While I was with my band, we were listening to this amazing tuba player named Oystein Baadsvik. And I was really inspired (because I'm a tuba player-in-training) by how he can play so well. His music made me come up with this amazing story idea and I hope you like it.


14 years ago, a woman runs through a forest and is trying to escape from a shadowy figure. She soon finds a cave and places the child that she was holding there and never returns. A traveling young wizard named Aric gets lost in the same forest and it starts to snow. He goes inside the cave and hears a baby crying. As he ventures he soon finds the baby. When he picks her up he looks around to see if any of her parents were around. Instead of a parent, he sees the dark shadowy figure who was chasing her's mom. As it walks closer to the child he makes the cave bright making the shadow go away. He soon vows to protect the baby.

Moving on to 14 years later, the child who was named Olga Dove sneaks around the castle. She soon starts stealing some of the riches and returns to the villiage. The only reason, she was stealing those riches was to give it to the people who were poor. As she gives them away she's caught by Aric. When they returned home he tells her how dangerous it was to go stealing things from the palace. She starts making fun of him causing them to get into an explosive argument. Aric soon breaks the argument and he allows her to keep doing what she's doing, only if she uses her magic to protect herself. Since she was really rebellious, the next day she doesn't use her magic and almost gets caught. When she escaped she goes into a cave because it was starting to snow. As she ventures through the cave she finds a locket with her name engraved.

As soon as it stops snowing she goes home and starts asking Aric questions about the locket. He reminds her how she's adopted and how the locket might be a clue to her real family. As soon as night fell she gets up from her bed and leaves a note saying where she's going. She opens the locket and it shows a place she has never seen before. She goes to her closest friend named, Ulmer who was half troll and half human. Olga asks him if he knew anything about the locket. Ulmer soon reveals that the locket shows a hidden kingdom called Hakgim. They soon steal a boat from the harbor and started to set sail. Without knowing, they were being watched from afar by the shadowy figure.

As they set sailed they soon arrive to a strange island. As they explore, lots of bad things start aiming for Olga. While, Ulmer suggests she's just a klutz, Olga explains that someone must be using magic to stop them. Ulmer just disagrees and they finally find an old woman. They ask if she's ever heard of the kingdom Hakgim. She, unfortunately, doesn't know but tells them to go to the Four Brothers of the Wind. When the two arrive they meet the four brothers, Norbert, Eske, Shura, and Waylan. Eske, Shura, and Waylan never heard or traveled to Hakgim. The eldest brother, Norbert reveals he's been there only once when he blew some wind there. He soon gives them the directions to Hakgim and the Olag and Ulmer sail to Hakgim.

When they arrive the land was dark. All they saw were creepy statues and shadows. The shadows soon moved and revealed a man named Ratmir. He revealed to Olga that she was the princess to Hakgim and her mother hid her from him. Olga soon turns red in anger and pulls out her wand. Ulmer quickly doubts her skills. Ratmir and Olga soon fight wizard to wizard. The battle ends with Olga winning turning Ratmir to stone. As the kingdom of Hakgim lightens up Aric appears in front of Olga. He soon congragulates her and says she is now the ruler of Hakgim. The kingdom celebrates for the return of their lost ruler.