• QueenElsa II

    I Found my Magic!

    April 25, 2014 by QueenElsa II

    OH MY DAYS! Today i fount my magic, It's crazy! My Mother (The Queen of Arendelle) promised me she would teach me how to control my magic. Can you believe it though? I can make snow come from my body! It's pretty cool. My Aunty Anna and Kristoff are Engaged!  I get to be Bridesmaid, and Olaf is the Best Man (Well him and Swen) My mother said if i can control my powers before the wedding, i get to decorate it eith snow and ice however i want!

    I bet you are probally wondering who my Father is? Well to be honest i dont know, My mother never talks about him but i dont care as long as she is happy :) If anyone also has magic like I do, then my Mother's top rule is to control and take it back is a sign of true love, weather it's with family or a …

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