Hey guys. I got another suggestion to do a list on Disney sequel list I thought were good. Unfortunately, most of my favorite sequels are not from Disney. Most are either sequels from other CGI studios or video games. But since there are only 2 Disney sequels I enjoy enough to put on the list, I will talk about them. This blog is no countdown, just talking. Okay ones will not be on here since you know, okay. Also, if Disney makes any new sequels I find worthy, like Finding Dory or The Incredibles 2 if they exceed my expectations enough.

The Rescuers Down Under


The Rescuers are back, and this time they are going down under.

Since The Rescuers was the most successful film of the so-called "Dark Age", they decided The Rescuers should be the first Disney motion picture to get a sequel. Not to mention The Rescuers themselves are adventures, so that also makes sense. <sigh> But because this movie did not open at number one, that stupid Jeffrey Katzenberg pulled the advertising for this film, giving it an even harder chance for people to see it. People did as best as possible, but the box-office results still weren't considered good enough. Despite this however, The Rescuers Down Under managed to get a pretty big fanbase, and is often considered one of the best Disney sequels of all time-and I am one of them. While I do admit that there could be a little more of a balanced focus between The Rescuers and Cody+Marahute, and a little more emotion, there are still plenty of aspects that make it a great sequel, like the computer paint. It makes the Australian landscape beautiful and very much like our Australia. It also works when Marahute flies Cody around with all those fluffy clouds. Some of the new characters work well too. There's Jake who guides Bernard and Bianca through the wilderness of the outback, a crazy lizard, and the new albatross Wilbur voiced by John Candy, playing that Wright Brothers joke. The villains McLeach and Joanna play that "incompetent duo", where the villain is brutal and his sidekick does not fully exceed his expectations. Plus, McLeach takes delight in his animal cruelty, while Joanna does her comedic portion by stealing the eggs, and whining about her injuries-all that stuff you'd expect from a villainous sidekick. However, what I like best is how Bernard gets to be the hero in the climax. Since Jake seems to be better at him in everything, Bernard gets his chance by stealing the keys and preventing McLeach from feeding Cody to the crocodiles by tricking a chasing Joanna into knocking him in the water. See, sometimes if the story does not spark, the action does. Its also the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Australia. Its the kind of movie where what you see is what you get. It stays true to the theme of its predecessor. I learned from the Waking Sleeping Beauty documentary that this movie was important to the animators. Without it, they would not have the guts to reach new artistic heights in their movies. So it is actually more significant than most people think.

Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 - Poster

Toys escape in their 3rd story

Ok, I didn't fall in love with the first two Toy Story movies like everyone else did, I did enjoy them to some degree (or, the first one anyway), Toy Story 3 was the only one in the series where I did not have initial problems when it came out. There was a ton of anticipation and build-up when this movie was about to come out; TV airings of the first two films, a Disney World attraction, toys, and even a 3-D double feature re-release of the First two films, the list is endless. And when it finally did come out, there was critical acclaim, everyone was talking about it, and became the highest grossing animated film at the time. The first two films had Andy having fun adventures with the toys in its spare times. But now came the event our characters have been dreading-when Andy would grow up and stop playing with them. The other toys like Rocky, the shark, RC, and even Bo-Peep were gone, and Andy was about to go to college, so they didn't know what was going to happen. So they decide to go where they will be played with, Sunnyside Day Care, every toy's dream come true-or at least what they think. The rest of the movie shows the emotions of the toys who miss their old life that will never be the same again and the true meaning of their lives, probably something I don't often see in second sequels, and I like this movie because of that. There is a lot of dark talk about getting thrown away, which is every toy's nightmare and it almost comes true in the incinerator scene-often considered the saddest scene in the movie and the scariest for me-all caused by the evil Lotso. And speaking of which, Lotso is another one of those villains who represent the opposite of one of our main characters. Woody was attatched to Andy, but he didn't let his love for Andy twist his personality or leadership skills. Lotso on the other hand did. He forced his cohorts to come with him even when they did not want to, and considered his purpose to be played with, not to be for his owner. It shows more emotion than any other movies I have seen in the Toy Story franchise. Its another one of those "push through dark times and you will find light" stories that really makes a motion picture so grand. It spoke to may people such as my friend ToyStoryFan123 who considers this his favorite CGI animated film (hence his user name).

And those are the good Disney sequels. Like I said, I will add more when or if I feel like I need to add something. See ya later alligators.