Bonjour my fellow readers. After doing a ranking of the songs from Frozen and The Lion King, I got a suggestion to do one based on the songs from Beauty and the Beast. And I thought to myself, sure why not? Alan Menken's composing is one of the greatest strengths of the film. Maybe I didn't grow up with it like everyone else did, but I've warmed up to them in time. But how do I rank them? Well, maybe you my guest, be my guest, put my service to the test-whoops! I'm getting ahead of myself.

#8: Tie between Gaston (Reprise) and Belle Reprise

Gaston (Reprise)

My what a guy


Belle's Dream

I put both of these songs at the bottom. Not only because they are reprises but also because they are a little too short. The Gaston reprise this seems to be more of where a villain's song starts unveiling the evil plot, but there's just not much else to it. I liked the original better, but I'll get to in a little bit. The Belle reprise isn't as bland. It at least has something a little more passionate. Belle has recently refused Gaston's unimpressive proposal, because he is nowhere near Belle's type. Belle is more interested in "adventure in the great wide somewhere" and someone to understand her in addition. No one in the village seems to understand her. It does have a little bit of an "I Want" song, but not enough in my opinion.

#7: Gaston


No one shows arrogance like Gaston!

I said I'd get to this one next, and I am. As villain's so it's pretty good, but not up to the same entertainment as "The World's Greatest Criminal Mind." Gaston is moping over Belle refusing his proposal (yet he doesn't wonder WHY), so Lefou and his tough pals try to cheer up Gaston by reminding him of his better strengths and why he is thought of as the town hero. Shooting, playing chess, being a strong muscular hunk, the list goes on. Its where Gaston boasts about how awesome he thinks he is, just the kind of bragging you'd hear in a villain's song.

#6: Something There

Something There 2

There is something there no one saw before.

Ok, I will admit, I tend to overlook this song a lot. I don't overlook it on PURPOSE, it's just something that happens accidentally. But hey, it's still a very soothing song. Before the fight with the wolves, Belle didn't think of Beast as anything more than a monster, and Beast thought of Belle as a stubborn annoyance. But this song proved that Belle and Beast were staring to see different better things about each other. Beast had supported Belle's interest of reading books by letting her have the library and Belle let Beast off the hook of using a spoon by just sipping her food from the bowl, since Beast blatantly hadn't used them for ages. As the two spend more time together, they develop a wonderful friendship that later blossoms into romance. Its a Disney formula that works wonderfully into films like this.

#5: Human Again

Phillipe human again

Don't like being objects, eh?

This is the kind of "newly-added IMAX song" Disney should have done with The Lion King. Disney decided to make their beloved Best Picture nominee even better by adding in a new musical. It expresses the dream of every talking household object-to become human again. Its got an enchanting melody that definitely sounds like it's from Beauty and the Beast. And its not just sung by Lumiere, its sung by every servant in the castle. The characters really sing about it passionately, how they'd love to go back to being human- celebrating holidays, and having fingers and toes.Even though I like their object forms better, I have to admit that I can't blame them. I would probably have a hard time if I didn't have fingers or body parts for who-knows-how-long. I also really liked that funny clip with Sultan and that pillow cat. We also see Belle teaching Beast how to read which he hardly knows how to do. I admit its not the best song in Beauty and the Beast, but it matches the characters' dreams of the movie greatly. I do wonder why Alan Menken didn't think of it before.

#4: The Mob Song

The Mob Song

(Don't) Kill The Beast!

Ok, even though I didn't love Beauty and the Beast as a child, I do admit that I liked listening to this song. Belle had to show Beast with the magic mirror to save her father from a harsh threat, and it builds up towards the climax step by step. The way people build up their fear towards Beast matches the melody and lyrics greatly. The side words have also been included in the CD version of the song like Belle crying "Let us out!" Or the desperate household objects trying to protect the castle. That made me want to hear or see the rest of the movie to the end just because how it sucks one in. The mob thinks killing Beast will save their loved ones, but its really Gaston's secret excuse to kill Belle's true love. If he can't marry Belle, no one can. There is one user on this wiki (I'm not going to say who precisely) who thinks Belle had a serious flaw in this song, but I don't agree with him. Belle had to protect her father, and people do make bad choices when stressed, just like you heard in Fixer Upper. Just do me a favor-if you see the Beast in a Disney park, PLEASE don't kill him.

#3: Belle

Does this song ring a Belle?

After the creepy prologue of Beast's dark backstory, we cut to the other main character-Belle. To tell a good story about two characters, you always got to show the other main character and any problems he/she has after the first. That's exactly what this song does. We see Belle singing about wanting much more in life than her not-very-nice hometown. We also see that most of the village's citizens consider Belle a weirdo just because she likes to read books and dreams about adventure. It also leads to Gaston pointing this out to Belle later on when the song is over. Yes, Belle is different from the rest of them, but I say she should be. It makes her a very great rebelling character from the expectations of society. So well I do admit I don't like the gossiping or sexism part of the song, heck, I don't like sexism or gossiping no matter where I hear it-but a song about Belle is good enough for me. She is a wonderful Disney heroine, and this song is delightful to hear.

#2: Beauty and the Beast (aka, As Told As Time

Beauty and the Beast

Song as old as rhyme.

If I had to choose the greatest song about romance, I'd probably point to this one. It's beautiful and represents the whole enchantment of the movie. It took a long time to get through, but Belle and Beast are finally falling in love. Its not rushed and it goes on its own pace just like dancing should go. And who better to sing it than Mrs. Potts? The lyrics are sweet and great, Belle and Beast are happy to be dancing with each other, I just don't know what else to say!

And the song that gets the top spot of the list is...

#1: Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest

Be My guest and put my service to the test.

If I had to pick a favorite song from the film, I'd most likely point to "Be Our Guest". It brightens up Belle's time in the castle after she loses her father and freedom-and Beast doesn't really help. But Lumiere and the other servants do. Its sung about the joys of being a guest in the castle, a dinner that is never "second best", objects that sing and serve, you see dancing utensils, oh my gosh! It's just enough to call it a Broadway performance! Even Cogsworth actually lightens up and dances along. It just builds up higher and higher in a great way and makes you want to just sing and dance.

And that was my ranking of the magical enchanting songs of Beauty and the Beast, one of Disney's high fairy tale achievements. I hope you liked this list. It's a tale as old as time.