Hi everyone. This blog I am making will be about groups of two who look similar, have same species, or have the same profession. I will show pictures of which one is the good guy and the bad guy and say what makes them good or bad, in terms of character. I should point out that any two from the same movie like Mufasa and Scar will not be put because my rule for this blog is that they have to be from different movies. So let's see what we got, eh?

Tempered Italian Men

Italian Temps

Dog liker and a money lover

What makes Tony good? Despite this guy losing his temper with Joe at times, Tony is gentle with dogs, gives bones with scraps to them, and lets dog couples have romantic dinner dates in the alley behind his restaurant.

What makes Stromboli bad? He locks poor Pinocchio in a birdcage so that he will stay and make money in show business for him, and threatens to chop the little wooden guy into firewood.


Bad and good tigers

Eye of the tigers!

What makes Rajah good? He keeps Princess Jasmine company, loves her, protects her from enemies or princes she despises, and does not try to kill any of the initial good guys.

What makes Shere Khan bad? He intends to kill Mowgli just because he hates his species, intimidates his jungle locals, and almost kills poor Baloo.

Anthropomorphic Foxes

Fox with clothes

Neither may follow the law, but at least ONE has a selfless purpose.

What makes Robin Hood good? He steals from the cold cruel Prince John to help the poor citizens of Nottingham and fights bad guys to save the day.

What makes Honest John bad? He tricks a poor gullible Pinocchio into going to an evil puppeteer and a sadistic amusement park just so he and his partner can make money for himself, and even offers to KILL someone for money.


Coach away

Hold your horses (or. donkeys in the other one's case)

What makes Major in coachman form good? He helps Cinderella get to the ball, and as a horse is very helpful, and supportive.

What makes the PI coachman bad? He tricks naughty boys into having fun at an amusement park, when he is really turning them into donkeys and selling them into slavery!

Black Cats

Black meow

One black cat may be bad luck when crossing your path, but the other does not.

What makes Figaro good? Though he acts like a spoiled brat, he is a gentle creature,and he keeps lonely Gepetto company and does not try to eat Cleo (at least not in the real movie).

What makes Lucifer bad? He antagonizes the dog Bruno, gets Cinderella in trouble, ruins her hard work, and tries to eat her mice friends.

Elderly cat loving aristocrats

Wealthy cat lovers

Notice their similar hairstyles?

What makes Madame Bonfamille good? Okay, she does leave her fortune to her cats instead of her butler, but at least she doesn't treat Edgar like a slave. Plus, she is a gentle woman and is nice to those around her.

What makes Lady Tremaine bad? She turns Cinderella into a slave just because she is not her biological daughter, tricks hers into ripping Cinderella's dress she was going to wear for the ball, and locks her in her room to make sure she does not try on the slipper.

Sperm Whales

Whale Tails

One loves to sing, but the other just wants to eat.

What makes Willie good? He loves to sing opera, he is gentle, and does not try to eat his locals. He makes them happy with his singing.

What makes Monstro bad? He terrorizes his locals by eating them on sight, and tries to re-eat Pinocchio and Gepetto just because he does not like to lose food.

Lion Kings

King of lions

One is from The Lion King, the other isn't

What makes Simba good? He ends his lazy days to save his kingdom, treats his subjects and friends with kindness, he learns from his mistakes when he becomes king, and protects his kingdom.

What makes Prince John bad? He taxes poor Nottingham to their last coins, always wants things his way, abuses his "best friend" Sir Hiss, has no concern for the consequences, and even sentences a good kind monk to be hanged when he was only trying to stand up for the poor people.

Disney Revival Princes

IMG 0293

One Prince is seemingly arrogant, yet turns out nice-and the other is visa versa

What makes Prince Naveen good? Though he initially does want to marry a wealthy women for her money, and is rather cocky at first, he later changes his ways when he falls in love with Tiana, wants to everything to make her happy and becomes a better person.

What makes Prince Hans bad? He seems like a nice guy, but he is secretly faking his affections so Anna will marry him so he can gain the throne, leaves her to freeze to death, and attempts to murder Elsa.

Sewer Rats

IMG 0294

Rats! Rats! Rats!

What makes Remy good? He wants to make new recipes masterpieces, helps a human garbage guy get his cooking job, gives him the papers to prove he's the rightful owner of Gusteau's, and even helps a cold-hearted critic find his dream dish.

What makes Ratigan bad? He commits hundreds of crime with no regrets, sends his bat sidekick to kidnap a toymaker and later his daughter, murders widows and orphans, feeds his own henchman to his pet cat, attempts to overthrow the queen, and almost kills Basil of Baker Street.

That is all I have to say for now. If there are any suggestions that I may have overlooked, or if more come to mind, I will put them down.