Since Descendants aired last month or so, I'm going to be doing a review of it. Comment what you think about Descendants below!

  • Clothes.

The clothes were horrible in the start. Well, for the villains at least. I found some of the HK clothes' (Hero Kids) nice and simple. But the VK (Villian Kids) look horrible. My biggest disappointment was Carlos De Vil, because for a son of a woman who's got a passion for fashion, he look like he got his clothes from a trash can. And as for Mal, she looks not too good. The purple/black/green mix up was a no-no for me, and Evie's clothes were alright, except her little headband thing and her top. And Jay is good, but his long hair not so much. And for the villians, Cruella sucks, (not too much though), Maleficent looks awesome as well, Jafar too, but I hate how the Evil Queen's skin color was much lighter than the actress'. C'mon, evil queen was a little tan!

Rating: 5/10

  • Songs.

As for the songs, they were pretty good. But the hip hop version of Be Our Guest, not that good. Only Todrick Hall can do that. ;) Anyway, as for Did I Mention, I think it was too hyped up to be good. It's sounds like what Shrillex pukes, only with rainbow. And then for Evil Like Me, it was 100% awesome, but I have one question- Why would Maleficent sing a Jazz Number? But I was mad how we never go to hear Jay's and Carlos' and Evie's voice again. In the movie, they only got 2 times to sing, and that was when they got solos in Set It Off and Rotten to the Core.

Rating: 8/10

  • Plot

The plot was.. full of plot holes. Just like season 3 onward of Glee. I mean, the only people that could be there is Carlos and Cruella, and Cruella would've aged A LOT towards that. But putting the questions aside, it got me kind've mad how the reason they brought back the Villians is to put them on a prison/island. And most of the plot was following Mal, which also got me annoyed because it's like Carlos, Evie and Jay are just supporting characters. So, not that great in my opinion.

Rating: 3/10

  •  Ending.

The ending was awesome for me. It had Mal being good, but also being sneaky. (that's right, that's a thing, go watch Peter Pan now) As for the couples that were appearantly "shipped", I think that Carlos and Jane were a good couple, as both have their insercurites, and as for Jay and Audrey, I don't really know. I mean, Audrey was the root to why the VK got bullied, so not that good a ship. But for the ending-ending, it was pretty good!

Have a awesome everything! ~POTF