The Pains of Loving

Lilith Tony Rooney was strapped to her hospital bed, screaming in terror and fright as she gave birth to Olivia and Madison Rooney. 

"Get this baby out of me! Now!" She cried out, even slapping her husband in the process.

 Ahh, childbirth. It's the pains that make it horrible, and the baby that makes it a joy.

"Please. I just need it out." She said so faintly, too. 

                                                                  6 Hours Later

Lilith and Cody Rooney were looking at their children so lovingly, you could even called them "goo-goo eyes". Even one cooed for Cody.

Then Olivia, with a bright smile said. "Mummy and daddy."

That made them regret putting them up for adoption. Those 3 words. 3 words can change everything. And it changed their minds, it changes life. Not for the better, not for the worse, for everything to be balanced. As much as they hated it, they weren't suited to be parents. 

Lilith took a sharpie from a cart and drew a 10 pointed star on Olivia, and another on Madison. She colored them different colors.

"It's fate. If they know us, they will come. But for now, we just have to forget." Lilith said comfortingly, while crying herself.

                                                 NEXT TIME ON LIV MEETS MADDIE

Olivia Rooney was never intersted in finding her birth mother. Her preconceived notion is that they didn't want to come, and she was fine with that. Her real goal was to make it to a Vogue Magazine writer. But for now, she was just a helpless Subway cashier.

"Hello, can I please have a meatball sub with extra-" 

Maddie couldn't say anything. She found an exact doppleganger of her, just with blonde locks.

They both gulped questioningly. 

"I'll eat somewhere-"

"Oh no! My boss gave me a free coupon that I could give to any of my dopplegangers!"

They both awkwardlly laughed, and Maddie laughed so hard she snorted. And so did Liv.

So Diggie didn't know the difference between the two.