• RainbowLuigi770

    Many months ago....I made many random squels for Zootopia and EVERYONE LOVE IT but Some hate it

    it have like 40 movies in total 

    Now i will put em all on a single blog!!!

    Now here i go: 

    Zootopia 2: Bird Island

    Zootopia 3: The Human Zoo

    Zootopia 4: The Sheep Army

    Zootopia 5: Nick`s secret life

    Zootopia 6: Nick`s parents come to a visit because they missed him so much

    Zootopia 7: Nick and Judy`s hybird kids of a fox and a rabbit

    Zootopia 8: The finale chapter

    Zootopia 9: Happy Ever after

    Zootopia 10: The end

    Zootopia 11: The Turtle of doom

    Zootopia 12: The return of the sheep army

    Zootopia 13: Nick`s parents come to a visit again because they missed him again

    Zootopia 14: The good Sheep

    Zootopia 15: Dogs and cats join Zootopia

    Zootopia 16: The great adventur…

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