Lord Milori could have sung his story, but the directors selfishly chose not to have him do that!

Hence the username, I'm a big fan of Peter Pan. I also like Tinker Bell. She has a voice now. She's an amazing performer. I am awe-inspired by her fireworks show. And yet, in all the midst of all the fame and fortune she has gained since Peter Pan, something is still missing from her. Something big. Something HUGE!

Tinker Bell deserves a song in an upcoming film. And I mean that the song will be sung by HER, not some offscreen pop artist! Can you picture that? She'd finally get her chance to REALLY shine like never before!

This is the most disappointing part of all the Tinker Bell films. None of the fairies ever get to sing. The only time a character sang was in Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure. Lyria and the storytelling fairies sang, but the song was not on the soundtrack.

EpixAndroid showed me a perfect example of a time in Secret of the Wings where the characters should have sung. The story about the two fairies would have been the perfect time to bring on a song!

If anyone wants to be active and participate in the argument, come to EpixAndroid's forum thread.

Hopefully, Tink will have her own song sooner or later. Hopefully...