I been on this site for over a year now.  And everytime I get close to my goal something seems to get in my way.  Recently is when my Internet shout down and have to go to a new provider, or a family vacation.  I am hoping that I do not get a new internet provider that my internet is up more than a year.  I do not have any scheaduled vaction for seeable future.  At best all I can do is find sentences and opinion words that have nothing to do with characters.  Creating pages is tough around here it is like vultures are watching your every move not saying it is bad.  I am getting use to have such a large communitee watching me at every which way I turn.  But I guess the best thing is I have not got in serious trouble that I get banned from the site.  That is the last point I wanted to say is that getting banned from this site is like getting a contageous disease.  It is a black mark on your service record and it is hard to get it off, making Disney Wiki the toughest site in the whole wiki verse I have ever volunteer with.