Ever since March began my luck has been turning. And unfortunately it's the bad kind. I know my parents always say that luck is superstition but March has been really bad for me. And I can list them all.

First Day of Bad Luck

On the first day of March I was bullied by a subsitute teacher. And this really made me as sad as raindrops on a grave. He called me an abomination to all the writers out there. That stinged. On that same day I broke my foot in gym and the sad part was that the clinic was closed. And to sum it all up, everyone started to give me nicknames. Which were really mean.

Second Day of Bad Luck

The next day was worse. Apparenty, I had to run a mile in gym. I was teased by the other girls for breaking my foot. They said I was a liar and a weakling. And after gym, that's when I realized my whole day was going to be bad. I unfortunately, had the same sub. He for some reason didn't like me. He kept on calling me names as well. I really wanted to tell the teachers but, they simply ignored me. The teachers won't believe one student unless they have witnesses. And they believed the sub. Just great.

Seventh Day of Bad Luck

The only reason I went to the seventh because the other days were ok but not great days. The Seventh day was when things were about to get worse than the other two. I was bullied by the same bullies from my childhood experience. I never noticed but they grew a lot bigger and stronger than me over the years. Things got worse in gym. That was when I was put on the same team as the other girls with the game they are really good at that are only said in two words: Dodge ball. There were two things I wished for: To either not have glasses or to not be in gym with my childhood bullies. And since I have glasses they broke when my team threw the ball at me. You're not suppose to throw the ball at your teammates, but apparently the teacher was not looking.

I am hoping the rest of my March will be as simple and calm as A,B,C or 1,2,3.