Hi everyone. I noticed that the "Similarities to other Disney characters" portion on the Anna page has gotten removed. So I decided-wait a minute! There is one way I can express similarities with other Disney characters that can't be removed; a blog post! I loved doing that on Anna's page, since as you know I've praised her as my favorite Disney Heroine of all time. So For the first time in Forever, Anna's gonna get her own blog post.

I will start with my personal favorite.

Pinocchio and Anna


A puppet boy with a cricket, and a princess with a talking snowman.

  • Both have a naive, friendly, sweet, cheerful, and lovable personality.
  • Both know a mystical magical being. (Blue Fairy for Pinocchio. Pabbie Anna).
  • Both have sidekick who sings a musical number. Jiminy for Pinocchio, Olaf for Anna).
  • Both their naivety led to them trusting a villain who did not appear evil, but later showed their true colors and locked them up. (Stromboli for Pinocchio, Hans for Anna).
  • Both sacrificed themselves to save a beloved family member and died in the process.
  • Both were resurrected because of their act of love in the saving.
  • Both had to deal with a monster whose name began with the letter M. (Marshmallow for Anna, Monstro for Pinocchio)
  • Both sang songs with the villain. Pinocchio sang "Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee" with Honest John, while Anna sang "Love Is An Open Door" with Hans.
  • Both sang songs of their own. Pinocchio sings "I Got No Strings" while Anna sings "For The First Time In Forever."
  • This one I'm adding for my own, but they are both 2 of my favorite Disney characters as well as 2 of my favorite Disney films.

Belle and Anna


Anna-Belle. Ha Ha? Get it?

  • Both are beautiful, dreamy, strong-willed, kind, and brave.
  • Both have a handsome enemy who wants to marry them for selfish reasons. (Gaston for Belle, Hans for Anna).
  • Both have a loved closed one who was initially thought of as a monster by their hometown's crowd (Elsa for Anna, Beast for Belle).
    • On that note, They both try to convince the people that they are not.
  • Both have a talking object-type friend who both melted at one point (Olaf for Anna, Lumiere for Belle).
  • Both were attacked by wolves.
  • Both humiliated the villains using liquids. Belle tricked Gaston into falling in mud, while Anna punched Hans off a ship into the water.

Anna and Ariel

"A" gals

Hans Christian Andersan gals <3

  • Both are beautiful, kind, and strong-willed.
  • Both are obviously princesses.
  • Both their films are based on books written by Hans Christian Anderson.
  • Both their names obviously begin with the letter A.
  • Both have crushes on handsome princes they just met.
    • However, these crushes are the opposite from each other. Ariel's relationship with Eric turns out all right since Eric is a good guy. Hans on the other hand, turned out to be evil, making Anna's crush on him a big flop.
  • Both were attacked by vicious predators. Ariel was attacked by a shark, while Anna was attacked by wolves.
  • Both are the only Disney Princesses with biological siblings.

Anna and Tinker Bell

Pixie snow

Tinker Bell and Anna

  • Both have blue eyes.
  • Both are shown wearing green.
  • Both have sisters who have ice-based powers, pale skin, very fair hair, blue eyes, and are generally seen in light blue outfits.
  • Both are separated from their sisters.
  • Both have shown adventurous spirits, stubborn streaks, and fiery tempers at times.
  • Both have loyal sidekicks (Olaf for Anna, Blaze for Tinker Bell).
  • Both have sacrificed themselves to save those they cared about from being killed by the villains. Tinker Bell risked her life to stop Captain Hook's bomb from blowing up Peter Pan, while Anna risked her life to save Elsa from being killed by Hans.
    • Speaking of Sacrifice, Tinker Bell also sacrificed her wings to save Pixie Hollow.
  • Both had a curse that involved dying caused by one of the main characters, albeit accidentally/unintentionally, but later showed their regret by crying. Elsa had accidentally froze Anna's heart, while Jane said she did not believe in fairies.
  • Both of course, came back to life.

Anna and Fix-It-Felix

Fixing princess

Anna can fix it.

  • Both can get bashful at times, especially around ones they have crushes on.
  • Both have had a nice, but awkward talk around their sibling-like figures. (Elsa for Anna, Wreck-It-Ralph for Felix).
  • Both embark on an adventure to find their sibling-figure after they disappear to save their homes from a disaster.
  • Both meet their love interests while out. (Kristoff for Anna, Sergeant Callhoun for Felix).
  • Both get locked up by an antagonist (Hans for Anna, Sour Bill for Felix).

That's all I can think of for now. If I think of any more, or if anyone has suggestions, then I will add them onto this blog. I hoped you liked it.