Hey everyone. Its summertime, the time of year when I think about going to the beach, or think about the ocean. In addition, I have decided to make another blog that blends a little bit of Disney and non-Disney. Last time was about little mice, and this time I will be writing about any animated media involving the ocean. You just feel like you want to get wet, especially on a blazing hot summer day. Plus, I love the fascinating creatures that one can see in an aquarium-the fish, sharks, whales, dolphins, and my personal favorite-the octopus. Now before I begin, I will warn you ahead of time that I am not putting The Little Mermaid on this blog. Its not that I think its a bad film, quite the contrary I think its a good one. I just didn't fall in love with it initially, nor do I love it a ton today, as I've said many times before. Sorry, Little Mermaid fans, nothing personal.

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo - Poster

Find Nemo now!

I'll start with one of the greatest computer animated films that have great scientific detail, and that is associated with Disney. I've said before that this was my favorite Pixar film (before being surpased by Inside Out) for good reasons involving its oceanic environment. Not only are the characters themselves so brave, likable, and endearing, but just look at all the beautiful sea visuals. Every time I watch this film, I just feel like I'm in the ocean. The plants look realistic, and the animals look realistic enough for sea animals, but also animated enough to emphasize that they're in an animated movie. The environment is very dramatic and mysterious just like how we visualize the ocean. Its a gigantic place, the perfect setting for a quest themed movie. Some animals can be gentle and friendly, like the sea turtles, or some of the fish Marlin and Dory encounter, or others can be vicious predators like the anglerfish or dangerous even if they aren't predators like the jellyfish. I don't think there's much else to say about this movie. Its just great as an ocean portrayal and a stand alone film.



So much to see waiting for you and me! Have some fun with the Snorks!

For those of you who have read my Non-Disney show blog, I've praised this as one of my top favorite animated shows of all time. Not just because of its ocean setting, but also for the fun characters I love. I know most of you may not know about it, but I'm here to help with that. Its another one of those modern cities you see underwater, with a few oceanic puns like the "eel-evator" "clam-sicles", "ice stream" and so on and so forth. The Snorks' designs definetly look like they are underwater folk. They've got those tubes that propell them underwater, like a diver's snorkel tube (although they don't always work). And like I've said before, the Snork characters themselves are a ton of fun to watch. The main characters are a group of young teenage Snorks who have fun and solve problems at the same time. The show makes sure that they didn't get carried away with what was popular at the time, they just cruised through the waters and were themselves. I like it when animated shows do that. Also, before I move on to the next part, I will add that the main character Allstar has a pet octopus, whose species in this show are the underwater equivalents to dogs. Pretty cute huh? If what I've said about Snorks interests you, why don't you go give it a try. If you like underwater utopias and cuteness, you'll have a good time.

Spongebob Squarepants

SpongeBob SquarePants main characters

Who Lives In a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob Squarepants!

Here it is, one of the greatest Nicktoons ever made, and the channel's longest running show. Spongebob is one of my top 3 favorite comedic influences, the other two being Looney Tunes and Garfield. Whenever most people think of underwater utopias, this is usually the first one that comes to mind. Although two things I found odd were the fires when they were underwater and how there was an ocean at goo lagoon when they were already IN an ocean. But for me, that's not the focus of the show. The focus is what its supposed to be-Spongebob Squarepants himself, as well as the other main characters. Spongebob is so cute and hilarious! I love his sweet goo-goo eyes his funny childlike personality that occasionally expects perfection, I just love him! He's a misfit character done perfectly in my opinion. There's the other characters that make the show so great too-like for instance Patrick Star. That guy just cracks me up until I cough! His voice done by Bill Flagerblake is wonderful and his stupid personality are his best aspects. I want more "stupid characters" like him. There's also Squidward the pessimistic grouch who doesn't seem to like anything, Sandy the karate Texan squirrel who wears an underwater diving suit, and Mr. Krabs the money hungry buisness crab. Sometimes his greed makes him hilarious, but other times I do think they go too far, like in the Jellyfish Hunter episode. And then there's one of my favorite villains of all time-Plankton! He's threatening and evil, but extremely funny at the same time. My favorite parts of Plankton involve him either arguing with his computer wife Karen, screaming hysterically, or mumbles awkwardly. Overall, Spongebob may not be the most realistic portryal of the ocean, but hey! It's a comedic cartton show! It doesn't need to be. Its just too dang funny!

Freddi Fish

IMG 0600

Freddi Fish and Luther

Have any of you ever played the humongous entertainment games when you were younger? I know I definetly have. Infact I still do once in a while- not only because I love them but also because I am an Early Childhood Education major. Anyway, one of the great things about Freddi Fish is that its environment is a mixture of a natural ocean like Finding Nemo and partially a modern utopia like in Snorks and Spongebob. You got a brave yellow female fish named Freddi and her tiny green sidekick fish Luther. They solve mysteries under the sea and help players use creative thinking when solving as well as fixing other characters' problems. I played all 5 games, but the two I have played the most were the Kelp seed mystery one and the stolen conch shell one. "Kelp Seed" had kind of a dark oceanic background which actually matches how it is the ocean. It did kind of creep me out as a little kid, mainly in the 3 caves and at the sunken ship, but nowadays I love it because of that. Its pretty much a treasure hunt filled with Kelp seeds to save the other fish from starving. As for conch shell, its fun too. You explore a carnival, a volcanic area, and even sunken Aztec ruins...I think that's what they are. Anyway, one of the best things about it is that the culprit who stole the conch shell is different every time someone plays it (but then again, the other Humongous Entertainment games change every time someone plays them), so there is no way to spoil the ending. The thief could be Gill Barker the carnival shark, the lobster bully Klaww, the tooth fashionable Nadine, The squid performer Rosy Pearls, Pierre the tailor swordfish, or Horse Fedders the tourist seahorse. But whoever it is, Freddi always gives them a good scolding and lesson as to why their deed was wrong. Overall, Freddi Fish is a very delightful computer game series for kids. Its fun, it helps kids use their problem solving strategies, and has great colors. Why don't you give it a try?