On all wiki pages the top sentence also known as the Topic Sentence is always the toughest sentence to start.  I realize I been working on those sentences lately mainly adding things like 'female' or 'cub' words as well as the species.  Well I thought this is a way of starting a topic on a wiki page.  Since it is a short description of the character or location.  Since the Topic Sentence is the hardest for me and many writers to do.  I felt that I was trying my best at getting something useful done.  It still seems some administrators in the communitee do not like it.  But than again, there are users who do not like the idea of me removing words like 'cute', 'beautiful' and 'handsome'.  But as editors it is out rights to try to make a Topic Sentence that is worth to be read.  I am not saying that all of work is that bad I am just saying it is called 'Peer editing'.  One user writes a sentence than another edits the sentence to sound better to them and another adds a word or two to brighten the sentence and the cycle countinues until one day a editor looks over all the work and sees a mess or a master piece.  That goes for a Topic Sentence too. Since we all have to write one before we start a page.  I will continue to edit so that all of the topic sentences will be better.  Or worse to one view point.