This is an idea about who could be an Inside Out villian. There are many villians, and one in particular that I hope Disney/Pixar won't do, because that's going to be very sad and tragic. But, these are the ones that would probobaly be the villian of Inside Out.

  • Puberty!

I think the reason why puberty would be the villian is because when you're growing up, it's just hard to handle. The stress, all the people depending on you. It's sad really, and that's probobaly why Puberty would be a villian.

  • Period!

This is basically an add on to Puberty. Your period is just.. confusing, sometimes. You're just "What the hell is this red?" And your emotions could go all "willy nilly" because of that.

  • Moving again!

It was hard for Riley to adapt to her surrondings when she moved, so it would probobaly be hard and painful to say goodbye once more.

  • Dating!

Dating is also hard when you are a tween or whatever age. But it's extremely hard when you're tween/teen. So, that like I said for moving again, is painful and hard and wild.

I know people hate me for this, but I have to say it:


I can't really explain brain cancer, but this is just from.. well.. any disablity or anything like this is extremely hard. Harder than all the things I've just listed.

And going to stop this right now because I can't think of anymore villians! Anyway, comment down what you would write as a villian! And now I'm going to display a bunch of random pictures.