I have good news and bad news for this site.  Today is my last day for a while.  Why because next week I am on vacation.  I will be traveling to the island nation known as Cuba.  Or for some the communist capital in the west.  I will have limited time on the internet.  So to make things easier and more relaxing I will only be editing wiki sites that I am close to a year on.  So here is the good news, when I come back I will be bring back stories including meeting my god son for the first time and seeing him baptisted.  As well as all the adventures I will have.  If that is not enough I will be writing a blog about my trip on WordGirl Wiki because there I am almost to a year and will make sure that I can some followers plus some pictures for this trip.  So see you all on June 8 at least.


Sorry for the incerect time.  Turn out my flight home was at 9:00 at night and I did not get into 3:00 in the morning.  Either way I found the internet was totally bad since I last used it in Cuba.  So I am back and willing to help when needed.