I been editing on this site for nearly a year now.  I have seen something very similar disruptive words.  People write under personality or appearance the words cute, handsome, ugly, beautiful.  I think these are nice words just more of a form of opinion than actual fact.  In the episode of Phineas and Ferb, Meep me in Seattle.  Isabella was said that she is so cute that it short out the cuteness meter Phinease made.  I say that is fact right there.  But most of the time it is ones own opinion on what the character looks like that makes them choose to write the word cute, beautiful and ugly.  Yet there is many more words that mean the same thing.  The point is if I tell my grand-kids, god child or someone I do not know about what the character looks like, well than I would not say cute or beautiful.  I would say girl with a pink dress, with black hair and a white under shirt.   But that is just a small sample, there is many more.  So as long as user put these opiniontive words down I will remove them without destroying the character page.