Well, good day, Peter Pan fans! If you're like most, you love a suspenseful work of fiction. The Tinker Bell movies may be suspenseful, but none of them contain as much action as Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast! Sadly, it is also the last of the Fairies films. DisneyToon Studios will concentrate on other franchises now, and that is reasonable. The Fairies franchise has existed for 10 years - remember, there's an extensive book series. But a bridge has been left out. Can you guess what it is?

Peter Pan still does not meet Tinker Bell in Legend of the NeverBeastAarrrgh! He is the primary reason I watch the Fairies films! The audience needs to see how he met his best friend! According to the books, Peter met Tink while he was trying to steal a shark's tooth in a rowboat. The shark attacked Peter, but Tink taught him how to fly and escape from the shark. Let me put it this way: If Captain HookMr. Smee and Tick-Tock the Crocodile can appear in The Pirate Fairy, why couldn't they show Tink meeting Peter in the last Fairies film? The circle is not complete here. Also mentioned in the books is a battle that destoryed the Pixie Dust Tree. I had hoped that would happen in Legend of the NeverBeast, but it didn't! That's another fictional event that was described, but not shown.

I feel that there should be an official Disney Fairies work in which Tinker Bell meets Peter Pan. It would leave fans and writers feeling satisfied. So, enough ranting. Have you read my earlier blog post "Fawn Sings"? If we don't see Peter Pan in the final Fairies film, then I will take out a creative solution up my sleeve. Here it goes, and this is not fanfiction: How about a Disney Fairies Broadway musical?

Disney Theatrical Productions has adapted 6 Walt Disney Animation Studios films into Broadway musicals: Beauty and the BeastThe Lion KingThe Hunchback of Notre DameTarzanThe Little Mermaid and Aladdin. This one would be the first to be based on a DisneyToon Studios film. My vision is that this musical is based on the characters, but not on any of the films; it will have an original story that picks up where Legend of the NeverBeast leaves off and ends close to where Peter Pan starts.

Currently, my full working title for it is simply Fairies: The MusicalHere is a synopsis: All of Pixie Hollow is preparing for winter when the ceremonial baskets of snowflakes mysteriously disappear. Tinker Bell and Zarina find the baskets on the Mainland and bring them back to Pixie Hollow. A shady Mainland Fairy proclaims that Pixie Hollow is doomed to destruction, and the Mainland's season headquarters will have to move to the Mainland. Seeking a solution, Tinker Bell and her faithful friends attempt to solve the conspiracy mystery. But meanwhile, Tinker Bell hears about a lost boy who is looking for her!

Fairies will wrap up several loose plot threads, including:

  • What happened to the Pixie Dust Tree?
  • Where was Periwinkle during the events of the books?
  • Why don't the fairies of Pixie Hollow bring seasons to the Mainland in the books?
  • How did Tinker Bell meet Peter Pan?

This could prove to be a successful musical! What do you say? Would you see it?