Hi guys. I have decided to make a blog based on Inside Out, since I think its one of Pixar's best films ever! This is a blog where I am going to tell you things about myself, mainly how my emotions are similar to these characters. Sometimes I feel optimistic like Joy, other times pessimistic like Sadness, and so forth. Plus, I want to express myself. And being expressive, in my opinion is one of the greatest strengths of Inside Out. But don't worry, I won't give too much that an internet site would disapprove of.

How I Am Like Joy

JOY Fullbody Render

Sometimes I am Joyous!

Usually, I am like Joy whenever I am about to get involved in a really special event, such as holidays or seeing one of my baby second cousins. I just get so pumped up, excited, and silly when it gets closer. But don't worry, I am not like Joy in the bossy sense. Although I will admit, I was once in a social group where one guy sounded whiny and pessimistic a lot. And much like Joy, I just didn't know what to do. I tried everything to cheer him up, but it didn't work. But anyway, I get silly like Joy when I'm having fun with someone I love like my first second-cousin-baby. I do cutesy talk and I play "Bazinga" with him by popping up around his mess ball pit, which makes him laugh. I also get like this when silly talking with my mother, or when trash talking with my friend who likes to taunt me by saying Donkey Kong is a monkey-when he is a GORILLA of course! But that's how I am like Joy. And sometimes I do have a habit of trying to avoid downsides so that a happy time isn't ruined.

How I Am Like Sadness

SADNESS Fullbody Render

Boo hoo

I hate to tell you this, but sometimes I get pessimistic like Sadness, especially when people make it seem like it's bad to like what I like-even though technically, that's not true. Sometimes I have days where no matter how hard I try, I get distracted by downsides, even with Disney stuff. For instance, I was very sad to learn that The Rescuers Down Under was a box office failure, mainly when I was a teenager because I just couldn't get into The Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast, in fear of getting teased for getting involved in "girly stuff." I felt bad for liking the "wrong" Disney film. Sometimes I can get past these things, but other times, not as much. Then sometimes, I get upset if I like something that came second as opposed to a first thing. Let me explain. I saw The Aristocats before I saw 101 Dalmatians. I got the concept of its story with Aristocats first. But when I heard that 101 Dalmatians was the one that came first and that The Aristocats was the "carbon copy", things weren't quite the same. I also feel sad when I hear criticism or negative feedback against mistakes I make. I get hurt and depressed for a while. I heal up eventually, but still.sometimes I can get past the Disney downsides, but other days I have trouble.

How I Am Like Anger

Anger - Tức giận


I rarely show it, but sometimes I get angry. But then again, who doesn't once in a while? It more happens when someone nags me or when someone insults something that was a part of me. I know I must sound like a hypocrite, since I have criticized some films like The Sword In The Stone or Tarzan, but we all have that inside us sometimes. Let me talk about a couple of examples. One is when I discovered that The Wind in The Willows was originally a segment of The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. I wouldn't feel that way as much if the shorts came first and the combination came later like the shorts in The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, but unfortunately no. Every time I hear the "segment of The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad" portion of the short, its an annoying mouthful for me to hear on the inside. More things that makes me feel like Anger is when I have to listen to people whine about controversies even in some of Disney's biggest hits, or getting a film's success or failure wrong. For example, Some think that the singing bar mouse who sings "Let Me Be Good to You" caused The Great Mouse Detective to be a failure but no! I didn't find any articles about it on the movie's fansite, and the film was a success (a moderate one, but still)! Besides there have been other similar things like Ariel, Cinderella, and Mulan being (ahem), or Jessica Rabbit singing that song in the bar, and so forth. So yeah, that is pretty much how I feel like Anger on the inside. Moments like what I mentioned make my head get in flames like this guy.

How I am like Disgust

Disgust Wallpaper


I am not like Disgust in the rude sarcastic way. I am usually sarcastic out of silliness. However, I do get bored and sometimes I feel groany like Disgust on the Inside, such as going to church or anything boring. But of course, there are things that gross me out in real life and in movies. One example is porta-potties. I get so disgusted at having to go in those things where everyone's waste is still there! I always try to get out as soon as possible! I am not fond of green beans either, but they don't make me shudder. And then there are some things in movies that gross me out. Some gross things like in the Shrek films don't bother me too much, but there are others that gross me out to the point where I could have a fainting spell. For example, in the Dreamworks film Sinbad, I remember that dog licking a giant sea monster's eye! I was like "EWWWWWW!" One of he most disgusting things I have ever seen! Another thing is the Tim Burton version of Alice In Wonderland. There was that moment where the mouse stabbed an eye and took it right out! I was so disgusted, I felt like I could faint! Sometimes bloody gorey moments make me feel sick, which is why I don't get into that stuff very much. That's how I am like Disgust.

How I am like Fear

FEAR Fullbody Render


Honestly, I have felt similar to Fear in real life more than I have in movies. But there were various movie moments that really scared and haunted me, mainly the bear from The Fox and the Hound and the Cave of Wonders from Aladdin. But unfortunately, I still have that personality of a nervous wreck, especially in school environments and family parties from my Dad's side. I always fear that if I were to be myself, I would get criticized, which would result in me being like Sadness. I didn't know I had autism when I was a child, I actually thought I was being a bad boy, based on the annoyed reactions of my family. I did learn years later that it was more just them being cranky, but it still hurt. Sometimes I tend to take things the wrong way. I still feel this way if I am caught in the middle of preparing for special events or trying to figure out traffic routes. I fear that if I say the wrong thing at the wrong time, someone would take their anger out on me, like I just made a volcano erupt. I also get really scared when taking a final exam in college, especially in Spring 2014, when I took a Pre-Algebra class. I struggled a lot with that subject since high math is a major weakness for me. I had a great fear that I would fail expectations and the fear just kept building higher and higher, like air being pumped in a balloon. But once I got a low but modestly successful score, I felt relieved like the air was coming out of my balloon. And I played Let It Go to express myself. I do get that way alot when things like that happen. Trying to stay safe 24/7 is a a really hard thing to do.

And that is how I am similar to the emotions from Inside Out. I am sure you all felt like those characters too. We all have emotions and various experiences with them that make them who we are. I hope you liked reading this blog and that you can express yourselves too. See ya next time.