"It's a Small World", which was written by the Sherman Brothers for Walt Disney's attraction at the 1964 New York World's Fair, has arguably become the most irritating song of all time. The Atlantic raves, "No song has gotten on people's nerves as consistently as that theme-park paean to global unity," and that the song is an "earworm". ("It's an Annoying Song (After All)" by Jason Richards, March 13, 2012.) Disney's only public-domain creation is simple and repetitive, but when does a catchy song become irritating?

Some of my friends absolutely hate to hear "It's a Small World" or ride the boatsThey say that "the song is annoying because it repeats, and the dolls sing with unnaturally high-pitched voices, even for children." Although most teenagers hate to hear the song, most children love it. And despite being a teenager, I love the song. I enjoy showing my inner child, and that is why I identify with Peter Pan so much. Some parts of me will never grow up! However, I agree that "It's a Small World" is hard to get out of one's head. It even gives some people headaches. Sometimes, it seems as if there is a disease linked to that song - a disease that deserves a name. Nobody thought of that, so I coined a name for it: Small World Irritable Headache Disease, or SWIHD. (That's pronounced "swid".)

Note: This is not fanfiction. I am simply coining words, not spinning a story on this wiki.

SWIHD is not a problem. It is very common; not everybody likes "It's a Small World". The real problem is SWIHD's advanced form, which I call Small World Insane Migraines, or SWIM! I made the name a play-on word, because those who have it hate the song so much that they could SWIM through the canal to escape from it! Need an example of what that looks like? A perfect one would be the Clock Tower from Epic Mickey, at Gremlin Village in Wasteland.

EM Clock Tower

He cannot bear to hear it anymore, yet he is stationary!

Personally, I love "It's a Small World". In fact, I never get tired of it! You could send me through the ride a hundred times, and I still would not be bothered by the song! Therefore, I am immune to SWIHD, so I cannot get SWIM. The main reason I love the song is because it has a peaceful message for the world, and in my heart I know that world peace is, in fact, attainable. What better way to promote world peace than with a catchy song everybody can sing? Hey, the ride could have been worse - instead of one happy symphony, it could have been one horrible cacophony of 196 different national anthems playing at once!

Now I want to hear from you. Do you think that "It's a Small World" truly is the Sherman Brothers' most enduring accomplishment and the best song they ever wrote? Or, do you have SWIM? Listen to this video to test yourself for SWIM. When it starts to annoy you, pause it and write the time at which you stopped in the comments below this blog post. I will judge your test results and decide if you have SWIHD or SWIM.