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  • PeteTheNotSoInvincible

    yes, a Boeing 737 is being painted with a Frozen theme and it will be flying with WestJet (a Canadian airline) through its 737 network. The plane unfortunately will not be arriving in locations that aren't part of WestJet's 737 network, e.g. Australia. It took 21 days and over 600 liters of paint to complete

    Video here -->

    Full news article here -->

    Feel free to comment what you think of the plane.

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  • PeteTheNotSoInvincible

    Lately there has been an issue in regards to the list of references of Disney media in non Disney media. it is to do with some of the references being removed from the list due to them portraying Walt Disney in a negative manner mostly being Family Guy and American Dad. this has already caused an argument and a user losing their admin rights. Hopefully we can solve this issue and come to an agreement. My only sugesstion is that we list some of the references from Family Guy and American Dad but leave the references that portray Walt Disney negatively out of it.

    If you have any suggestions regarding this feel free to leave a comment.

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  • PeteTheNotSoInvincible

    Hi My name is PeteTheNotSoInvincible but you can call me Pete and im sort of new to the wiki but i just need a bit of help when it comes to creating articles if you can help me that would be awesome thanks.

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