The Return of Jafar

A clan of bandits, led by the incompetent Abis Mal, return to their hideout, only to have the brunt of their loot taken by Aladdin and Abu. Aladdin distributes the treasure amongst the poor of Agrabah - with the exception of a jewel flower, which Aladdin gives to Jasmine.

Meanwhile, in the desert, Iago manages to dig himself and Jafar's genie lamp out of the sand, where they were exiled by the Genie. Jafar orders Iago to release him, but Iago rebels against Jafar and throws the lamp into a nearby well. He returns to Agrabah, hoping to gain favor with Aladdin, in order to return to the palace. When he encounters Aladdin, his claim of being a slave under hypnosis does not fare well and is pursued. Aladdin runs into Abis Mal and his bandits, but is inadvertently rescued by Iago. Aladdin returns to the palace and jails Iago, promising to allow a fair trial. He and Jasmine are greeted by the Genie, who has returned from seeing the world and is content with staying with his friends.

At a special dinner held in Aladdin's honor, the Sultan announces that he wants to make Aladdin his new grand vizier. Trying to draw on the good mood, Aladdin attempts to persuade the Sultan to forgive Iago, but Iago inadvertently ruins the dinner when Rajah chases him into the room. The Sultan and Jasmine are furious at Aladdin, and Jasmine leaves the room heartbroken that Aladdin did not trust even her about this. With Iago's help, though, Jasmine eventually reconciles with Aladdin.

While Abis Mal is washing himself at a well, he finds Jafar's lamp and when it is rubbed, Jafar appears as an abominable genie. Although bound by the laws of obedience, Jafar manipulates his master into wasting his first two wishes, but forms an alliance to the end of exacting revenge upon Aladdin. The pair travel to Agrabah, where Jafar reveals himself to Iago and coerces him into complying with his schemes. The next day, Aladdin and the Sultan depart to have a discussion about Iago's fate, while Jafar confronts the Genie and Abu in the Palace gardens and imprisons them.

When Aladdin makes good progress with his discussions with the sultan, he is ambushed by Abis Mal, who is supported by Jafar's sorcery. The Sultan is kidnapped and Aladdin thrown into the raging river. Jafar frames Aladdin for the alleged murder of the sultan by leaving fake evidence and disguises himself as Jasmine to implicate Aladdin. Aladdin is thrown into the dungeon, to be executed by beheading come morning.

In the dungeon, Iago chooses to side with Aladdin's friends by releasing the Genie to save Aladdin. Once everyone is freed, Aladdin decides to destroy Jafar, which could only occur by destroying his lamp. Jafar and Abis Mal celebrate Aladdin's death, but Jafar demands to be set free. Abis Mal hesitates, being suspicious of Jafar's motives. Aladdin attempts to steal the lamp, but is discovered and is blown out of the throne room and into the palace garden by Jafar. Aladdin, Jasmine, the Genie, Abu and Carpet engage Jafar in combat, but even when bound by the rules of the Genie, he easily outmatches them, using his tremendous powers to stop them from obtaining the lamp. His indiscriminate use of power opens a fissure in the ground which is filled with magma. Thoroughly trapped, Aladdin, Jasmine, the Genie, and Abu face certain death when suddenly Iago reappears and grabs the lamp. Jafar blasts him, leaving him for dead, but Iago manages to recover and uses his last ounce of strength to kick the lamp into the magma. The lamp is destroyed, along with Jafar.

Iago recovers from his injuries, since a genie cannot kill. Aladdin announces to the Sultan that he is not yet ready to become a grand vizier, because he first wants to see the world. Jasmine declares that she will join him, but Iago objects to this and continues to rant as the film ends.

The Rescuers Down Under

In the Australian Outback, a young boy named Cody rescues and befriends a rare golden eagle called Marahute, who shows him her nest and eggs. Later on, the boy is captured in an animal trap set by Percival C. McLeach, a local wanted poacher. When McLeach finds one of the eagle's feathers on the boy's backpack, he is instantly overcome with excitement, for he knows that to capture such a gigantic bird would make him rich because he had caught one before (which was Marahute's mate). McLeach throws Cody's backpack to the crocodiles to trick the Rangers into thinking that Cody was eaten, and kidnaps him in attempt to force him to tell about the whereabouts of Marahute. A mouse, the bait in the trap, runs off to alert the Rescue Aid Society.

The message is sent to the Rescue Aid Society headquarters, and Bernard and Miss Bianca, the RAS' elite field agents, are assigned to the mission, interrupting Bernard's attempt to propose marriage to Bianca. They go to find Orville the albatross who aided them previously, but instead find Wilbur, Orville's brother. Bernard and Bianca convince Wilbur to fly them to Australia to save Cody. In Australia, they meet Jake, a kangaroo mouse who is the RAS' local regional operative. Jake falls in love with Bianca and starts flirting with her, much to Bernard's chagrin. He serves as their "tour guide" and protector in search of the boy. At the same time, Wilbur is immobilized when his spinal column is bent out of its natural shape, convincing Jake to send him to the hospital. As Wilbur refuses to undergo surgery and flees, his back is unintentionally straightened by the efforts of the mouse medical staff to prevent him escaping through a window, while simultaneously injuring the mouse doctor, giving him a taste of his own medicine. Cured, Wilbur departs in search of his friends. At McLeach's ranch, Cody has been thrown into a cage with several of McLeach's captured animals after refusing to give up Marahute's whereabouts. Cody tries to free himself and the animals, but is thwarted by Joanna, McLeach's pet goanna. Realizing that Marahute's eggs are Cody's weak spot, McLeach tricks Cody into thinking that someone else has shot Marahute, making Cody lead him to Marahute's nest.

Bernard, Bianca, and Jake, knowing that Cody is in great danger, jump onto McLeach's Halftrack to follow him. At Marahute's nest, the three mice try to warn Cody that he has been followed; just as they do, McLeach arrives and captures Marahute, along with Cody, Jake, and Bianca. On McLeach's orders, Joanna tries to eat Marahute's eggs, but Bernard found the nest first and replaced the eggs with egg-shaped stones in order to protect them. An annoyed Joanna simply tosses the stones into the water. Wilbur arrives at the nest, whereupon Bernard convinces him to sit on the eagle's eggs, so that Bernard can go after McLeach. McLeach takes Cody and Marahute to Crocodile Falls, where he ties Cody up and hangs him over a group of crocodiles and attempts to feed him to them, but Bernard, riding a type of wild pig called a "Razorback", which he had tamed using a horse whispering technique used by Jake, follows and disables McLeach's vehicle, preventing the use of its crane to put Cody at risk. McLeach then tries to shoot the rope holding Cody above the water. To save Cody, Bernard tricks Joanna into crashing into McLeach, sending them both into the water. The crocodiles chase McLeach, while behind them the damaged rope holding Cody breaks apart. Although McLeach manages to fight off the crocodiles, only Joanna reaches the shoreline, while McLeach falls down an enormous waterfall. Bernard dives into the water to save Cody, but fails. Jake and Bianca free Marahute in time for her to save Cody and Bernard, sparing them McLeach's fate. Bernard, desperate to avoid any further incidents, proposes to marry Bianca, who accepts eagerly while Jake salutes him with a newfound respect. All of them depart for Cody's home. Wilbur, whom they have neglected to relieve of his task, incubates the eggs until they hatch, much to his dismay.

Lady and the Tramp 2

In 1911, just two days before the Fourth of July, Lady and Tramp have three polite daughters and a son named Scamp who misbehaves. After chewing Jim Dear's favorite hat and causing a mess while chasing after a ball in the house, Scamp is placed outside and chained to a dog house as punishment. His parents, Tramp the mutt and Lady the American Cocker Spaniel, are distraught that their son cannot settle down and live in a home. Tramp goes to talk to his son and finds Scamp howling at the moon. The two have a conversation, but Scamp stays firm about his desire to be a "wild dog" and Tramp leaves angered and annoyed after giving him a heavy telling-off. While chained up outside, Scamp sees a pack of stray dogs harassing a dogcatcher and becomes intrigued. Scamp manages to break free from the chain and runs off to find the pack. He finds a young member of the pack, Angel, and the two go to the junkyard with the pack of dogs, named the Junkyard Dogs.

Scamp attempts to join the Junkyard Dogs right away, but the leader, Buster, gives Scamp a "test" to prove his courage. The test involves stealing a tin can from a large, savage dog named Reggie. Scamp nearly manages to but is instead chased by Reggie. He and Angel manage to evade Reggie and see him caught by the dogcatcher. Buster appears to be impressed.

The Junkyard Dogs head to a park where Sparky, one of the Junkyard Dogs, tells a colorful yet highly exaggerated story about Tramp and how he disappeared (apparently he jumped off a log to avoid two dozen dogcatchers), a stray dog that the Junkyard Dogs once looked up to. Buster angrily snaps that he did not die heroically; he ran off with Lady to become a house pet. Scamp cannot believe that his father used to be a Junkyard Dog.

After Scamp and Angel narrowly escape from a train and fall into a river, the two dogs realize that their friendship has blossomed into love. After a romantic stroll they wind up on the street where Scamp lives where they encounter Scamp's family searching for him. When Scamp evades them, Angel is annoyed that he would choose living on the streets over a loving family, as she herself had once been a pet.

At an Independence Day picnic, Buster clues in that Scamp is Tramp's son, so he tells Scamp to steal a chicken from Scamp's family's picnic. Scamp, determined to prove that he is a Junkyard Dog, steals the chicken but is chased by Tramp. Tramp confronts his son in an alley and asks him to come home, but Scamp chooses to stay with Buster. Buster is pleased to see Tramp upset. Buster officially declares Scamp a Junkyard Dog by removing Scamp's collar.

While celebrating becoming a Junkyard Dog, Angel scolds Scamp for what he said to Tramp and reminds him that his family loves him. After Buster asks Scamp that he wants to be a house dog, an annoyed Scamp snaps and accidentally says that Angel wants to be a house dog. Buster kicks Angel out of the Junkyard Dogs and she leaves, upset with Scamp. Buster, still wishing revenge on Tramp, sets up a trap so that Scamp, lacking a collar, gets caught by the dog catcher. Alone and afraid in the back of the dog catcher's van, Scamp realizes that he misses his family and wishes he was home. Angel sees him in the back of the van and goes to tell his family. Meanwhile, Scamp is placed in a cage with Reggie. Tramp, arriving just in time, manages to fight off Reggie and rescue his son. Before they head home, Scamp apologizes to his father for running away and Tramp apologizes for being too harsh with him. They head to the junkyard, where Scamp retrieves his collar. Scamp then traps Buster under piles of junk, but the gang members do not help and instead abandon him, so they can go to find families. The dogs return home, and there is a happy reunion. The family decides to adopt Angel, who is delighted. Scamp and Angel get baths as the film ends.