Hi guys. I'm sorry to say, but there has been a negative blog that's been buzzing in my head that I need to conquer. There have been past stories, whether books, movies, or TV Shows where there are characters who are very mean and act unfair, villains, ant-heroes, or even main characters. And sometimes their jerky deeds bother me so much that I just wish I could give them a piece of my mind! I'm sure some of you might have felt that way towards characters like Chi-Fu from Mulan or the Duke of Weselton from Frozen, but these are some of the characters that made me suffer the most, Disney or non-Disney. So, let's get this overwith!

Stromboli from Pinocchio

Stromboli 2

I love Pinocchio, but when I was a kid, I've always hated Stromboli for locking Pinocchio in the birdcage! I hated him so much, I fast forwarded through that scene every time I watched it on videocasette. Its only a small scene, but I still felt anger towards that big fat puppeteer for what he did! Heck, he doesn't even get punished for it (or at least we don't see it onscreen). There are many aspects I love about Pinocchio, but Stromboli is definetly not one of them.

Mother Gothel from Tangled


I don't want this gal to be my mother!

I've put Tangled in my okay category for Disney movies, mainly because there were some silly stuff, but other stuff about it didn't work for me like it did with everyone else. Mother Gothel is the only thing about the movie that I consider REALLY bad! She kidnaps the princess in the night, just for her hair and she keeps the girl in charge of it imprisoned in a tower for 18 years, discouraging her from the outside world! Heck, I even saw some pictures on this wiki from a Disney Christmas book that she even ruined Christmas for Rapunzel-Christmas! One of the greatest holidays ever! She constantly puts Rapunzel down, and she even sings a really annoying stupid song, "Mother Knows Best". I don't remember the melody, but I do remember how annoying it was..that and of course, it was a lie to keep Rapunzel mentally "safe" in the tower. And worst of all, there is no big fight scene against her in the climax! She does die, thank goodness, put putting up with her was a hard thing for me to do...which is why I never even saw it in theaters.

Unwin from Gummi Bears

Unwin 2

What an idiot!

I love Gummi Bears, but Unwin here is the only major problem I've had with it. He only appears in 9 episodes, and there are too many great things about the show, but any episode with this guy I just wanted to get past, even if it was only for a few minutes or so. I hate bullies, and Unwin is no exception. Its bad enough that he picks on Cavin for being smaller and weaker, but in the very first episode he teases him for believing in Gummi Bears which is usually thought as a childish thing! He reminds me alot of Kay from The Sword In The Stone. I don't even like his voice or his design. After his last episode, I was so glad I never saw that dummy ever again!

Kerchak from Tarzan

Kerchak Close Up

Go away gorilla!

As most of you know, I don't like Tarzan. Its bad enough that it was done to death a year after it came out and I've been forced to watch it too many times, but the thing I dislike the most was this guy. He is cold-hearted, has no personality other than being a grumpy leader, and of course, mean to Tarzan just because he is different from the other gorillas. One could argue that it could have been a result of losing his kid, but Kerchak needs more to him if its gonna work. For instance, all he does throughout the entire movie is scowl. If he had a sarcastic side and had some wry humor, that would have worked a little better. But nope! He just scowls, frowns, roars, and that's about it! I might sound like a jerk for saying this, but I was actually glad he died in the end because he just ruined the entire film for me. With him gone, I felt relieved for the last few minutes of the movie, as well as the TV series. I didn't love it, but I did enjoy a fair degree of it since Kerchak wasn't there to rain on my parade. I know it means I have no heart, or whatever you want to comment below but I still never liked this grouchy gorilla.

The Dursleys and Umbridge from the Harry Potter movies

IMG 0425

Go away all of you!

I'm not really a huge fan of Harry Potter, but I never hated the franchise. It just wasn't up my alley. However, the only two exceptions are the Dursleys and Umbridge. I'll start with the Dursleys. Any adoptive family that abused their adopted one was bad, but this family was just awful to poor Harry! I haven't seen too many chores Harry had to do like Cinderella, but they acted like they wanted nothing to do with him, and didn't even care about his welfare! Uncle Vernon even threatened not to feed Harry for a week. That could damage the poor guy's health seriously! And on top of that, they yell at him if they mention anything impractical! I did like how Hagrid came and showed them who was boss in the first film, but I never saw him do it again afterwards! Any time I watched a Harry Potter film, or listened to the audio books, I just wanted to skip the Dursley stuff and go straight to when Harry goes to Hogwarts. The only other character I thought was just as bad was Professor Umbridge! Her pink bright outfit and her creepy smile were bad enough in the beginning, but she was taking over the entire school throughout the rest of the story! Hermione said she didn't teach anything about fighting the dark arts and she made her detention victims write using their own blood...ew! She's one of the reasons why "Order of the Phoenix" was my least favorite (although technically I don't really have a top favorite). She just wouldn't allow anything! Thank goodness for those forest creatures who took her away!

Penny Peterson and Ms. Grunion from Mr. Peabody and Sherman

IMG 0426

One is a part time imbecile, the other's a full time!

I'm sorry to tell you this but...I do not like the new Mr. Peabody and Sherman movie. Not because its different from the classic cartoons-quite the contrary! The trips to the historical figures seem faithful to the old cartoons while still being its own modern thing (except for the Egypt stop), heck even the beginning with the French Revolution seems very much like a reboot of the cartoons. Any hatred that I have is all centered on these two characters! Penny Peterson who is supposed to be the so-called "heroine" and Ms. Grunion, the crazy social worker! Let's start with Penny. I think that brat is too spoiled, stupid, and selfish! She bullies Sherman by calling him a dog, throwing his sandwich to the floor, stealing his dog whistle, and even choke holding him! Sherman bites her as punishment, but does Penny get punished? Apparently not! I Sherman's the one who got suspended and everyone is blaming poor Mr. Peabody! And just when she can't get any worse, get this: While time traveling in the dinner party, Penny is engaged to King Tut and refuses to go home with Mr. Peabody and Sherman! King Tut threatens to kill the two for Penny's wedding present. Does Penny stick up for them? No! She gasps and says happily , "You'd do that for me?" NO! NO! I thought that was WAY too mean-spirited and out of character! I didn't even find her change from bad to good very strong after that. She puts both Sherman and herself in danger when on the plane. That had a little bit of chemistry between the kids, but what she almost did was still reckless and stupid of her. She doesn't even take responsibility for poising Sherman's mind and even reveals that Ms. Grunion is threatening to separate the two of them while arguing with Mr. Peabody! And speaking of which, Ms. Grunion is the only other character whom I consider to be even worse! She wants to take Sherman away from Mr. Peabody just because he's a talking dog! He got a degree, is really intelligent, and did so much for the world! What the heck?! What I hate about Ms. Grunion the most is how it seems implied that she's encouraging bullying. For example, the principal is trying to acknowledge Penny's bullying, but Ms. Grunion shuts him up! In addition, when Penny apologizes to Sherman for all the trouble she's caused, Ms. Grunion says she has nothing to apologize about. Was she actually implying that its okay to bully? No! No! She's a professional! She should know better! RRRRRGGGGG! I know, I know, I'm being too harsh on the movie! And its a shame because I really wanted to like this movie because I enjoyed watching some of the cartoon at my uncle's house. And to be fair, Penny does use George Washington (who actually kinda started the feud in the first place) to save Mr. Peabody, even though I found her overall transition weak. Some of the time traveling stuff works pretty well, but anything involving Penny's bad behavior or Ms. Grunion were just awful for me!

Glenn Quagmire from Family Guy

IMG 0422

Get giggety giggety gone, Quagmire!

I hate Penny Peterson, but I do admit she's not as awful as this guy! I thought Quagmire was funny earlier on in the show, but once Cleveland left for his spin-off, the whole show went straight downhill from there! All the changes seemed too dark and unfunny! Quagmire's treatment of Brian was what I hated the most. I haven't seen any sign of Quagmire hating Brian before, heck- he even let Brian stay with him once! Brian tried to be nice to him, but Quagmire was very rude to him about his flaws that practically had nothing to do with Quagmire! That long rant really bothered me every time I thought about it. I hoped Quagmire would apologize to him and reveal why he felt this way later on in the show-but nope! Quagmire later beat Brian for dating his "dad", which made things worse for me! No one even stands up for Brian, scolds Quagmire for his rudeness, or even calls the authority to arrest Quagmire! Then came that Christmas episode where Brian thought Quagmire's niece was a boy! Abby had cancer, and Brian didn't know about it! Now this is a different subject, but later on in the episode was a dark gruesome mockery of Christmas, that killed my interest in Family Guy. I decided that watching new episodes was no longer worth it. Quagmire's unfairness to Brian is why I am no longer a fan of Family Guy!

Whew! Man, was this a hard one! I love watching movies and TV shows, but these characters on this blog were just---RRRRGGG! Are there any characters that you've suffered with?