Hi guys. Me again. Recently, I have done a blog that praises my top 2 favorite non disney shows, but now I want to talk about my top favorite non-Disney animated movies. So let's get started!

Movie #1: The Secret of NIMH

Secret NIMH

The Secret of NIMH isn't so secret anymore

If I had to pick a favorite non-Disney hand drawn animated film, then that would definitely be "The Secret of NIMH"." Naturally, I loved this film as a child because it had mice, but as I got older, I kept seeing strength after strength after strength with this incredible work of art. As I'm now an adult, I love the mystical environment that has so much story- a mother trying to save her ill child, scary imagery, and a secret tribe of rats who meet more than the eye. I wasn't quite so sure what the message of this film was, but I feel like its trying something. Its amazing how a meek scaredy mouse like Mrs. Brisby sums up her courage to go face any danger for a mouse to save her beloved child, like for example going to the Great Owl. He could have eaten her, but he didn't. Its also interesting how the rats talk like they're in some federation type business, trying to think of a way to live without stealing since being a rat is too dangerous for them, except for Jenner. And speaking of which, Jenner is a pretty cool villain. He has a great design and a crispy voice. The music is also delightful to listen to, especially with the choruses in the score's background. It makes the whole movie sound like somewhat of an epic fantasy-which technically it is. The visuals are very great to, Don Bluth's animation always kinda looks like its water-colored. Also, the animation on the characters is a great mix of cute, but also scary looking on the badguys. If I had to pick one problem it would be...well, let's just say Justin uses a certain "D" word that one should not say. But hey, The Iron Giant, Shrek, and The Spongebob Squarepants Movie used it too. But never mind. That's only one tiny speck of the film. Everything else about this film is wonderful! It's heroic, magic, enduring, and courageous. What else can I possibly say?

Movie #2: The Kung Fu Panda films

Kung Fu Pandas

Everybody is kung fu fighting!

As some of you know, I have indicated various times that my favorite computer animated film is Kung Fu Panda, as well as its sequel. I love pandas, as well as Chinese visuals, like its landscapes, music, and pagoda architecture. So I was very excited to see a movie involving all of those. The first film has the classic message that I am used to-always believe in yourself and follow your dreams. Po is a very silly panda, making his whole kung fu life as the Dragon Warrior like his own martial arts TV show or movie. He is clumsy and not always serious, but that's what I like about him. I admit, I am not a huge fan of Shifu, but his sarcasm and later wisdom makes up later on. The Furious Five are great too. Monkey is monkey humorous, Mantis's voice actor Seth Rogers matches his mixed mood, Crane is socially awkward and nervous at times, Viper is a sweet understanding character, and then of course there's Tigress. She does act very hardcore, but she proves that even hardcore people have heart. The martial art are awesome in both movies. They are fast paced, the camera is constantly moving with the characters, and fun to watch. The villains are also cool too. Tai Lung is a one- man army, or rather a one-snow leopard army. He has got incredible kung fu moves that show how powerful he really is. I thought he seemed more like a villain who's upset about an extraordinary honor taken away from him, than someone just being evil for the heck of it. And then there's Lord Shen in the sequel. At first I wasn't too fond of a peacock for a villain, but after seeing the movie, I thought of him as a deadly "brains" villain as opposed to a "brawns" villain like Tai Lung. Lord Shen has daggers in his feathers, an army of wolves (and 2 gorillas), and a fireworks cannon-like weapon. Another thing I should mention is that Kung Fu Panda does an incredibly awesome job at drama, mainly when it shows us the backstories of our hero and villain. The prologue reminded me a lot of the one in Beauty and the Beast. Anyway, seeing a flashback of Po remembering losing his parents from a massacre was tear-jerking! Heck, my sister cried in the theater when we first saw it! But the idea of the movie was to teach us that we have to conquer our internal problems to take care of ourselves mentally. I don't know what else to say, I just think the Kung Fu Panda films are just awesome. It's a film series that just touched my heart, and I love it so much! And I also can't wait to see more sequels in the future!