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aka Preciosa

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on January 1
  • My occupation is Writer and Animator
  • I am Female
  • Princess prepared

    Hey, there everyone I just wanted to ask a very quick and cool question: What's your favorite Disney song or music?

    I'm ask this because there is so many amazing Disney songs and today I've been listening to some Disney songs and music today. And if you want to know my favorite song then it's from one of my favorite Disney movies called "Robin Hood" and the song is called "The Phony King of England". I love that song because of how they made fun of Prince John.

    But, now that I've told you my favorite song I want to hear from you. It can be from a Disney movie, show, or short. It can be a song that a character sang or off screen. Villian song, hero song, happy song, sad song. A solo or group song, I want to know what's your favorite Disney so…

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  • Princess prepared

    Ever since March began my luck has been turning. And unfortunately it's the bad kind. I know my parents always say that luck is superstition but March has been really bad for me. And I can list them all.

    On the first day of March I was bullied by a subsitute teacher. And this really made me as sad as raindrops on a grave. He called me an abomination to all the writers out there. That stinged. On that same day I broke my foot in gym and the sad part was that the clinic was closed. And to sum it all up, everyone started to give me nicknames. Which were really mean.

    The next day was worse. Apparenty, I had to run a mile in gym. I was teased by the other girls for breaking my foot. They said I was a liar and a weakling. And after gym, that's whe…

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  • Princess prepared

    While I was with my band, we were listening to this amazing tuba player named Oystein Baadsvik. And I was really inspired (because I'm a tuba player-in-training) by how he can play so well. His music made me come up with this amazing story idea and I hope you like it.

    14 years ago, a woman runs through a forest and is trying to escape from a shadowy figure. She soon finds a cave and places the child that she was holding there and never returns. A traveling young wizard named Aric gets lost in the same forest and it starts to snow. He goes inside the cave and hears a baby crying. As he ventures he soon finds the baby. When he picks her up he looks around to see if any of her parents were around. Instead of a parent, he sees the dark shadowy …

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  • Princess prepared

    Disney Dreams

    February 12, 2017 by Princess prepared

    Ever since I was a little girl I felt like I didn't belong. I was always bullied and told a million times that I will never be noticed. I was always a shadow to the people I thought were friends until one day I watched the movie Mulan for the first time. I was inspired by her. She risked her life to save her dad and her people. I noticed that she was different from the other princesses at that time and I was able to see myself in her. We were both similar because we both were girls who didn't want to do what the other girls did.

    After that, I became my true self. I was more confident and tomboyish. And the more I watched disney movies the more I fell in love with the storyline, the characters, the music, and the animation. I was curious on …

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