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  • PerryRuby

    Hey guys! Just so you know, I'm kinda new to this, and not so sure how to write a blog, so please let me know if I'm doing something wrong.

    Anyway, I really hope I'm not the only one here who's really got an appreciation for villains. Of course, Disney does the best at the whole "Villain" thing. I mean, look at Jafar, Meleficant, Dr. Facilier, etc. Disney villains are definetly some of the best by far.

    My favorite Disney movie/TV villains are (In no order except Jafar and King Candy:)

    Jafar (My favorite movie villain of all time. How evil can you get?)

    King Candy (Spoiler: That reveal caught me completely by surprise.)

    Hades (Funny and evil: Good combination.)

    Yzma (Again, funny and evil.)

    Shan Yu (Ruthless and merciless: That's a villain.)


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