Teddy started putting her cardbord boxes in the moving truck, and she had to do it fast because the engine was blaring like crazy.

"Miss Duncan, are you done? We have to go soon!" The truck-driver asked loudly.

"It's Mrs..! And yes, soon!" Teddy screamed back.

Teddy and Spencer had to move because a bundle of joy just happened to get stuck in Teddy's belly. Their bungalow wasn't big enough for a baby, or even a nursery to be exact. So, they were moving to a 2 story house with 6 rooms on each floor. Spencer got a promotion just in time to buy the house too, so everything seemed in check.

"Leia.." Teddy faintly said while rubbing her belly.

"What, Teddy?" Spencer replied, as he was putting boxes into the moving truck.

"Let's name her Leia.." Teddy said with a small smile.

"Hey, I wanted to name the baby after Star Wars!" Spencer said, and then they both chuckled. They were almost going to kiss, but-

"Walshes, c'mon!" The truck driver screamed again, ringing the bell and pushing it against the window.

Before getting in the car, Spencer came near Teddy and quietly whispered. "Leia Margaret Walsh" he slightly chuckled. "I like it." He smirked and waited for Teddy to get in the car.

"Good luck, me." Teddy thought to herself, then finally got in the car.