In all of the Disney Princess page comments there were some people complaining of the redesigns through my notice u can know it is by reading my latest blog.With the exception of tiana,rapunzel and merida.

Snow White

The only changes in Snow White is her hair,bow and her dress.Her shoulders remain the same,but the en pointe (it means tip of the toe) of her shoes is shown in some photos/images/pictures so it ain't sexualixed.Also in Sofia the First in at the Spring's special it is unknown it will appear.


The only changes in Cinderella is her Hair,Headband,dress and that her ear part.Her outfit contains mistakes from her original design from the film,her outfit is bluer than ever her hair is blonde like some princesses (In the live action version of the movie it is unknown her redesign will appear).So her redesign is not Sexualixed.


The only changes in Aurora is everything her hair,outfit,tiara.Her outfit contains her tiara is not pointy as the original film and it has diamonds on it (Which has my Fave colour Pink).Her hair is wavy,her bangs r not curled as before (In the Film Maleficent (which stars Angelina Jolie) the film production started in 2012 Elle Fanning is going to portray Aurora in the film and it is unknown her redesign will appear.And also in Sofia the First in the chirstmas special it is unsure her redesign will appear ).Her dress has sparkles of vines everywhere except for the bodice,her cutouts remained the same.So her redesign is not sexualixed.


The only changes in Ariel is her everything she has a new outfit that shows her shoulders (Half of it is sexualixed only her Shoulders).She has purple earrings,a sparkly aqua outfit and shoes.Her Mermaid redesign contains her tail is seaweed green with sparkles.So half of her redesign is sexualixed.It is unknown in Sofia the First November special her human redesign will appear.


The only changes in Belle are her hair and outfit.Her hair contains curls and waviness.Her dress is half sexualixed as her shoulders can be seen her dress it contains sparkles of roses.So half of her redesign is sexualixed.


The only changes in Jasmine is her everything her hair,dress.jewelery.Her hair has 1 hairdoe,her earrings are solid gold,her dress contains a jewel one on her top and one on her pants/skirt.Her dress covers her abdomine,her pants has two fabrics on the left and rignt.So her redesign is not sexualixed.


The only changes in Pocahontas is her necklace,earrings,dress and boots.Her necklace contains blue diamonds,her boots r just white,her dress has natural colour than the previous one it has a belt (In the 15th century i think belts were invented that time)Her shoulders can be seen.So her redesign is half sexualixed.


The only changes in Mulan is her everything her hair and dress.Her hair is longer now is covered with a clip.Her dress is metalic-looking appearence and texture.The parts of her body are not showned.Her face has make-up (with powder and lipstick)which makes her look like a chinese bride.So her redesign is not sexualixed.

The princesses that appeared on Sofia the First

So understand okay,good wishes