There is only 160 days left till I hit my goal of 365 days.  So to do something on this day and relax I am looking back.  Lately I seen that some of the Kids Pages are not categories into the "Kids" Category.  I checked the history it seems to be just forgotten.  I know I made the Pterasaur Category.  I know there is not that many but over time I believe that there is more Pterasaurs to be added.  The category of Goldie and Bear is a more success with sub categories appearing.  I wish to do more for that while I am getting closer to my goal of one year badge.  The final thing I noticed is that there are more badges created.  I am thinking the administration team wants to get more activties on different topics but not getting it.  Finally before I finish my wrap up I am still finding the occational cute, beautyful and hansome on some of the pages.  I wish it could stop but I need something to do.  Eitherway there is only two pages I probably except the notice of cute.  Isabella Garcia-Shapiro and the Bunny Cop.  Isabella is a cute scientific break through.  She stands next to a cute detector and it goes boom.  As for the bunny cop her kind does not allow any other species to call them cute.  So that is my simple wrap up and back to work tomorrow. PEACE.