Hey guys. You know, I often like to think about sequels to things I love or like, and sometimes there are some that we tend to anticipate. Some exceed our expectations,, not so much. So based on feedback and opinions I often hear, I am going to categorize the three kinds of sequels, prequels, midquels-or quels as I like to call them (it's easier on the tongue for me) that I notice, Disney or non-Disney. I am not going to use any pictures for this blog since we all have different tastes and opinions in stories, but I will share some thoughts I notice.

Bad Quels ):(

Yep. This is a category that sometimes can ruin the original story that we really enjoy. Sometimes they can just be really bad, overdo its predecessor, or just be completely pointless. Any quels come to mind? A lot of tend to think of the Disney Direct to Video ones-not all, but a lot. I think the reason is because most of the Disney Classics are precious jewels to us that should not be trifled with. But then the cheap animation comes in along with voice actors whom we have heard to death, ruining the original's story-ugh. Some like Cars 2 can just be pointless, just existing for whatever, and cliched. The original Cars did fine, but not up the same critical acclaim or box-office cash that some of the other Pixar films. But another group I have noticed that often get scorned are the Star Wars prequels. I've never had a major problem against them, but I guess moviegoers didn't enjoy the CGI of some of the creatures, representatives that seemed racist, or even the character of Jar Jar Binks. Some of my bottom favorite quels are Jak 2, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, and Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time; all of which take bad turns in story, sometimes designs, and themes that don't really have much to do with their predecessor(s). But that's just me.

Good Quels :)

Now this is probably more like it. There are plenty of quels that fans have enjoyed just as much as the predecessor, maybe even better. I don't have a lot of notably favorite Disney Quels other than The Rescuers Down Under-at least not until Wreck It Ralph 2, The Incredibles 2, and Frozen 2 come out (and hopefully exceed my expectations). But I'd put Finding Dory in the category. But for now, I'll use Toy Story 2 as a historical example. It was one of the rare Disney theatrical sequels that became massively popular; Disney and Pixar were actually reluctant to go forward with the theatrical release of the film. But when it hit the screen, moviegoers thought it continued the story instead of just rehashing the first film again, carrying out the toy theme of fear of being forgotten by their child, and throwing in some laughs here and there. Some of my personal favorite quels are Banjo-Tooie, Kung Fu Panda 2 and 3, and Sly 2 and 3. I already talked about them in some other blogs, but I will shortly say that they all stay loyal to their predecessors while adding in new fun twists making them even better.

Redeeming Quels :\

This one I can't think of any notable examples for. Plus you all have your own opinions on whether or not you like a certain story or maybe its quel or not. But let me explain. Has there ever been a movie that you didn't like, but thought the story and characters were betterin it's following sequel. That's what I mean. If you ever watched the Nostalgia Critic's Disneycember or Dreamworksuary reviews, he claimed he didn't like The Rescuers or Shrek, but he adored The Rescuers Down Under and Shrek 2. How about you guys? I can't think of any redeeming quels that I have greatly enjoyed, but I'd probably say Despicable Me 2 and How To Train Your Dragon 2 if I had to pick any. However, the most notable redeeming sequel for me does not exist. And that is a sequel to Mr. Peabody and Sherman. I know that must sound really wierd since I've said I hated the original, but let me explain. Before I saw the film, I did think a CGI animated adaptation of Mr. Peabody and Sherman was a brilliant idea, and there were some aspects here and there that I felt had real potential. But for what I got, it felt uncomfortable and really unfair (look at my "Characters That Made Me Suffer" blog to see why I think that). And deep down, there are some things about it that still haunt me that I think could be a lot better. For instance, we could see more time traveling themed adventures with the trio-maybe Sherman and Penny's other friends too, a dive into Sherman's past as to how he became an orphan (Dreamworks always does that kind of sequel greatly while doing different things with the story), an actual evil genius villain who rivals Mr. Peabody, and especially a strong heartwarming friendship between Sherman and Penny! I would have enjoyed that a million times better than the original ! <sigh> But sadly, due to box-office greed nonsense, that is a sequel I am never going to see that often haunts me. But of course, that's just me looking for what I want rather than what I have.

And those are the three kind of quels I have categorized. If you know of any that you think belong in these categories, feel free to comment below, and I'll be glad to see what they are.