Enchanted Auradon is a spin-off of the 2 live-action Disney movies, Enchanted and Descendants. It stars Rachel Covey as Morgan Philip, and Dove Cameron as Mal. It was written by Princess of the Fandoms, and is currently on episode 1. 

"A Trip" Edit

"Dad, where are you taking me?" Morgan unpaitently asked, with a confused look on her face as she was pouting.

Robert stayed quiet as he was focusing on the road.

Morgan frowned again, as this was the 6th time she said it. She spammed her dad's text box with her fast thumbs and even continued to pout.

Robert finally cracked as he said "Auradon."

Morgan boosted into happiness as she danced and danced in the backseat. But then she realized she didn't know what it was, so she had to ask another question, which annoyed her because she doesn't like suprises. 

"What's Auardon, daddy?" She asked very confused, even pronoucing it incorrectly.

Robert smiled and looked to his daughter. "Auradon is place with magic. With fairy-tale children, and basically all of your dreams." He smiled again.

And as many of you think that Morgan believed in magic still, oh no, she didn't. To her, magic is fake. When she stopped believing was when Robert and Giselle divorced, and Robert drank his life away. Even when he got clean, the only magic that was in her life was magicians/scammers.

"Tell me the truth." Morgan said coldly.

Robert slightly cried, but then smiled at the blue and yellow crest he saw.

"We're here." Robert said in a raspy tone.

Robert opened his car door and got Morgan out from the backseat.

Morgan, who was still mad at her father's supposed "lie", she slammed the car door and marched foward up Auradon.

"Dad, tell me the truth, what is this place? A place for fairy-tale roleplayers?" Morgan said annoyed as she rolled her eyes and took off her jacket.

Belle walked up to both of them with Beast, and she smiled at Morgan's frizzy hair. Beast shook hands with Robert firmly and did a pearly white smile.

"Welcome to Auradon Prep. Beast and I are very happy to see Morgan here!" Belle said cheerfully, along with a smile.

"Your room number is 0102, and Ben will be your consultant." Beast continued, then clearing out his voice.

As Beast and Belle smiled and walked away, Morgan saw what appears to be the most beautiful man she's ever seen in her life. Dark brown hair with hazelnut streaks, emerald green eyes with clear pearly white teeth..

Morgan immeaditly went up to him.

"Hello, I'm Morgan Phillip, and I'm from New York. What's your name?" She said innocently, and she smirked.

"I'm Benjamin. Ben for short." He smiled and shook Morgan's hand as Morgan was lost in his eyes.

"Shall we start the tour?" Morgan said playfully, as she contiuned to blink three times, just like Giselle said.

Ben agreed and they linked arms.

Ben and Morgan walked down the halls of Auradon Prep. They explored the lunchroom, and Morgan is even thinking of trying out for the Tourney Team. And finally, they got to Morgan's room.

Ben opened the door gentlemanly and Morgan stepped in very slowly. "Like your room?" He said, smirking.

Morgan screamed.

Of happiness.

Her room was a soft nude with a popping but fadeing pink. And the bookshelf was lined with books by genre. The mirror was covering one of the walls, but it was a clean circle shape.

As Morgan was about to ask out Ben, someone came out from the room across from Morgan.

As Ben saw Mal, he smiled and introduced her to Morgan.

"Morgan, this is Mal, my girlfriend." He smiled and gestured for Mal to shake hands with Morgan.

"Why are the hot ones always taken?" She thought to herself, and did a big but very hidden pout.

(what Morgan's wearing


Morgan's Room