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     "Hannah: The Movement" or simply shortened to "Hannah"  is a comedy-adventure fanfiction written by Princess of the Fandoms. It features Miley Cyrus as the title character, Hannah Montana (or Miley Stewart) and her battle with fame after she revealed she was Hannah Montana. It will have 22 episodes, as confirmed by the author, but she is also unsure if there'll be a 2nd season.

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    Enchanted Auradon is the fanfiction spin-off of the 2 live action disney movies, Descendants, and Enchanted. Its main characters are Morgan Philip and Mal. (Potrayed by Rachel Covey and Dove Cameron)

    "Hey! So, like your room?" Mal said kindly to Morgan, perfecting her smile. She started playing with her hair, then shaked it.

    "Oh, uh--" Morgan confusedly said. She faked a smile, and put her hands below her side. "I love it! It's a perfect room!" She tried to add some optisim, but it all came out bland.

    "Great. So, you like Ben? He's so fun. It'll be awesome if he started a friendship with you." She put a emphasis on the word friendship, even making Morgan double know that Ben's hers.

    "Oh, well he's nice. And very well structured." Morgan said, …

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  • Princess of the Fandoms

    Since Descendants aired last month or so, I'm going to be doing a review of it. Comment what you think about Descendants below!

    • Clothes.

    The clothes were horrible in the start. Well, for the villains at least. I found some of the HK clothes' (Hero Kids) nice and simple. But the VK (Villian Kids) look horrible. My biggest disappointment was Carlos De Vil, because for a son of a woman who's got a passion for fashion, he look like he got his clothes from a trash can. And as for Mal, she looks not too good. The purple/black/green mix up was a no-no for me, and Evie's clothes were alright, except her little headband thing and her top. And Jay is good, but his long hair not so much. And for the villians, Cruella sucks, (not too much though), Malef…

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  • Princess of the Fandoms

    This is an idea about who could be an Inside Out villian. There are many villians, and one in particular that I hope Disney/Pixar won't do, because that's going to be very sad and tragic. But, these are the ones that would probobaly be the villian of Inside Out.

    • Puberty!

    I think the reason why puberty would be the villian is because when you're growing up, it's just hard to handle. The stress, all the people depending on you. It's sad really, and that's probobaly why Puberty would be a villian.

    • Period!

    This is basically an add on to Puberty. Your period is just.. confusing, sometimes. You're just "What the hell is this red?" And your emotions could go all "willy nilly" because of that.

    • Moving again!

    It was hard for Riley to adapt to her surrondi…

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  • Princess of the Fandoms

    Teddy started putting her cardbord boxes in the moving truck, and she had to do it fast because the engine was blaring like crazy.

    "Miss Duncan, are you done? We have to go soon!" The truck-driver asked loudly.

    "It's Mrs..! And yes, soon!" Teddy screamed back.

    Teddy and Spencer had to move because a bundle of joy just happened to get stuck in Teddy's belly. Their bungalow wasn't big enough for a baby, or even a nursery to be exact. So, they were moving to a 2 story house with 6 rooms on each floor. Spencer got a promotion just in time to buy the house too, so everything seemed in check.

    "Leia.." Teddy faintly said while rubbing her belly.

    "What, Teddy?" Spencer replied, as he was putting boxes into the moving truck.

    "Let's name her Leia.." Teddy…

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