Hi guys. After reading Cloverfield Monster's blog on 5 underrated films he wish got more attention and some checking in about the rules, I have decided that I want to talk about some non-Disney related media that I love so much. This blog will be for two particular shows, and another will be for two particular movies. Now you must be wondering, why am I doing this here and not on its other wikis? Well, I don't have a lot to contribute in terms of trivia and photo uploading, so I feel at Wiki home right here. Also, I just want to talk about how much I love these things. So, get ready to hear a load of praise from me.

Show #1: Snorks


So much to see waiting for you and me! Have some fun with the Snorks!

Ok, I have to honest here, I am not a huge fan of the Smurfs. I mean, I did not think there was anything WRONG with them, but they just seemed like typical blue elves, their voices were kind of annoying, there wasn't alot of females and children, and the only female character that there was I found so bland. Snorks on the other hand is in my opinion, a masterpiece of animation. I have talked about this show from time to time on this wiki, particularly on my blog where I notice similarities between Disney and non-Disney characters. I have so many things to talk about, I don't even know where to start. I became a fan of this show in the summer of 2008. I thought it looked interesting and. i wanted to check it out. I thought it had similar nostalgia to some of the Disney Afternoon shows and Freddi Fish, a Humongous Entertainment series I loved as a kid. I got up every morning to watch it on Boomerang, and I just fell in love with those characters. The Snorks' designs were adorable and wonderful, and I found the main characters so memorable and likable. You got Allstar Seaworthy the brave young hero, Casey the beautiful brave girl, Tooter the honker, Dimmy the hungry not-so tough guy, Daffney the cute fashion girl, Junior the rich conceited bully, the cute octopus dog Occy, the list goes on. A lot of episodes entered on a problem in their underwater utopia Snorkland, and our main characters would go out and solve it. Things changed every season, and I admit there were a few odd things here and there, but the characters mean well, like any other TV show. Much like Spongebob, the modern utopia world was very clever. It helped that there were a lot of oceans puns, and the animators could make anything they wanted equal to our world. A lot of the episodes had some very good lessons for kids like "Don't judge by race", "Make sure you and your friend get along," and one of the best, "Don't tease handicapped people" because Junior did and he got in trouble. My three favorite characters are Allstar, Casey, and Occy. Allstar is a very likable hero. He always knows what is right, and he does get annoyed sometimes, but he means very well. Remember when I said how I thought Smurfette was so bland? Casey Kelp in my opinion, is the exact opposite! She is a GREAT heroine! She has a great design, and a strong personality. She does not like bullying or anyone causing unhappiness, and she's always willing to help those in need. Then there's the cute animal, Occy. In this show, octopi are the Snorks' equivalent to dogs. It helps because I love dogs and octopi are my favorite ocean animals. He's fun, cute, and always shows Junior who is boss. Overall, Snorks is one of my top favorite shows of all time. It brought me right back into the feeling that I was seeing something grand, delightful, and nostalgic. The characters are great, the colors are great, and I had a ton of fun watching it. It's classic hit for me and I plan on enjoying it more in the future!

Show #2: Teen Titans

Teen Titans

When there's trouble, you know who to call!

Another non-Disney animated show I love so much is Teen Titans. Usually, I could not get into complex superhero shows, but for some reason, this one just really really works! I guess there's just something about these characters and the way these episodes are told that really spoke to me. Heck, I have even honored this show as my favorite, and a masterpiece of animation. For starters, I just love these characters. They each have these unique personalities, that mix in greatly with the show's action and drama. The Teen Titans are very likable and memorable characters. You got Robin the brave stern leader, Starfire the naive cheerful alien who is fierce in battle, Cyborg the half-man half robot technician who's a hungry guy, Raven the gloomy sarcastic sorceress, and of course my personal favorite- Beast Boy the shift shaper who can turn into animals and tell funny jokes (or at least try). The colors are just wonderful in this show, both on the characters and in the air. They look a lot like ink-paint, and they fill in perfectly. In addition, most of the seasons had a story arc that would hop around time to time, have daily episodes that just continue on as if they are nothing to worry about, and resolved in the cliffhanger season finales. They all just show what the characters are going through, and show a great mix of drama and emotion, usually based on self-esteem based on how well they conquer a villain or not. There was also comedy in this show to make viewers laugh and brighten up moods. The comedy was balanced very well and was never overdone (unlike some other reboots I know!). There were a lot of other great heroes too, like Aqualad, Mas+Menos, Kole, those super babies, and more. And what good is a supehero show without villains? I remember Mumbo Jumbo, Gizmo, Control Freak, Dr. Light, Slade, the Brotherhood of Evil, and so much more. However, what I really love about this show like I said is Beast Boy. I love his design, colors, comedic personality, his power to turn into animals, and how he saves the day in "Titans Together." I will admit, I was disappointed with the last episode "Things Change" since it was very sad. But the show redeemed itself with a better finale, that movie "Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo." Besides, the good stuff is just so darn good. I don't know what else to say other than the fact that I just adored it! The characters are great, the colors are great, the drama is great-it's just awesome!