Hello Users!

I still believe in love. Because if love didn't exist, then why would there be weddings, dates, proms, etc.

I believe in Jane Austen's stories. I'm desperate for someone to love me, as long as he's my type of guy. Maybe I will meet him at the prom. He may be the date I will be bringing, he may be someone else. And if I leave my shoe on the step, the one who finds it, he's the one.

we'll live together in Cananda. And my goal on this wiki is to become an admin. I will work hard to get the badges I am after, and to get my 5,000 edits in order to become an administrator.

Follow your dreams, and before you know it, they'll be realities! Someday I will find my true love, we'll move to Canada, and I will be an administrator for this wiki.