Hi Guys. I have been wondering what to do for a blog post, and today I am going to talk about Disney related memories involving my family. Ii will not be using any names or uploading any pictures for this blog, since that would be too risky for an Internet site, but it won't hurt too much. Most of them have had some Disney related memories, though some bigger than others. So let's begin.


I'm just going to get my brother out of the way because he is the least involved with Disney in the family. He's kinda the representation of a male who prefers more grown up things (despite being the youngest of the family). He usually prefers sports, violent shows and movies, gun video games, and curses a lot. I recently talked to him about any close favorites. He said that Robin Hood and The Lion King were his favorites. However, most of his Disney memories were more out in the big world. I know he loved going on Thunder Mountain and ESPECIALLY Space Mountain. He also liked the Buzz Lightyear Ranger spin ride. He has gone on it about 5 times in a day. He currently works as a sweeper for his college's ice rink and claims that he has cleaned up for a couple of Disney on Ice Shows. But that's all the Disney related memories I can think of for that guy.


Like my brother, my dad I usually see watch sports, violence or science fiction. But he claims he loves Disney too, but not the way I am used to. He says his favorite is some sort of rocket movie-I dunno. He also loves Mary Poppins. But in terms of the animated films from WDAS, he says his favorite is either The Little Mermaid or Beauty And The Beast. He is also known for trying to plan real fun outings and vacations, including trips to Disney World-he even once stated that he doesn't need grandchildren to go there because he has me. But he also claims that he hates the Wiggles since it got him slowed down in traffic one time-either that or because of their singing. Dunno.


Mom and I are very close, so she knows that Disney is one of my most notable autistic interests (thought I prefer the term animation since I don't like EVERYTHING about Disney). She usually likes to make Disney jokes here and there. For instance, whenever we hear dogs barking in the night, she makes the Twilight Bark joke that 15 puppies have been stolen, an obvious reference to 101 Dalmatians. She also likes to joke about papers we get involved with, referencing the paper chase from The Wind In The Willows. Her favorite Disney films are Lady And The Tramp, Dumbo, and Robin Hood. And speaking of which, whenever it came to movie watching for younger guests, she often brought up Robin Hood as a good choice. It was the kind of movie that was entertaining without any scary villains. Yeah, a lot of villains can scare little kids. On that note, she told me that the adult aspects of films like Aladdin or Hunchback bothered her...I'm referring to those er, crushes the villains had on the heroines. Ok more pleasant one-she also worked at a Burger King and one night there were movie trivia questions. One of them was "Which villain owned a Pawn Shop?" Mom answered "Madame Medusa from The Rescuers!" Pretty clever huh? She also refers to me as the Jiminy Cricket of the family; not only because I loved Pinocchio, but also because I was trying to spread optimism and happy advice...even though it didn't always work. But hey, still pleasant to think about.


I'd say the next biggest Disney fan of the family is my big sister. Like most Disney fans, Beauty And The Beast is her favorite. Infact, when we saw the trailer for the 2017 live action remake before seeing Moana, she was clutching my arm in excitement. There were some Disney moments that bothered her as a kid. For instance, since Kaa and Winnie the Pooh were both voiced by Sterling Holloway, she thought Kaa ate Winnie the Pooh. She also mentioned to me that Lampwick's donkey transformation gave her nightmares and that being in Monstro's body grossed her out. Also, like a lot of people, she is kinda on the outs with Frozen. The main reason is because she had to work on a play based on Frozen when she worked at a summer camp in 2014. She of course had to listen to the songs a lot, and even a little kid ran up to her and shouted "DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN!" Yeah, she doesn't remember it that fondly. But hey, we still talk pleasantly about Disney animation time to time. She even gave me an app of an interactive guide book one Christmas. So yeah, Disney brings the two of us close.

And that is my blog involving Disney with my family. I hope you liked it. :)