when she convinces the pub thugs to follow their dreams. I also really like the beautiful voice Mandy Moore provides Rapunzel, and she looks beautiful with all that golden yellow hair, far surpassing Aurora-that is, until it turns brown and too short in the end. But that's just me being picky. I find Rapunzel a likable Disney Princess.

#7: Tiana


Tiana was Disney's first African-American princess, and she's very well done. She works beyond hard to get the restaurant her father dreamed of getting, and she is very responsible about her work-or maybe a little too responsible. She sings a very memorable song "Almost There" which is very catchy. She also does her waitressing very fast and well. She also learns to loosen up when Naveen teaches her how to dance. She' may be practical, but once she gets turned into a frog, she learns so much more.

#6: Ariel

Ariel with seahorse

Ariel, every little girl's dream come true. She's the first Disney Princess who actually does something to solve her problems instead of waiting around. However, that has gotten on the nerves of certain people. The film's ex-fans view Ariel as a bad teenage role model and her romance with Eric isn't very strong. Well, I suppose they kind of have a point, I still beg to differ. Ariel would never put her kingdom in danger on purpose, she just wanted to get away from King Triton who wasn't treating her very well. If her crush on Eric was really that bad, she would have gone to Ursula immediately. But no, she did it later when King Triton destroyed her grotto, when she was psycologically down-hearted, and decided maybe she was better off with Eric as a human. I found their romance developed enough, spending time with each other, Ariel turned out to be bringing more joy in Eric's life than one would think. I also really admire her character in the TV show, she is brave and always there to help those in need, especially when Atlantica was in danger. And of course, she has really beautiful looks, and a beautiful voice. She has her flaws, but I tend to overlook them.

#5: Jasmine

Jasmine 17

Princess Jasmine

Another remarkable Disney Princess. Like most, she's got a really hot body, beautiful hair, and a great personality. Despite the sultan's law, she refuses to marry out of force-only for natural love, and I don't blame her. I feel the exact same way about marriage. She doesn't wait for anyone to rescue her, she leaves the palace herself....even though she is relapsed back into the palace and with her forced marriage problem again, but nevertheless, she doesn't wait for a rescue. She is also very firm about the fact that she is not a prize to be won, and she is a human being who needs to be free to make her own choice! We don't see that often. She also bravely stands up to Jafar when he takes over Agrabah, despite knowing how dangerously powerful he now is. And she is lucky to have a tiger, one of the deadliest predators on earth (just ask Mowgli) the tiger for a pet. And Rajah is tamed and loyal too, so Jasmine is safe. What's not to like about Jasmine?

#4: Elsa


Despite the fact that Elsa is the only Disney princess who is crowned queen in her movie, she is quite a remarkable addition to the merchandise. She has snow powers and has to keep them concealed 24/7 so that they don't hurt anyone. Although she neglects Anna and the kingdom's company, she is one of those characters who don't express their warm side easily. Once she is alone in the mountains,she sings the hit song everybody remembers- Let It Go to express how relieved she is not to have around her to hurt and she can just do what she wants. Elsa during that sequence, was capable of self-acceptance, something very hard for stressed people to do. She is very loving to Anna, as shown when she is concerned for Anna's safety and devastated when Hans tricks her into thinking that her own icy powers killed her. But Elsa re-self accepts herself when sums the courage to end the eternal winter, let Olaf see summer, and create an ice skating rink for the kingdom. Elsa is a good example as to why we need to self-accept ourselves.

#3: Mulan

Princess Mulan

If I did my math right, I believe Mulan is the first animated heroine to act tough, or at least in a Disney film. Mulan is expected to be obedient, sophisticated, and quiet in front of her authorities like most women in her culture. But Mulan will never be that way in a million years. She's chatty, smart, and courageous. I like how she rebels against her culture's uncomfortable expectations. She thinks of clever ideas to fight the Huns in battle, and she takes a risk joining the army disguised as a man, which could have resulted in execution if it weren't for saving Shang earlier. She also comes up with more clever ideas to fight Shan-Yu and his five remaining Huns when he kidnaps the Emperor in the Imperial City. Mulan also does a good job performing martial arts, which like I said is a first for a Disney Princess. What else can I say?

#2: Belle

Sparkle belle

Many Disney fans love Belle, and personally I don't blame them. She's one of the strongest Disney heroines I have seen. She does her own thing by reading books, even though her neighbors find it odd. Even thought the message is about not judging people by looks, I love Belle's beautiful design. And whenever I think of women who have "boyfriend issues", Belle is one of the first that come to mind. She is constantly dismissing Gaston who is always stalking her for marriage and making sexist remarks towards who she is, and later on Belle deals with the stubborn Beast. She has a much better handle on the Beast since he learns to change and love, and treat Belle more equally. Belle also has a pure heart, giving up her dreams and freedom to free her imprisoned father, and learning to love Beast in time. And no matter how hard Gaston tried to get Belle to marry him, Belle NEVER gives in. Belle is definitely one of the movie's biggest strengths. It is easy to see why she's very popular with Disney Princess fans.

And the Disney Princess who makes the top of the list is...

#1: Anna

258px-Disney anna cutout 2013


As most of you know, I have praised Anna several times before, but I am going to do it again anyway. Like most Disney princesses, she's kind and beautiful, but she also has a ton of other great traits. She's so cheerful and naive that it's hard not to enjoy watching her. She is clumsy and awkward, but that's what I think makes a protagonist so great. Kristen Bell does a wonderful job voicing her, and Anna sings "For the First Time In Forever", which like I've said a lot of times before is my favorite song from the movie. I love her braided pigtails, one of my favorite female hairstyles. I also love how she is willing to help others, like when she knew she had to get Elsa to unfreeze Arendelle, and get Kristoff the items he wanted, and she also shows confidence in Elsa's ability to unfreeze Arendelle, even though Elsa thinks she can't. And despite Elsa neglecting her throughout most of her childhood, Anna proves she truly loves Elsa by saving her from the murderous Prince Hans. I don't know what else to say, I've talked about her so many times, I just love her!

And that's how I rank the Disney Princesses. I hope you enjoyed this list of the most memorable heroines Disney brought to the screen.