Hey everybody. After being inspired by Cloverfield Monster's blogs about about dinosaurs, and other stuff, I decided to write a blog about mice. I have said before that any little mouse adventure movie was my big moviegoing interest, especially when I was in Elementary School. Now that I am older, I still love mice, but I have expanded more. I should note that live action films and Mickey Mouse ones will not be on here since I feel as though they need to be separate from this group, but I can make a separate blog of either subjects if you'd like. But for now, this is what I am putting down. So let's not wait any longer.

An American Tail

American squeak

There are no cats in America? I think not!

I don't really watch a lot of Don Bluth films other than "The Secret of NIMH", but the only other Don Bluth film that I ever watched a lot was An American Tail, along with its two direct to video sequels (which I may have to rent to see if I still like). This movie seemed to represent the average " little mouse adventure" movie. There's not a lot of special traits to discuss, but if there's something I enjoy from my childhood-it always comes back with the good memories it brought me, though like the Rotten Tomato critics think, I think its not quite on par with "The Secret of NIMH" or "The Great Mouse Detective". And speaking of which, I have to admit I have been on/off with this movie for unexplainable nostalgic issues, and to make matters worse discovering that this movie beat out my favorite childhood animated movie made me feel "betrayed". But recently, since GMD had already exceeded Disney's expectations enough, and a lot of mouse fans like to pair Olivia and Fievel up, I decided to let bygones be bygones. But I am getting off topic. The film does do well in drama, giving hope, and having a double-sided story; one of Fievel truing to find his family, and trying to find freedom from cats. Fievel himself is cute and likable, Tiger is funny for being a vegetarian cat and nit a vicious hungry one. I will admit though, even as a kid and today, I had two major complaints. One is the scene where Fievel is sold to that sweatshop, and the other is when Fievel is bullied by those three orphans. Both were too mean-spirited. Neither lasted too long, but I still preferred to fast forward. But everything else is enjoyable to watch. So while I do not think its great as much as I did as a kid, I still like it and I am glad I watched it. I'd pick learning about 1800's American immigration through this movie over a boring history lesson anyday.

Both Rescuers movies

The Rescuers Blu-ray and DVD

Bernard and Bianca to the rescue

I did know about these movies as a kid, but I did not really watch them for certain reasons. I think it was the artwork of the original that made me a little uncomfortable, despite its wonderful story. As for the sequel, it was one of those Disney films recorded and combined in various tapes in my house, so it was hard to get to this movie. But I saw the original on Toon Disney in September 2005 (ten years ago to be precise) and I officially started enjoying both movies. Initially, I wasn't too fond of the idea of mice interacting with humans, but that trait went away by the time I became a fan of these movies. The first film does an excellent job with drama, showing what the characters were going through-Bernard and Bianca at one point depressed about being too small to do anything big and Penny afraid of never being adopted, and so forth. I will admit though, some of the action wasn't greatly well paced, but still decent. The sequel had it the other way around. The action is great, but the story in terms of a strong moral or conflict is a little weak, sorta like 101 Dalmatians. Not bad, just needs a little more improvement. Besides, The Rescuers Down Under had an awesome action-packed adventure, great landscape visuals, and those CAPS colors they used. Gotta give credit for that. There are also some pretty good side characters like the swamp folk, that crazy lizard Frank, Jake, and the albatrosses who served as the pilots and planes. It was also clever how they were named after Orville and Wilbur the flying Wright brothers. Also, I later found out that both films were preceded by Mickey Mouse featurettes (Mickey's Christmas Carol for the first, Prince and the Pauper for the sequel), which made things even better. I even watched those featurettes before the movies to see what it was like. So there you go.

The Secret of NIMH

Secret NIMH

The Secret of NIMH isn't so secret anymore

The Secret of NIMH, I have talked about before in my "Non-Disney blog" so I will try not to say too much that I have said before. But now that I am grown up, this movie just seems even better than it was when I was a kid. A fantastic story told within a farm (and little far off creepy woods), and so much character, story, and depth. Its interesting that the rats know they cannot live as rats due to their intelligence and the dangers of being re-captured by NIMH which makes them seem like a federal organization. Also, the movie tests Mrs. Brisby's courage in the dangers and fears she has to face in order to save Timothy from being killed by the tractor. Another thing I never noticed as a kid was how Justin had to step up in maturity. He was a jokester at first while still being true to his duties, he had to take a step up when the rats' leader Nicodemus was killed. The evil Jenner wanted to stay and have power at the rosebush even if his other cohorts were killed, but Justin fought him for his mutiny and also for attacking Mrs. Brisby for the notification of NIMH and for the stone she had. Justin was the responsible rat and became the new rat leader who would protect he rats of NiMH from the humans. Also, the music and choruses make the movie more of a fantastic fantasy. Its a wonderful motion picture, and I am proud to recommend it-well, for older people anyway because of a few certain things-never mind!

The Great Mouse Detective


Who is this movie about? Basil of Baker Street, my good fellow.

And of course, I saved the best for last. As you know, I have praised and talked about this movie several times before, so I'll try not to say too much I've said before. This is one of those animated movies where the film does not need to focus on story or drama, just give in some fun characters and entertainment. And that is all this movie does, and that's all its fans need. Basil of course is very entertaining and does an excellent job as the mouse equivalent of Sherlock Holmes, and Ratigan of course is a great villain; funny and egotistical while also being dangerous. I never really knew Sherlock Holmes had an actual nemesis until I went to the Sherlock Holmes museum, where I learned of Professor James er-ok I don't remember very well, but I learned where the idea of Ratigan came from and you get my point. The other characters work well too; Dawson as the mouse equivalent to Watson, Olivia as a cute little girl, Fidget the cool yet 2% freaky sidekick, and Toby the awesome dog. Also there's the Big Ben Climax. Like I said before, the music, CGi gears, and intensity all make it awesome. But to make things even better, this movie helped boost Disney towards the Disney Renaissance in their difficult time of need. Initially as a kid, I was worried that The Great Mouse Detective was a flop when it came out, but I later found out-no! I read in a library book that this movie did Respectable business in theaters, and they used that key word again in the Waking Sleeping Beauty documentary (even though its stupid false advertising trailer made me feel guilty for what I enjoyed). Anyway, since this movie was enough of a box-office hit and got 81% good reviews from critics I felt pretty proud. But nevertheless, I still love this movie! Its fun, its impacted me greatly, what else can I say?

And that was my talk on these movies involving little mice. I hope you enjoyed this blog, and that you might check these movies out if you have not already. Squeak squeak. 🐭.