I like brainstorming ideas for new Disney park rides. Many of them, I've decided, are not worth building. And Peter Pan already has his own ride. But one day, I had a huge lightbulb moment: How about an Emperor's New Groove ride? I love that movie and it did fairly well at the box office, but it could use a bit more promotion. Theme park promotion. A ride would be the perfect thing!

If you've seen the movie or its spin-off TV series, then you'll probably know how I was inspired, and what type of ride I have in mind. Remember how Yzma and Kronk ride a roller coaster to reach their secret lab? That would be one awesome ride! But instead of it just being a ride down to the secret lab, it should have a storyline and other scenes as well.

Yzma 29

To the secret lab!

The ride could be a roller coaster dark-ride with Audio-Animatronic characters and several sets following the storyline of The Emperor's New Groove. But here's the cool part: One of the sets could be based on the opening scene, when they sing "Perfect World". There is only one other coaster-type ride with animatronic characters that sing and dance.

But the singing and dancing would probably happen only in the first scene. The ride would need to include Kuzco's palace, Yzma's secret lab (of course), and the rain forest. They could add in other Emperor's New Groove scenes as well. It would all have to follow the movie's storyline.

To make it more exciting, I want to make it so that the guests go into the ride for a "reason". They have been invited to the palace to worship Kuzco. But Yzma is completely out of ideas to overthrow Kuzco. So, she plots to turn him into a llama. There's a lot more to this, but I can't reveal too much, because #1: I don't want this idea to be stolen, and #2: I don't have it all planned yet! Now, about the name.

A user on this wiki by the name of Micah Hirsh suggested naming it "The Emperor's New Ride". If you look at the comments below, you'll see the conversation that we had. I took that into consideration, but the more I thought about it, the less I liked it. Naming it "The Emperor's New Ride" would not tell the guests anything about the ride, and it wouldn't have a good hook to get them interested in riding it. Disney does not normally end their ride names with "ride". Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is an exception because they add the fact that it's a "wild" ride, and that tells the guests what to expect. And although "The Emperor's New Ride" shares the same anaphora as "The Emperor's New Groove" and "The Emperor's New School", it doesn't give them the slightest detail about what to expect.

Anyway, I had a great idea. I thought about naming it "Kuzcoaster", since there are lots of objects, places, and events in the franchise that are named after Kuzco. But then Micah stepped in again with something even better (drum roll, please)...: "Groove Mountain". I thought that was awesome! It tells the riders what to expect while parodying a few Disney rides at the same time. And the title fit because Kuzco is always talking about his groove. However, if the ride resembles Yzma's roller coaster, then Kuzco does not supposedly own the ride; Yzma does!

So, if I ever work for Disney someday, I could probably tell the Walt Disney Imagineering department about this!