• I live in Pixie Hollow.
  • I was born on August 9
  • My occupation is Random. Tinkle magic maybe.
  • I am Female Fairy
  • RainbowDisney

    My own story

    April 3, 2015 by RainbowDisney

    My story (before Tink).

    Once upon a time...

    Boring start.


    If you look on the second star...

    Better. Keep going...

    You may see a land called Pixie Hollow. There, a beautiful queen called Queen Clarion ruled among the spring faries, while Lord Milori reined the winter faries.

    Sorry, This is no good, you're not talking about hybrids! All this is about is not me!


    When you're a spring fairy, having hybrid children was really rare.

    One day, a couple were pleased to know that they will be having a child. Of course, that day did come.

    I never knew that...

    After birth, the young fairy...

    I'm a teen!

    Had to choose a power. Unfortunately, t'wo powers came to her, and a very dark shadow light spoiled the Summer fun. 

    It all became safe when the litt…

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