Enchanted Auradon is the fanfiction spin-off of the 2 live action disney movies, Descendants, and Enchanted. Its main characters are Morgan Philip and Mal.  (Potrayed by Rachel Covey and Dove Cameron)

"Magic Is--"Edit

"Hey! So, like your room?" Mal said kindly to Morgan, perfecting her smile. She started playing with her hair, then shaked it.

"Oh, uh--" Morgan confusedly said. She faked a smile, and put her hands below her side. "I love it! It's a perfect room!" She tried to add some optisim, but it all came out bland.

"Great. So, you like Ben? He's so fun. It'll be awesome if he started a friendship with you." She put a emphasis on the word friendship, even making Morgan double know that Ben's hers.

"Oh, well he's nice. And very well structured." Morgan said, making sure not to embarass herself in front of Ben's girlfriend, and making sure that Mal didn't know that she meant hot when well-structured.

"I'm still here." Ben blurted out, slightly turning Morgan's cheek red, and also Mal's.

"Sorry." They both said at the same time, covering their mouths in embarssment.

"Do you like your hair? Even if you don't, I still want to try another hair spell." Mal sweetly said, but with a hint of fakeness.

Morgan frowned. She was convinced that Mal was one of those therapy kids that her dad sent her too when she stopped believing. But she might as well try it. I mean, it's not that bad.

"Sure. Just don't turn it lavender!" Morgan laughed, but had a dead serious look on her face.

Mal lead Morgan to her room and Morgan sat on Evie's styling chair. Mal placed her chin on Morgan's shoulder, then slowly got up and changed Morgan's rich chocalate hair to a new dirty blonde.

Morgan leaped in suprise, then she got full of questions. "How- how did you do that?"

Mal scoffed and crossed her arms. "Magic, of course. How else?"

Morgan smiled, but then made her mouth into a big O. "Magic is." She thought with a look with three emotions: suprise, joy, and fear.

Mal continued to change Morgan's hair color: to a deep dull gray, a very vibrant green and bingo; a rich auburn which was short and simple.

Morgan was out of words. Not only because of the color, because all those days when she was 6 and saying "I'm going to a be a princess one day." Funny. She just met Belle's and the Beast's son.

She couldn't even talk. Not say a word. But Mal said it for her.

"When your from New York, everything's not that suprising. But one thing is for everyone. Magic." Mal whispered, then disappeared into the hall.