Ever since I saw Maleficent in 2014, it was then that something hit me:

"What if I could write my very own live-action remake story about Jafar partially based on Aladdin, its 2nd sequel, and the 2014 remake of Sleeping Beauty about a well-known Disney villain who was once a good man gone bad because of hatred, betrayal, and revenge?"

So, I started writing my own story in 2016 and finished it this year. Technically, this NOT an official or confirmed remake. I made it up myself. Other than the fact that Jafar himself is actually one of my mother and I's favorite Disney villains. In fact, Maleficent is my mother's first favorite Disney villain. My others being Captain Hook, Hades, and sometimes, Bill Sykes.

Please Note: I will not tolerate any harsh comments or opinions about my hard work. True some elements have been used from the original movie but then again, aren't all Disney remakes done like that these days too? Through inspiration too? Don't worry, everything has been properly revised as well. Plus bad behavior (rudeness....), harsh language, and profanity, as you all know, is not permitted on this wiki as well, so please, try the best you can to think positive thoughts about my story and feel free to share them in the comments below.

Thank you and enjoy the story as you read it.

Jafar Edit

Long ago, in the kingdom of Agrabah, there lived a wise sultan who was loved by all his subjects and people. With him, he had his beloved sultana and their two young sons: Fareed and Jafar living in the palace. Fareed and Jafar, like all brothers, loved each other, spent wonderful times together, looked out for each other, and had each other’s backs. Of his two sons, the sultan favored Jafar the most but that didn’t bother Fareed much at all. As brothers, they did everything together; they played together, fought together, rode on horses together, and other various activities together.

Knowing that if the sultan were to unite his kingdom with the neighboring, peaceful kingdom of Getzistan, both sultans of different kingdoms would have to arrange a future betrothal for one of the sultan’s sons to the sultan of Getzistan’s beautiful young daughter, Princess Aila. To make sure of this alignment, both sultans agreed to allow the young princess to visit the palace of Agrabah every summer to make her acquaintances with the princes and spend some time together for the next ten years until she has chosen her one true love by her 18th birthday.

At first, all three children seemed a bit anxious and nervous before meeting each other on the 1st day of summer but as soon as they laid eyes on each other, a quick spark of good friendship and somewhat “romance” was at hand. During the 1st summer, the two brothers showed the princess around the palace and spent some time playing games and socializing with each other and other people; much to the princess’s enjoyment. Despite both royal families’ hopes of either prince falling in love with Princess Aila having failed the 1st time, they were quite pleased to see that their children had become such good friends. This friendship was merely a few steps away from leading to romance. After the 1st summer had ended, Princess Aila and her father returned to Getzistan after bidding the sultan and his family good-bye in hopes of meeting each other again the next forthcoming summer.

Every summer, day after day, year after year, the two princes grew more handsome and happier while the princess grew more beautiful and prettier as they spent time together. Despite Aila’s love for both princes, there was room for only one man in her heart; namely, Jafar. However, as Jafar and Aila began to grow closer together, Fareed grew more jealous and full of anger, greed, and hatred of his own brother that he eventually knew Aila would choose Jafar over him. To make sure that kind of love would never happen, Fareed devised a devious plan that would ruin his brother’s future and make Aila his own future bride. One night, on the last summer of the princess’s visit, after Aila went to bed in her chamber, Fareed offered to take Jafar out for a drink in a tavern in the city to celebrate the princess’s upcoming betrothal. Jafar, unaware of his brother’s true intentions, agreed to come along. At the Chamsous Sabah Tavern, Jafar became drunk after having more drinks than Fareed had. Then, Fareed escorted him back to his palace chamber.

The next morning, Jafar woke up only to find a strange woman having slept with him in bed. When Aila came to wish Jafar a “Good morning” and announce her decision of whom she truly loved, she was shocked to have found him with another girl in his room; believing Jafar had insulted her by having an affair with another woman. Jafar tried to explain the situation while the woman tried to convince otherwise but Aila refused to listen and ran off with tears in her eyes. As she ran, she came across Fareed. Fareed, acting worried and confused, asked Aila what was wrong. When she told him what she had witnessed inside his brother’s room, she continued crying as Fareed comforted her in his arms. Later, Jafar was put on trial for his supposed “betrayal”. Despite Jafar’s protests and best efforts to tell the truth to everyone including his family, Fareed, using his cunningness and wit, and the strange woman, using her acting skills, were able to convince everyone otherwise; leaving the sultan and the entire council to reach one decision: banishment; much to the sultana and the princess’s dismay and allowing Jafar to undoubtedly suspect his brother responsible for the whole set up. However, despite having been hurt once, Aila still had sympathy and pity for the man she ever loved in her life and whom she would’ve married if not for Fareed’s treachery.

Before leaving the palace, Aila approached Jafar and wished him luck while confessing her love for him. Then, she gave him a Jasmine flower like the ones he used to offer her during those days they spent time together as something to remember her by and a heartfelt kiss, which touched and comforted his somewhat broken heart as he confessed his own love to her in return as well. They never saw each other again after that. From a distance, Fareed delightfully watched as his brother left the palace grounds and expressed his disgust for the kiss he witnessed at the same time. Later in the evening, in a safe place, he met and paid the strange woman the money he promised for the perfectly well-done job he assigned to her before she inconspicuously left the palace as well. Betrayed, lost, exiled, deceived, unloved, unwanted, and forced to live a life of misery and solitude on the streets of Agrabah, Jafar’s mind began to fill with pain, anger, rage, and most importantly, hatred and vengeance on the one person who ruined his life; namely, his own brother. The days went by and Jafar, like all homeless peasants, begged for food, money, and possibly a place to stay while wandering around the streets but to no avail. Of course, it wasn’t until one stormy evening when Jafar came across a building which seemed abandoned, hoping to take refuge from the rain. Inside, Jafar noticed a strange green glowing light floating by. He followed the light as it led him down a staircase and into a strange room filled with items used for magic. He began exploring the room until he came across a yellow cobra-shaped scepter.

Intrigued and interested, the moment he touched the staff, its red eyes began to glow and a cloud of green smoke with a giant yellow mask-shaped face appeared in the middle of the room. The unusual force introduced itself as the spirit of the first owner and creator of the cobra staff named Khartoum. Khartoum explained that whoever possesses his staff is granted great power beyond anyone’s imaginations but barely sufficient to make the bearer more powerful than ever. Then, he explained its power, purpose, and how to use its power wisely as Jafar asked a few questions and finally, Khartoum disappeared out of thin air.

The moment Jafar touched the scepter again; he began to acquire some of its powers as he floated in the air while his clothes began to change into that of a sorcerer’s outfit. While being endowed with such powers, the magic of his transformation led to the restoration and renewal of the place that was to be his new home. Seeing this as an opportunity to exact his revenge, Jafar was excited to begin reading and learning a few magic tricks and spells from the staff and the books he found in the room in just 3 days. Some of these spells included one which would allow him to see what he wished to see through a cloud of smoke (something like a crystal ball). On the day of Aila’s wedding, with the spell of vision fully mastered, Jafar was able to watch Aila getting married to Fareed in the palace; much to his anger and disgust.

After that, Jafar went out to test his new powers on some people or things in the bazaar with his staff while avoiding detection; some of which caused mischief and other sorts of disasters while others somehow brought joy and delight to children. This sort of habit would later earn him a reputation as a fearsome wizard in Agrabah. Then, at a market section which sold rare and exotic birds, one particular bird caught Jafar’s eye and attention. It was a rare scarlet red Macaw parrot with red and blue feathers, a golden beak, and claws that kept squawking: “Polly want a cracker.” worth 100 dinars. Such an expensive financial amount was no problem for Jafar as long as he had magic on his side. With the exact amount unknowingly created by Jafar and paid to the merchant, Jafar finally got his very own new parrot friend whom he named Iago.

Back in his lair, Jafar performed a spell which would grant Iago the everlasting power of human speech and intelligence. The spell worked and Iago was finally able to express his gratitude for being free from his bad experience with crackers he utterly disliked from the merchant and to offer his allegiance to Jafar; much to Jafar’s delight. Iago was then given the task to be Jafar’s eyes and ears anytime he wanted to know what was going on outside his lair; especially at the palace.

A year later, after the unfortunate death of the first sultan and his wife due to natural causes, Fareed and Aila were blessed with the birth of a beautiful baby girl. Some time later, Iago informed Jafar that his brother was hosting a celebration for his newborn daughter. Bent on revenge, Jafar arrived uninvited to the palace where the celebration took place while Iago came and stood by a window in the room. His arrival, however, spread fear to some of the guests and using his magic, he was able to restrain the palace guards from trying to stop him from approaching his own “family”. Fareed ordered his brother to leave at once: “Leave this palace immediately! You have no right to come here any longer whatsoever! Do you understand me?!” but Jafar paid no attention to his brother’s protests and proceeded to meet his own niece for the first time.

“You know, I have to admit. She’s such a sweet child. She even has her mother’s eyes to match her beauty.” said Jafar with a smile on his face as he caressed her for the first time as well. Aila was touched by his sweet compliment and thanked him but Fareed wasted no time to try and get his brother to leave the palace: “Don’t touch her. If you lay a hand or use any sort of black magic on her, I’ll see it to it personally that you are banished from the city for the rest of your miserable life!” Jafar turned to his brother and replied: “Don’t touch her? Am I not the second son of our beloved late great sultan and his sultana? Am I not the brother of our new sultan? I believe I have every right to be here to look into the beautiful eyes of the new princess born in our kingdom and to do whatever I want with her as much as it pleases me. And you may rest assured, brother… harming or even attempting to kill or curse her with magic is the last thing on my mind. You see, my magic is but mere parlor tricks and practical illusions (while creating butterflies and little birds flying everywhere) used to amuse and entertain women and children on the streets of Agrabah. Needless to say, it could also be used to cause some mischief, I admit, but never to one who hasn’t done anything wrong in his life unlike some people I know.” then turning to the child and smiling again: “Such a beautiful young flower. Full of love. Full of passion. Exactly the kind of child I always hoped Aila would have to bring her joy and happiness. The child which should’ve rightfully been MINE!” but Fareed slyly replied: “Well, she would’ve been yours if you hadn’t been found in the arms of another woman on the day Aila was to announce her decision to marry you!” Jafar replied back: “You and I both know that’s not what happened and you cannot keep it a secret to yourself forever! Then again, if no one is to know the truth, then, you can take your secret with you to the grave!” Intending to use his scepter on Fareed, Aila, with tears in her eyes, begged Jafar to stop and reconsider for her sake and that of her daughter. Jafar, still having a spark of conscience left in him, said as he felt her cheek: “You’re lucky I haven’t forgotten my love for you, Aila. The same love you once had for me. And for you, I would do anything to make you happy. Very well, I won’t. But only for you and your daughter’s sake. Tell me, what is her name?” Aila replied: “Her name is… Jasmine.” Jafar added: “Jasmine. Just like the flowers I used to offer you every summer we spent time together. A perfect name to match her beauty as well. Take good care of her. She’ll grow up to be someone very important to her people one day. Trust me.” Then, he turned away and left.

Before leaving, he turned to his brother and said: “Know this, Fareed! This matter is hardly over! Mark my words! Someday, I will return twice as powerful as the sorcerer I have become today and when I do, everything you owned, everything you ever loved will be MINE!” Then, using his magic, he kindly offered the young princess an adorable, cute tiger cub named Rajah as a gift and disappeared. Iago followed his master back to their lair soon after that. Fareed, not taking his brother’s threat seriously and knowing that neither he nor his family were in any real danger, didn’t bother trying to search for Jafar around the city and stop him.

Back at the lair, Jafar and Iago spent hours searching in some of the books for something that would grant Jafar more power than he could ever imagine for his revenge until Iago found what they were looking for: a lamp known as the Magic Lamp, which has been hidden for 10,000 years somewhere in the desert in a cave called the Cave of Wonders which could only be opened using a unique magical key called the Golden Scarab of Wonders. Already, they had the first half of the key and with it; there was a small piece of parchment as a clue that led them to the other half found in Getzistan.

Jafar hired a thief from Agrabah named Gazeem, whom he promised great treasures as a reward, to steal the other half of the key in Getzistan for him rather than to steal it himself.

On a dark night in the desert, a dark man waited with a dark purpose. Gazeem finally returned to Jafar on horseback. Jafar, on his own horse and with Iago, remarked: “You… are late.” Gazeem sarcastically apologized while bowing to him: “I beg a thousand pardons, O patient one.” “You have it, then?” asked Jafar. “It was not an easy task. I had to slit a few throats but I got it.” replied Gazeem but before Jafar could reach out for it, Gazeem yanked it back: “Ah, ah, ahhh! The treasure first, sahib!” Then, Iago squawked as he flew by and grabbed the item. “Ouch!” was the thief’s next reply. Jafar explained: “Trust me, my pungent friend. You'll get what's coming to you.” And Iago, pretending to be an ordinary parrot, said: “What's coming to you! Awk!”

Jafar pulled out the second half of the key and connected them, and the Scarab began to glow. Finally, it flew out of Jafar's hand, scaring the horses, and was off towards the dunes. “Quickly, follow the trail!” shouted Jafar. All rode off, following the glowing speck of light as Jafar shouted: “Faster!”, until it reached a large dune. It separated into two and the halves plunged into the dune. All that remained were two glowing points of light on the dune. But then the dune began to rise up, transforming into a giant tiger's head, with the glowing points serving as the eyes. The transformation, however, managed to scare the two men’s horses off and run away; never to be seen again.

“At last, after all this time of searching, the Cave of Wonders!” said Jafar. “Awk! Cave of Wonders!” mimicked Iago. Gazeem added: “By Allah!” Jafar then instructed him: “Now, remember! Bring me the lamp. The rest of the treasure is yours, but the lamp is mine!”

Gazeem started approaching the tiger's mouth, which formed the entrance to the cave. He chuckled as he went on. Iago squawked: “Awk, the lamp! Awk, the lamp! (Now that he and Jafar were alone, he opened up in his own words.) Now where did you find such a fool, I wonder?” Jafar put his finger to his lips and shushed him. Gazeem reached the cave, but he was blown away by the roar of the cave's speaking. “Who disturbs my slumber?” spoke the Cave. Gazeem replied: “It is I, Gazeem, a humble thief.” The Cave explained: “Know this: Only one may enter here. One whose worth lies far within. A diamond in the rough.” Gazeem turned to Jafar with a questioning look. Jafar shouted: “Well, what are you waiting for? Go on!” So, Gazeem hesitated and then moved one foot inside the cave. With great apprehension, he planted his foot down. Nothing happened. Relieved, he began his trek again. Then, another roar was heard. He turned back, but the tiger's mouth slammed shut and the dune collapsed back to normal. All that were left were Jafar, Iago, and the two separated halves of the key. “Noooooo!” was Jafar’s reply as Iago was driven away by the wind caused by the Cave’s collapse.

“Seek thee out, the diamond in the rough.” were the Cave’s last words. Iago unburied himself from the sand, coughing as he did so then he stated as he picked up the key pieces: “I can't believe it. I just don't believe it. We're never gonna get a hold of that stupid lamp! Just forget it. Look at this. Look at this. I'm so ticked off that I'm molting!” He flew up to Jafar's shoulder after giving him the pieces. Jafar said: “Patience, Iago. Patience. Gazeem was obviously less than worthy.” Iago replied extremely sarcastically: “Oh, there's a big surprise. That's an incred--I think I'm gonna have a heart attack and die from that surprise! What're we gonna do? We’ve got a big problem here, a big prob-” (Jafar pinched his beak shut.) Jafar added: “Yes. Only one may enter. I must find this one, this... diamond in the rough.”

At the lair, Jafar used his spell of vision once again to find who is the one worthy to enter the cave to bring him the lamp. The vision revealed a young woman with a child in her hands. At first, Iago complained: “A woman?! This is the one we’ve been waiting for?! That’s it! I’m calling quits! Good luck getting her to get you your lamp. If you need me, I’ll be back in my old cage in the bazaar and… ” Jafar grabbed a hold of Iago’s neck to silence him: “You idiotic bird! If you were half as smart as I made you to be, you would carefully observe that the child in that woman’s hands is the answer to all our problems! We… have found our diamond in the rough!” Iago, still grabbed on the neck, said: “Oh, right. But then again, what are we gonna do? We’re not exactly gonna let a child just walk right into the cave and bring us back the lamp. Think of the danger and the consequences. I mean…” Jafar silenced him again and replied: “I know! Which is why we won’t! Not yet anyway. If I have to wait a couple of years, so be it! Knowing he’s the one, we have nothing to worry about. That is… as long as nothing unfortunate happens to him, of course. Besides, it’ll give us plenty of time to plan our revenge after we have obtained the lamp.”

Years went by as Jafar began to inconspicuously care for the boy named Aladdin after his mother passed away when he was only 8 despite his small interest in him. Jafar and Iago always watched over him from afar; making sure no trouble would befall him. Aladdin lived his entire life as a thief and a street rat alone in his home where he grew up with only a pet monkey named Abu, which he stole from the bazaar when he was only 10, to keep him company. Although a thief, Aladdin was a good-hearted person who was more interested in stealing food for survival rather than money.

Despite Jafar and Iago’s attempts to protect him from danger, Aladdin grew up to be a skilled thief of great strength, speed, agility, and reflexes clever enough to outsmart enemies a few times like when evading capture from the guards despite being greatly outnumbered and overpowered. Such character traits began to impress Jafar much more and somehow make him grow fond of the boy and develop somewhat fatherly feelings for him but this, however, didn’t make him change his ways or interfere with his plans for revenge while Iago developed a friendship with Aladdin during those years of caring for him even before Aladdin found Abu. Yet, there was once a time, when Aladdin was about 11-years old, when he actually met Jafar in person. One day, when Aladdin was caught stealing an apple from an apple merchant, the merchant seized him by the hand and intended to amputate one of his hands as a penalty for stealing until he was stopped by Jafar: “IF it makes you feel any better, I’ll see to it that you are handsomely paid for this apple. After all, he is but a child, hungry for food and thirsty for water. Such violence is completely unnecessary.” After paying the merchant and before giving the apple to Aladdin, Jafar gave the boy a somewhat fatherly advice about not stealing things from people unless he is absolutely certain no one is watching him or from people he can’t outrun. Then, he gave him his apple, walked away, vanished before Aladdin could even thank him, and was never seen again after that. Of course, Aladdin wasn’t the only person Jafar was watching over after all these years. After learning about the unfortunate death of Aila, Fareed was left alone to care for his daughter, Jasmine when she was 10; not knowing that her unknown Uncle Jafar was always watching over her as he did with Aladdin. Iago, still pretending to be an ordinary parrot, was kind enough to provide the young princess with some company at night as they began to develop a small friendship as well despite the daily, good company of her pet tiger, Rajah, the same tiger that was offered to her by her Uncle Jafar as a gift during her celebration years ago when he was but a cub.

By the time Aladdin reached 20, Jafar knew it was the right time to allow Aladdin to help him accomplish his plan. One day, he stole a loaf of bread, and after outwitting and escaping the guards led by Captain Razoul with the help from Abu and Jafar’s magic, the two thieves generously handed their earned food to two young orphans. Later, Aladdin spotted other citizens watching a snooty prince heading for the sultan’s palace as a suitor for the beautiful soon-to-be 18-year old Princess Jasmine and defended the orphans as they were nearly whipped for running in front of his horse. Aladdin remarked that if he were as rich as the prince, he could afford manners. Aladdin was kicked into a nearby mud puddle and insulted by the prince, whom he insulted back when he loudly remarked on the sight of seeing a horse "with two rear ends". Angered, the prince turned and referred to Aladdin as a worthless street rat, and claimed that he will die as such, only to be mourned by his own fleas. Aladdin got up and began to pursue the prince, but was quickly cut off when the palace gates closed. Discouraged, Aladdin and Abu headed for home as night approached. All the same, Aladdin kept faith that he would someday be rich and live in the palace.

The next morning, at the palace, the snooty prince was seen leaving the palace in a hurry, much to Sultan Fareed’s disappointment. As he stormed out, he ranted about how he has been insulted and sarcastically wished the Sultan good luck in finding a husband for Jasmine; therefore, making him the 16th suitor she has rejected.

Angered and frustrated, Fareed decided to have a word with his daughter, now having grown into a beautiful, young woman. A discussion with Jasmine in the garden revealed that her tiger, Rajah, had attacked the prince, exposing the prince's undergarments. While Jasmine defended Rajah, claiming the tiger wanted to play; she inadvertently revealed her low opinion of the prince. Fareed remarked: “Dearest, you've got to stop rejecting every suitor that comes to call. The law says you must be married to a prince by your next birthday. And you’ve only got 3 more days.” A remark often told to Jasmine every time she rejected a suitor but Jasmine thought the law was wrong in her opinion; stating she hated being forced into this and that if she does marry, she wanted it to be for love. The sultan explained: “Jasmine, it's not only this law. I just want what’s best for you. You know I'm not going to be around forever, and I just want to make sure you're taken care of, provided for.” But Jasmine thought otherwise: “Father, please try to understand. I've never done a thing on my own. I've never even had any real friends. (Rajah looked up at her and growled.) Except you, Rajah. (Satisfied, he went back to sleep.) I've never even been outside the palace walls.” Her father stated: “But Jasmine, you're a princess.” Then, she replied back as she splashed the water from a fountain: “Then maybe I don't want to be a princess anymore.”

Fareed, having had enough, decided to leave and return to his chamber to wrestle with his thoughts and problems. “I don't know where she gets it from. Her mother wasn't nearly so picky, I should know. I myself made sure her mother was my own wife until she passed away when our daughter was only 10. Then again, sometimes I ask myself what would she have been like if my foolish brother, Jafar had been her father instead, had I not betrayed him in the first place?” said Fareed. Just then, two shadows fell over him. He looked up startled and saw two people approach him. “Ooh, oh. Ah, Fasir, my most trusted advisor and Fashoom, your most trusted servant. I am in desperate need of your wisdom.” Fasir replied as he bowed: “My life is but to serve you, my lord.” Fashoom added as he bowed: “Your majesty.” Fareed continued: “It's this suitor business. Jasmine simply refuses to choose a husband. I'm at my wit's-end.” Fasir replied: “Hmm, perhaps I could devise a solution to this thorny problem.” “If anyone can help, it's you, Fasir.” said the sultan. Fasir explained: “Ah, but it would require a minimum amount of time. 2 days most probably.” Fareed became a bit more confident: “Alright, Fasir. You were always my most trusted vizier and loyal companion. You have never failed me before. See to it that this problem is solved within 3 days before my daughter’s 18th birthday.” Fasir agreed and walked away with Fashoom following him.

Once they were further away from the sultan, they were free to express their dislike of him and reveal their true colors. Then, Fasir saw this solution to this whole suitor problem as an opportunity to marry the princess and seize the throne for himself.

Later at night, a shadowy figure was seen walking through the garden. It was none other than Jasmine in disguise. She reached the palace wall and began to climb it but she was tugged from behind by Rajah. Jasmine told him: “Oh, I'm sorry, Rajah. But I can't stay here and have my life lived for me. I'll miss you. (Rajah helped her climb the wall again while whining and whimpering.) Good bye.” Unknown to the princess, Fashoom witnessed the entire thing and decided to inform his master as soon as possible.

The next morning, after Abu helped Aladdin steal a few watermelons for breakfast, Jasmine was seen visiting and exploring the market place. It wasn’t until her beautiful face was revealed after accidentally bumping into a peasant that it attracted the attention of Aladdin. Suddenly, a strange look came over his face. It was obvious that he fell deeply in love with her; much to Abu’s confusion.

When Jasmine saw a young, homeless child trying to reach for an apple from a cart belonging to the same merchant Aladdin had dealings with before, she picked one up and gave it to him. Unfortunately, the merchant witnessed the whole thing and since she didn’t have any money to pay for it, the merchant rushed to cut off her hand despite her pleas concerning her knowing the sultan only to be stopped by Aladdin. Aladdin, Jasmine (playing along), and Abu tried to convince the merchant that Jasmine was his “crazy sister” in need of a doctor’s help and that she thinks “Abu is the sultan.” However, the jig was up when Abu was caught having stolen a few coins and apples. Nevertheless, they managed to escape. Iago, who was watching the whole thing, flew out and kept following them.

Later in the evening, Aladdin brought her back to his place. After a small discussion, exchanging a few romantic sentiments to each other, and before they could share a kiss, the palace guards suddenly arrived to arrest them. Aladdin, Jasmine, and Abu managed to evade them until they were captured by Captain Razoul. Despite Abu’s best attempts to save them, Aladdin still faced arrest while Abu faced defeat until Jasmine revealed herself to everyone as the princess. Although Jasmine ordered Razoul to release him, Razoul stated his orders came from Fasir and that she will have to take it up with him, which she promised to do personally.

Meanwhile, Iago, having seen the whole thing, quickly flew as he rushed back to Jafar’s lair to inform him everything that happened today even when Jafar demanded to know everything. “What?! Show me the boy!” shouted Jafar as he used the spell of vision to reveal Aladdin being chained and tormented by Razoul and the guards in the dungeon. When Iago suggested they rescue him immediately, Jafar refused; simply stating to let Aladdin spend the night in the dungeon as a “lesson about falling in love, especially with a princess” and that the law forbids such a relationship while making a remark that his niece deserved a “better man than some mere, common street rat” and that his plan could still wait. But when Iago reminded Jafar of his fondness of the boy and that the next day, the boy would probably face execution by beheading, Jafar changed his mind and told him: “Hmm, you make a good point there. If the boy dies tomorrow, then all our years of waiting, planning, and caring for him will have been wasted. But then again, who says I have to save him.” Jafar let out a sinister smile as Iago gave him a confused look.

Back at the palace, after being confronted by Jasmine, Fasir and Fashoom lied about having executed Aladdin (or rather, covered a half-truth, as Fasir was already intending to have Aladdin executed at dawn as part of his nefarious plans to seize the throne). With Jasmine out of the way of his plans momentarily, he then ordered Fashoom to see to it that the execution begins at dawn before the sultan and the princess are awake. However, such a horrible lie reduced Jasmine to tears as she ran away into the garden to cry and mourn for Aladdin’s supposed “death” at night with only Rajah to come and comfort her.

In the dungeon, Aladdin was struggling to get out but it was no use. He expressed about how he must have felt so stupid to the princess until he heard Abu calling him. Abu climbed down and using one of his various lock picks hidden in his shirt, he was able to free Aladdin from his bonds as Aladdin explained about his forbidden relationship with the princess to a somewhat jealous Abu.

Aladdin considered himself a fool until a voice was heard nearby: “You’re only a fool if you give up, boy.” “Who are you?” asked Aladdin. The person who spoke revealed himself to be an old man with a walking cane. He answered: “A lowly prisoner, like yourself. But together, perhaps we can be more.” Aladdin said: “I’m listening.” The old man continued: “There is a cave, boy. A Cave of Wonders. Filled with treasures beyond your wildest dreams. (while showing him some rubies in his hands) Treasure enough to impress even your princess, I'd wager.” Now as the old man turned his back, Iago was seen sticking his head out; revealing that the “old man” was actually Jafar in disguise, and whispered: “Jafar, will you hurry up? I'm dying in here!” Jafar silenced him with his cane. Then Aladdin said: “But the law says only a prince can marry…” But Jafar, in his “old man” disguise, interrupted him: “Ah, but you have heard of the golden rule, haven't you, boy? Whoever has the gold makes the rules. Do you get what I mean?” So, Aladdin then cautiously asked him: “So, why would you share all of this wonderful treasure with me?” Jafar replied: “I need a young man with a strong back and legs to go in after it.” But Aladdin added: “Ah, one problem. It's out there and we are in here?” Jafar thought otherwise: “Mmm, mmm, mmm. Things aren't always what they seem. (After walking to a wall which he pushed to reveal a hidden exit unknowingly created by his magic) So, do we have a deal?”

Later, through a sandstorm in the desert at night, Aladdin lead a horse with Jafar (and Iago) and Abu on it. Then, the Cave of Wonders, having been summoned once again, asked Aladdin: “Who disturbs my slumber.” Aladdin replied: “It is I, Aladdin.” The Cave warned him: “Proceed. Touch nothing but the lamp.”

Before Aladdin and Abu entered the Cave, Jafar promised Aladdin his reward after retrieving the lamp for him. The minute Aladdin was inside, Jafar was free to remove his old man disguise and allow Iago to come out and catch his breath. Inside the Cave, Aladdin and Abu came across a vast, golden chamber filled with treasure. Abu rushed to steal what he could get his hands until he was stopped by Aladdin warning him not to touch anything as instructed by the Cave earlier. From the treasure pile, a purple carpet suddenly came to life and began to follow the two.

After a few mishaps and misunderstandings, the magic carpet befriended the two and accepted Aladdin’s friendship offer. When Aladdin asked the carpet where they could find the lamp, the carpet gladly volunteered to help show them the way.

Meanwhile, back outside in the desert, Jafar and Iago waited with patience for the boy’s safe return. Iago asked: “Listen, Jafar. I know this whole plan is just to exact your revenge on your brother but don’t you think maybe it has gone a bit far? I mean, let me ask you this, what happens after Aladdin gives you the lamp? What next?” Jafar replied: “Simple, after the boy has given me the lamp, I will use it against my brother to reclaim what should’ve rightfully mine years ago. And the boy will be free to continue his life as he pleases. Provided he is given a bag of gold to cherish as a reward in return for his help.” Iago said: “But Jafar, revenge with such magic isn’t going to solve anything. Revenge won’t bring Aila back. I mean, is this what she would’ve wanted? Have you even thought about what’s to become of Aladdin or even your own niece after you have had your revenge?” Jafar replied again: “You think I haven’t thought about that?! I’ve been asking myself the same thing almost every single day of my life. After all these years of mourning for the woman I ever loved and watching over the children, caring for them, somehow raising them like my very own, and making sure no harm and only happiness came to them, sometimes, I feel I’ve gone soft on them. So soft that I wish I had never gotten Aladdin involved in this mess in the first place. I loved Aila as much as she loved me that I only wanted what was best for her and her daughter. But now I fear I have failed her.” Iago asked again: “It wasn’t your fault, you know. Then again, it’s never too late to do the right thing. Why don’t you just get the kid out of there right now while you still can?” Jafar answered: “It’s too late for that. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t. And in case it slipped your mind, only one man may enter the Cave. Not even my magic can do anything to reverse all this.”

Later, after what seemed like hours, Aladdin and Abu, having followed the carpet through a long cave, emerged in a giant underground cavern. In the centre of the room was a tall pillar, with a staircase going up to it. It was surrounded by water with unevenly placed stones forming a bridge. At the top of the pillar was a beam of light. Aladdin began to cross the bridge after telling Abu to stay put. After Aladdin left, Abu saw a shrine with a golden monkey. The outstretched paws held a giant ruby and Abu was hypnotically drawn to it. Aladdin climbed the stairs quickly as the carpet saw Abu getting closer to steal the ruby and grabbed his tail while trying in vain to hold him back. Aladdin finally reached the Magic Lamp. But after getting a hold of the lamp, he saw Abu break free from the carpet and steal the ruby despite shouting: “Abu! No!” The moment Abu touched the ruby, there was a rumbling and the room began to shake. The Cave shouted out: “Infidels! You have touched the forbidden treasure. (Abu placed the jewel back into the paw, but the jewel and the shrine melted into lava.) Now you will never again see the light of day!”

At that moment, everything began to crumble, break, melt, and be destroyed. Luckily, with the help of the magic carpet, both Aladdin and Abu were able to avoid any obstacles and misfortunes that could befall them as they tried to make their way out of the cave. Outside in the desert, Jafar and Iago started to feel a rumble and sudden shake from the Earth as the Cave began to growl and close. Iago said: “Something’s wrong! Looks like the kid couldn’t control his little obsession with treasure!” Jafar replied: “No! That boy is too smart to have done something foolish like this! If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it was that greedy pet monkey of his behind this entire mess!” Iago asked: “What do we do now?” Jafar replied when putting on his disguise again: “Follow me! With any luck, I say we stand a fighting chance in getting them out of there all in one piece! Come on!” After escaping the dangers, Aladdin and his friends were almost to the top when a boulder dropped on the carpet; sending it to the floor. Aladdin, with Abu holding onto him, grabbed onto the rock wall and held on. He saw the “old man” at the top, within reach. “Help me out!” shouted Aladdin. Jafar added: “Pass me the lamp!” Aladdin replied: “I can't hold on. Give me your hand!” Having had a soft spot for the boy and failing to reach for his hand, Jafar tried to lower a rope for him. “Alright! Grab hold of this rope and I’ll pull you up! Hurry, boy! Hurry!” shouted Jafar. As Aladdin tried to climb up to the top, a big rock fell out of nowhere and knocked him unconscious; sending him and Abu falling to their doom. “Noooooo!” shouted Jafar as Iago pushed him out of the way to avoid the same fate. However, the carpet, having finally escaped from the boulder, raced up and caught Aladdin just in time. Then, the Cave roared one final time and sank back into the sand.

Jafar, now full of guilt and remorse, took off his disguise and rhetorically asked: “What have I done? What have I done?” Iago added: “You see? Are you happy now? This is what you get for trying to get back at someone who ruined your life. You were so obsessed with revenge that this where it all lead to! Your lust for vengeance is what left you the defeated and the blinded one! Not to mention what cost you the life of one of the people you cared about so much!” Jafar admitted Iago was right but somehow, he never gave up hope that Aladdin was still alive somewhere beneath the Cave. An opinion later proven a fact when, inside beneath the Cave, Aladdin was able to recover from his injuries.

Meanwhile, having learned about his daughter’s situation after having had a small talk with her, Fareed was outraged and as punishment, he had her and her tiger locked in her room with no dinner for the night. Back in the Cave, Aladdin tried to figure a way out until Abu pulled out the Magic Lamp, revealing he took it from him for safekeeping. “You hairy little thief, you! Then again, what is it about this lamp that makes it so special? (As he examined the Lamp after Abu gave it to him) I mean what would that old man want with such a common thing like this anyway? Hey, look. There’s some kind of an inscription written on this side, but it's hard to make out from all the dirt on it. I think I’m gonna have to rub it off to get a better reading out of it.” was Aladdin’s reply. He rubbed the lamp until suddenly smoke came out of the hole as it began to shake and glow, but Aladdin held onto it, and out of the lamp, came a large amount of smoke along with a magical being known as a genie.

“Ten thousand years in the lamp will give you such a headache. Hang on a second. (After literally hanging Aladdin on a wall) Whoa, does it feel good to be out of here. Alright now, where are you from? What’s your name?” asked the genie. After being pulled back down, Aladdin introduced himself. “Aladdin! Say, do you mind if I call you Al? Or Din? Or how about, Laddie? (As he turned into a Scotsman) Sounds like “Laddie here, boy!”” And out came the genie in the form of a dog. Yet, Aladdin thought he was dreaming after all the magic stuff he just witnessed. After recognizing the carpet as his long time best friend, the genie stated how Aladdin was much smaller than his last master. Intrigued by the idea of being the genie’s master, Aladdin was introduced to the genie as “the ever-impressive, long-contained, often imitated, but never duplicated Spirit of the Lamp.” After learning about a wish-fulfillment, Spirit stated that three wishes were the limit even if he tried wishing for more wishes plus that they come without even any substitutions, exchanges, or refunds. However, he mentioned to Aladdin about a few wish limitations involving death, love, and life resurrection.

Using his wit, Aladdin tricked Spirit into helping them get out of the cave without even making a wish out of it. Out of the sand flew out Aladdin and his friends and off into the distance. This caught Jafar and Iago’s attention as they were rejoiced to find the boy alive and well but where was he and his friends heading to remained oblivious to them. Iago asked Jafar if they should follow them but Jafar thought it was unnecessary knowing that the boy was alive and now has a genie to grant him three wishes that could probably change his life; provided he uses them wisely, of course, so, they returned back to their lair and resumed their life spending time reading spell books and performing small magic tricks for amusement.

Later, Aladdin and his friends arrived at an oasis in the desert where he made his first wish. Before Aladdin proceeded, he wondered and asked Spirit what would he wish for; much to Spirit’s surprise considering the fact that none of his previous masters ever asked him that before. Spirit refused to answer but after much of Aladdin’s insistence, Spirit simply replied: “Freedom.” Asking if he were a prisoner inside his own lamp, Spirit explained: “.”It's all part-and-parcel, the whole genie gig. Phenomenal cosmic powers! And yet, itty bitty living space.” “Oh, that's terrible.” said Aladdin. Then, Spirit continued: “But, oh--to be free. Not have to go "Poof! What do you need? Poof! What do you need? Poof! What do you need?" To be my own master, such a thing would be greater than all the magic and all the treasures in all the world! But what am I talking about, here? Let's be realistic here for once. It's never gonna happen. Spirit, wake up and smell the hummus.” “Why not?” asked Aladdin. Spirit replied: “The only way I could get out of this is if my master wishes me out. So you can guess how often that's happened to me.” Aladdin promised him that after he has made his first two wishes, he will use the third one to set him free; something Spirit was hoping for despite the doubts. After that, Spirit asked Aladdin what to wish for first. However, his first wish involved love; much against one of the genie’s limitations. Yet, Aladdin thought that since the girl of his dreams was a princess then, his first wish was to become a prince. After granting his wish, Spirit promised to make him look like the prince nobody has ever seen or heard of before.

Back at the palace, Fareed was seen with his guards watching a fakir perform some magic tricks until Fasir and Fashoom arrived and asked if they could have a private moment to speak. “Leave us!” as he clapped his hands. “Very well, Fasir. I’m listening. What news do you bring for me regarding my daughter’s betrothal?” asked Fareed. Fasir replied: “Sire, I believe I have found a solution to the problem with your daughter.” Fashoom added before being silenced by Fasir: “Yes, yes! The problem with your daughter, your grace!” “Really?” asked Fareed. Fasir continued while unrolling a scroll: “Right here. "If the princess has not chosen a husband by the appointed time, then, the sultan shall choose for her."” Fareed stated his mind: “But Jasmine hated all those suitors! How could I choose someone she hates?” “Not to worry, my liege. There is more. If, in the event a suitable prince cannot be found, a princess must then be wed to...hmm...interesting.” said Fasir. “What? Who?” demanded Fareed. Fasir replied: “The royal vizier! Why, that would!” But Fareed thought otherwise: “Hmm, yet, I thought the law says that only a prince can marry a princess, I'm quite sure.” Fasir said: “Ah, yes indeed, my lord. Nevertheless, desperate times call for desperate measures. Wouldn’t you agree, your majesty? After all, you are the sultan, are you not?” Fareed replied: “Yes! Indeed, I am! I am the sultan; therefore, I make the law! This also gives me the right to change it under any circumstances! Alright, Fasir. You have and always will be my most trusted vizier and loyal companion. I’ll take your word for that. If Jasmine can’t have a prince for a suitor then, so be it! See to it that preparations for the wedding are to be ready on time, my son.” Fasir agreed as he walked away with Fashoom: “Your majesty is most kind and generous. Until then, father.”

As they walked away and out of sight, Fasir was free to express his mind while letting out a sinister laugh: “Oh, the poor, old, simple-minded fool! He simply has no idea what’s going on whatsoever! Luckily, once I’m sultan, I’ll see to it that the people see him for the silly ignorant he really is!” Fashoom said: “Oh, you are but wise and crafty! Oh, master! To concoct such a plan takes a devious mind such as the one you possess! Oh, master!” “Indeed, I am! I am going to be sultan! Now, make yourself useful and tell all the servants to prepare for the royal wedding at once.” replied Fasir. Fashoom said as he proceeded at once: “Yes, yes, your lordship or should I say,… your majesty!” “Hmm, actually, your majesty sounds rather… flattering!” replied Fasir as he laughed more sinisterly.

Just then, a trumpet fanfare was heard and on the streets of Agrabah was a parade advancing towards the palace. This brought everyone’s attention as Fareed, Fasir, and Fashoom went out and watched from the palace balcony and the citizens gathered on the streets to form a large crowd. Even Jasmine barely watched from her balcony.

Jafar, however, having no interest, stayed behind and continued performing magic experiments while Iago stood by the window and watched the parade go on until something caught his eye. “Umm, Jafar? You might wanna come and see this.” said Iago. “I have no interest whatsoever in a mere, silly, little parade arriving unexpectedly to Agrabah. Thank you and enjoy it yourself while it still lasts.” said Jafar. But Iago replied: “Trust me; this is something you really want to have a look at. It’s not something you see every day.” Jafar replied back: “Nonsense! It’s probably another buffoon pretending to be a prince while making an entrance in order to seek my niece’s hand in marriage. Nevertheless, knowing her, she chooses wisely.” Iago added: “Yeah, except that “buffoon” is actually someone we know who doesn’t really know how to use his wishes wisely!” That remark finally convinced Jafar to look outside the window only to face a shock and disappointment as he face palmed for at the end of the parade, Aladdin, now having gone by the name of Prince Ali Abama, and Abu were seen riding on an elephant with Spirit, in human form, as the major leading the way. “Oh, that silly, little boy! And I was but a fool to think that a bright, young lad like him was more than capable of using his wishes wisely! Instead, he wastes his first one to become a prince so as to please my niece and probably seek her hand in marriage! Well, I haven’t said my last word! I’ll see to it personally that he doesn’t waste anymore wishes on some other silly antics!” Iago said: “But wait! Wait! Perhaps he can please the princess. Listen, hear me out. If Aladdin and Jasmine marry, that makes Aladdin the next sultan and maybe, you the next vizier; leaving your brother completely sultan-less. To me, that sounds like an interesting plan of revenge, don’t you think? It’s worth a shot. I mean, it’s not like it’s the first time the boy and your niece meet and fall in love, you know.” Jafar replied back while strangling Iago: “No! Listen, as much as I would love to see my brother dethroned and my niece happy, I simply can’t afford to watch her spend the rest of her life with some mere, common street rat pretending to be someone he’s not in order to please her. It’s as I said before; the law forbids a princess to marry someone other than a prince despite the happiness they once shared before I got that boy involved in a plan that nearly cost him his life!” Then, Iago asked: “So, what do you intend to do about it?” Jafar answered: “Make him tell the truth,… one way or another!”

As “Prince Ali” made his way to the palace, Fareed, impressed by his parade entrance, rushed back inside to the door to the throne room. Fareed welcomed the prince with great honor to his palace: “Impressive. Absolutely marvelous.” Prince Ali said: “Ahem. Your majesty, I have journeyed from afar to seek your daughter's hand.” The Sultan added: “Ah, I see that news of her upcoming betrothal travels far. Especially to the ears of one as young, handsome, and courteous as you are, my boy. I simply cannot tell you how delighted I am to meet you. And this here is my royal vizier, Fasir. I’m sure he’s delighted as well.” “Most delighted. And just where did you say you were from, might I ask?” asked Fasir to Prince Ali. Prince Ali answered: “Oh, much farther than you've traveled, I'm sure.” Just then, the Sultan demanded to have a word with Fasir in private. The Sultan stated: “Listen, Fasir, this is a very impressive youth. And a prince as well. (Whispering to him) If we're lucky, you won't have to marry Jasmine after all.” But Fasir thought otherwise while whispering: “I don't trust him, sire.” The Sultan stated: “Nonsense. One thing I pride myself on Fasir, I'm an excellent judge of character.” Fasir asked: “But what about our agreement earlier, sire?” Fareed answered: “True. It was an agreement we made until this fine, young lad arrived. Now listen, don’t worry, if Jasmine doesn’t like this one as well, then all is not lost for us yet. But I’m pretty sure she will.” Then, Prince Ali said: “And I'm pretty sure I'll like Princess Jasmine!” But Fasir intervened: “Your highness, no. I must intercede on Jasmine's behalf. This boy is no different than the others. What makes him think he is worthy of the princess?” Prince Ali proved his point: “Your majesty, I am Prince Ali Abama! Just let her meet me. I’m sure I will win her!” Jasmine, having entered the room and angered after hearing the whole thing, exclaimed: “How dare you! (They all looked at her surprised.) All of you, standing around deciding my future? I am not a prize to be won!” Then, she stormed out and back to her room. Feeling a bit guilty, the Sultan told Prince Ali as they left the room: “Oh, dear. Don't worry, my boy. Just give her some time to cool down. I’m sure she’ll come around sooner or later.” Alone in the room, Fasir, knowing and fearing his plan for seizing the throne would not prevail, thought to himself: “I believe it's time we said good bye to our young Prince Abama.”

At the top of one of the windows in the room, Jafar and Iago were seen sitting; having heard the whole thing. “You see? It’s as I said before. My niece chooses wisely. In fact, I couldn’t have said it better myself if I had been in her situation, which is all the more reason as to why I’m more fond of her than I am of the boy pretending to be a prince.” said Jafar to Iago. Iago asked: “Do you want we should stop him now or something?” Jafar replied: “No! Let him just try to win her heart some more and when the time comes and she has still said “No” to him, we’ll be there to teach him a lesson or two.” Then, the duo disappeared into thin air.

Later, at night, Jasmine was standing by her balcony while Aladdin and his friends were in the courtyard. As Aladdin thought about how foolish he was to waste his first wish as a prince to win Jasmine’s heart, he asked Spirit for some help. Spirit’s only advice to him was: “Tell her the… truth!!!” Somewhere in the bushes, Jafar, who was spying on them and having heard the genie’s advice, said to Iago: “Well, it’s nice to see that someone else shares my opinion about this love-sick nonsense.” But Aladdin refused; stating that Jasmine would laugh at him if she found out he was just a common, ordinary street rat. Then, Spirit said: “Al, look. Aside from all this, what I’m really trying to say is that… you really ought to be yourself if you want her to love you back.” Aladdin replied back: “Hey, that's the last thing I want to do. Okay, I'm gonna go see her. And get her to talk to me either way.” Spirit stated before returning to his lamp: “Alright, but don’t say I didn’t warn you there.” Then, Aladdin flew up to the balcony on the magic carpet. Jafar, even more disappointed than before, face palmed and decided to follow the boy; using his scepter to help him fly all the way to the top of the roof of Jasmine’s room and spy on him as Iago caught up with him as well.

In her room, the princess was seen on her bed with Rajah by her side sighing until she heard a voice. From a distance, Aladdin was seen climbing the princess’s balcony to speak to her but she refused and had Rajah growl and advance on him; much to Jafar’s amusement. “I always knew that feline would come in handy one day. He’ll keep just about any prince or fool away from my niece. Now, I know I had every right to bestow a gift like that upon her on the day of her celebration. This is even better than I had imagined it would turn out to be. I just can’t wait to see what happens next.” said Jafar to Iago as he continued spying on Aladdin while chuckling and snickering. Suddenly, Jasmine began to somewhat recognize Aladdin when he took off his turban to brush Rajah away. Nevertheless, Aladdin tried to convince her otherwise. Just then, a voice was heard in the lamp: “Enough about you, you fool. Talk about her! She's smart, fun, the hair, the eyes. Anything. Pick a feature!” It was Spirit trying to help Aladdin out with his problem. But despite all efforts, Jasmine rejected him in the end. “Just go! Jump off the balcony!” shouted the princess to Aladdin as she turned and walked away. Jafar, even more amused as he chuckled some more, said: “Now, I couldn’t have said that better myself.” Then, Spirit said: “Stop her! Stop her!” After Aladdin silenced him, Spirit reminded him to be himself. “Right!” said Aladdin sarcastically to the genie but this caught Jasmine’s attention. Aladdin, having nothing more to say, simply stated: “I mean, you're right. You aren't just some prize to be won. I should’ve known better. Like everyone, you should be free to make your own choice. I apologize. I'll go now and I promise never to bother or offend you in any way ever again.” But as he stepped up on the ledge and dropped off, Jasmine shouted: “No!” and Aladdin’s head poked up from over the ledge as he answered back: “What? What?” Looking amazed, Jasmine asked him how he did that only to look over the edge and see the magic carpet he was riding on. Aladdin offered to give the princess a ride on the carpet and show her the world that lies beyond Agrabah.

After Jasmine agreed and they went off; leaving Rajah behind, Jafar and Iago stayed behind and awaited for their return to see what results will come out later on. On their journey, Aladdin and Jasmine explored different countries, mostly Marrakesh, Egypt, Greece, Spain, Japan, and finally China.

Later, they returned to Agrabah to bid each other good-night as they shared their first kiss; much to Jafar’s confusion. After that, Aladdin flew down to the ground on the carpet as he felt for the first time in his life that things were going to change for the better for him until a net came out of nowhere and captured him and the carpet. His captors were revealed to be Razoul and the guards, who also managed to capture Abu as well. Then, Fasir and Fashoom appeared in front of them. “I'm afraid you've worn out your welcome, Prince Abama. (As he and Fashoom walked away.) Make sure he's never found again.” said Fasir. And what better way to dispose of Aladdin and his friends than to have them gagged and tied up altogether and then thrown off a cliff and into the river with a ball and chain chained to Aladdin’s foot to make sure they drown permanently. Aladdin tried with all efforts to get him and his friends free but to no avail until suddenly, Aladdin and Abu began to lose consciousness and fall to the ground while the carpet struggled. Not even Spirit, still inside his lamp, could get them out of such a risky situation since neither drowning victims could reach or even rub the lamp.

Luckily, Jafar and Iago arrived just in time to save them. Using his scepter, Jafar recited a spell incantation that would allow him to control the river: “Wind and water, heed my command, work as one and return all poor souls back on land!” Then, a strong wind came in and a whirlpool began to form in the river; surrounding Aladdin and his friends and on the surface, a giant water spout emerged and landed on top of the cliff. Though safe back on land, Aladdin was still out cold, so, Jafar and Iago decided to take him back and nurse him back to health.

Aladdin woke up the next night to find himself along with his friends in Jafar’s lair. “Ah, still amongst the living, I see.” said Jafar when he came back with some tea he prepared for the boy. After finishing his tea, Aladdin asked him: “Thank you but, who are you? And where am I?” Jafar replied: “You are in my home. I am Jafar. Master magician of Agrabah. And this is Iago. My fellow companion. I believe you and Iago have met on some past occasions.” Aladdin replied: “Ah, yes, yes, I remember him very well! The funny little talking parrot that always provided me with good company even before Abu came into my life! (As Iago flew straight to his right shoulder and cuddled beside him) Well, hello to you too, little bird.” “Next time, try devilishly good-looking parrot.” whispered Iago in his ear, which made Aladdin laugh a little. Then, Jafar asked: “Are you feeling better, boy?” After Aladdin reassured him, Jafar smacked him on the head after saying: “Good!” “Then, what were you thinking? A street rat like yourself passing himself off as a person he’s not so as to please the princess, hmm?” added Jafar. Aladdin replied: “Well, I thought that if I had been a better prince than I was a street rat, I would’ve… Wait a minute. How did you know I was actually a street rat in the first place?” Jafar, realizing he said almost too much, simply said: “I’m a sorcerer. It’s my gift to know who and what people really are.” But that wasn’t enough to convince Aladdin otherwise. Suddenly, he remembered who Jafar really was; the man who once saved him from losing his hand from a merchant for stealing one of his apples in the past.

After Aladdin managed to recognize him, Jafar finally gave in and told him everything including his involvement with the genie’s lamp scheme except for the fact that he was the Sultan’s brother. Despite the truth only half revealed, Aladdin was unoffended; knowing he actually had someone watching over him and caring for him like the father he never knew or had after all these years of struggling to survive on the streets of Agrabah with or without Abu’s help.

When Aladdin finally realized he had been gone for a day, he sought to see the princess again tonight but Jafar, using his magic, stopped him from taking another step outside and brought him back inside again. Nevertheless, Jafar allowed him to leave again under the conditions that the lamp stays with him in his lair for safekeeping and most important of all, that Aladdin tells Jasmine the truth the moment he sees her. Aladdin, having no other choice, reluctantly accepted these conditions and preceded to the palace at once with his carpet; leaving Abu in Jafar and Iago’s care and company.

In her room, Jasmine was brushing her hair until her father arrived and called for her. “Oh, father. Last night, I had the most wonderful time. I've never been so happy in all my life.” said Jasmine to her father. As glad as he was to see his daughter happy, her happiness was cut short when her father announced her betrothal to Fasir, who later entered her room with Fashoom as well, since he was informed that Prince Ali supposedly left Agrabah. Jasmine, however, refused to wed Fasir; believing that everything he had told her father was a lie. Luckily, her theory was proven a fact when Prince Ali’s voice was heard from the doorway to the balcony: “You had better think twice before making such assumptions, Fasir!” Jasmine found her joy again and her father was stunned yet satisfied; much to Fasir and Fashoom’s shock and confusion. “Fasir! What is the meaning of this?” asked the Sultan. Then, Prince Ali added: “Yes! Why don’t you tell them, Fasir? About how you tried to have me killed!” The Sultan asked: “What?!” Fasir, trying to use his wit, answered: “Your majesty, in all the years you’ve known me and I had served you, never once would I do anything to double-cross you. Besides, this boy is talking mere nonsense. And what’s more, he has nothing to prove me otherwise! Nothing at all!” But Fasir was indeed wrong for somewhere outside the balcony, Jafar inconspicuously used his magic to reveal the truth to everyone in the princess’s room since he and Iago were the only witnesses to the entire attempted murder on Aladdin’s life. This was enough for the Sultan to call the guards and arrest Fasir and Fashoom immediately. But Fasir pulled a vial from his pocket as the guards carried him and Fashoom away and threw it to the ground before Aladdin could rush over to stop him after Fasir shouted: “You haven’t seen the last of me, boy!” A large red cloud then appeared and when it was gone, so were Fasir and Fashoom. So, Fareed sent his guards to search everywhere in the palace for the traitors. Though shocked and outraged to find out that his own trusted vizier had been plotting against him the whole time, Fareed was more than pleased to see that his daughter had finally chosen a worthy suitor to wed for love rather than advantage, namely Prince Ali Abama; much to Jafar’s disappointment due to Aladdin not honoring his condition. But Ali seemed rather concerned when the Sultan mentioned the idea of the throne being passed down unto him once he has married his daughter.

Later, in the evening, somewhere in a tavern, Fasir and Fashoom were seen drinking water while wearing cloaks to avoid the guards searching the entire city for them. When Fashoom began to somewhat panic, Fasir did nothing but to suddenly smile broadly and laugh wildly. Thinking he had lost his mind, Fashoom tried to snap him out of it by knocking on his head and throwing water at him until Fasir stopped and grabbed Fashoom tightly around his neck. Fasir finally realized something: “No ordinary man could’ve survived a fate such as the one that wretched Prince Ali had suffered! Once more, no man could reveal my treachery to someone like the royal family unless he has some sort of magic hidden within him! There’s something about that boy that’s just not right! If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he’s hiding some other tricks up his sleeves! And you can bet 50 dinars on that!” When Fashoom asked: “But how can you be so sure of that? And even if that were true, how can we prove it? Already we can’t return to the palace or even show our faces there once again.” Then, Fasir replied: “That’s why you are going to sneak back in there and find out what you can about that meddlesome prince! And once you have found what we’re looking for, don’t come back empty-handed! Bring it back to me at once! Is that clear?” Fashoom nodded and Fasir released him from his grip.

The next morning, back at the palace, Aladdin was still concerned about the idea of being the next sultan; realizing that would be like living with a huge lie for the rest of his life and that Jafar was right all along. “Sultan? They want me to become the new sultan of Agrabah? But how can I live with this? It’s bad enough I lied to everyone, even Jasmine. I should’ve known better to listen to Jafar rather than to dishonor him as I am to dishonor the royal family today.” said Aladdin to himself until Jafar suddenly appeared out of nowhere and spoke to him: “Now, I couldn’t have said that better to you myself!” “What do you want? What are you doing here?” asked Aladdin. Jafar replied: “Well, seeing as to how you didn’t honor my condition in return for saving your life, I saw it fit to come and remind you one last time. Tell them the truth! That’s all it takes.” Aladdin replied back: “Look, this is serious, ok? I'm sorry… I really am. But they want to make me sultan… no! They want to make Prince Ali sultan. Without you and without the genie, I'm nothing. Just plain Aladdin.” Jafar replied: “Then ask yourself this. What would the old Aladdin do to bring honor to others? Tell the truth or continue living a life full of lies?” Aladdin replied back: “Well, I wouldn’t exactly be in this situation if it hadn’t been for you. If anyone is to be blamed for this mess, it’s you!” “Me?!” replied Jafar in anger and shock. “Yes! The only reason anyone thinks I'm anything is because of you. Not the genie. You! I mean, what happens when they find out I'm not really a prince? What will Jasmine think when she finds out? I'll lose her. Jafar, I’m sorry but I can't keep this up on my own. Not even without the genie, can I do it. And what’s more, I can't wish him free either. If anything, I need help.” said Aladdin.

Jafar’s final advice to Aladdin was this: “No, boy! The only thing you need is to listen to your heart. But if you cannot, then I understand. After all, you’ve lied to everyone including yourself. The lamp shall remain in my possession back in my lair until such time when I have no further use for it. Oh, and don’t worry, I’ll see to it that the genie gets what he has longed for his whole life after I’ve used my first two wishes wisely. Something even you, no, wait… Prince Ali couldn’t have promised to give his magical friend after he has made his first two wishes. You’re on your own this time, Aladdin. And there’s no one to help you but yourself. Not me, the genie, that flying rug, or even that little thieving pet monkey of yours either. Just you. Now, if you’ll excuse me, boy.” As Jafar turned and walked away, Aladdin tried to apologize to him but he replied in anger again: “Forget it!” But when Aladdin tried again, Jafar’s words were spoken in anger once more: “Leave me be, boy! One thing is certain. I never should’ve taken pity on you. If anything, I should’ve simply left you to have your hand severed by that merchant back at the marketplace those many years back. Maybe then, you would’ve seen through the errors of your ways. Better yet, I should’ve left you to rot in the dungeon where you probably would’ve faced judgment the next day. Or worse,… Death! The same fate you eventually would’ve suffered after Fasir tried to do away with you had I not been there to save you myself. Another mistake I regret having made as well.” Then, Jafar turned away again and disappeared into thin air.

Not another word came out of Aladdin’s mouth as he sat down feeling regretful for everything and with only Abu and the carpet to comfort and keep him company. Little did anyone know was that Fashoom, having managed to sneak back into the palace undetected, was standing by the door of Aladdin’s room having listened to the whole conversation. So, he decided to get out on the streets, find Jafar’s lair, find the lamp, and bring it back to Fasir at once.

Back at his lair, Jafar was wrestling with his thoughts and complaining about how regretful he must’ve felt for growing soft on Aladdin while throwing and destroying some objects in his way. Such behavior began to worry Iago but when Jafar decided to finally carry out his original plans involving the lamp, Iago quickly stopped him from approaching the stand where the lamp stood on and an argument and fight began to ensue between them. Then, Iago finally seized the lamp and tried to make off with it but Jafar managed to stop him using his magic. Fortunately, Iago was able to successfully escape Jafar’s magic grasp by biting his hand and flying up to the window with the lamp. “The lamp! Give me the lamp! Now!” ordered Jafar. “Not with that tone I will.” replied Iago. “Do as I say, you worthless pipsqueak!” shouted Jafar. Iago, finally having the nerve to stand up to Jafar, again refused to obey as he approached him while talking back to him: “You know something, Jafar. You’re nothing without me.” “What?!” exclaimed Jafar in puzzlement and shock. Iago replied: “Who provides good company whenever you feel lonely? Me! Who comes up with all the good ideas? Me! Who does all the work? Me!” Then, Jafar replied back: “Watch it, Iago! If it wasn’t for me, you would still be in a cage at the bazaar; squawking: “Polly want a cracker!” ” Jafar’s latest reply angered Iago, which left him with nothing more to say but these last few words: “That’s it! I’ve had it! I hate to be dramatic but now you have gone too far! So far, that you have crossed the line for the first and last time! (As he flew back to the window) This is where I say: “Good-bye.” And good luck finding someone else to help plan your revenge without the lamp to help achieve it for you either! Oh, and don’t worry. I’ll see to it that no one ever finds it again. Ever! Not even you! If anyone’s to be blamed for all the trouble, it’s you, Jafar! Not me! Not the kid! Not your brother! You! Open your eyes now, Jafar before someone gets really hurt.” Then, Iago left through the window with the lamp while Jafar hesitated. Regretful for all his actions, Jafar kneeled down; feeling sorry for himself as he asked himself the same question over again: “What have I done? What have I done?”

However, Jafar was not the only one depressed for even Iago had felt bad for how he had treated his master and friend while flying further away through the streets of Agrabah with the lamp in his grasp until he was caught by Fashoom using a net since Iago had been unintentionally flying his way and since Fashoom could easily deduce that the lamp he was holding was, in fact, the lamp he had been searching for the entire afternoon around the streets to bring back to Fasir. Iago tried to struggle and fight back but Fashoom was able to subdue him, trap him in a pot, and run back to his master with the lamp in his possession now.

At first, Fasir was unconvinced but when Spirit came out of the lamp after Fashoom had rubbed it as a demonstration, he changed his mind and seized the lamp within his grasp without further hesitation. Spirit couldn’t understand why his lamp was now in the possession of a stranger until Fasir grabbed him by the beard and brought him face-to-face. “Listen to me, slave of the Lamp! I am your master now! And you will do as I command!” said Fasir to a reluctant and regretful Spirit. Then, Fasir continued: “Now then, for my first wish. I wish to rule the kingdom up high, as sultan!”

Suddenly, back at the palace, dark clouds and storms; both thunder and lightning, began to appear out of nowhere at the moment Fareed was about to announce the news of his daughter’s engagement to Prince Ali to his people. The ground began to shake and crumble, the roof ripped off, and the people panicked. Then, as lightning non-fatally struck Fareed, he found himself stripped of all his clothing replaced by peasant clothing instead. The original clothing reappeared on Fasir, now made sultan of Agrabah with Fashoom as his vizier at his side. “Fasir! You vile traitor, you!” shouted Fareed in shock and anger. Fashoom sarcastically replied: “Well, took you long enough to figure that out, you old fool!” Suddenly, the ground began to shake again only quicker this time and rise until it was high enough to form a mountain for the palace to stand upon.

Realizing that Fasir’s antics had gone too far, Fareed ordered him to cease this act of madness but Fasir refused to listen and proceeded to bestow orders on Fareed, his daughter, and Aladdin. His first order was that they all bow before him but Aladdin and Jasmine’s defiance only enraged Fasir’s wrath more than anyone could handle up to the point where he was mad enough to make his second wish to become the most powerful sorcerer in the world. With his second wish granted, Fasir, now armed with a magical staff, was powerful enough to force the three subjects of his humiliation to the ground, both imprison Rajah in a cage and destroy the magic carpet after unsuccessfully trying to attack him from the rear, and finally, reveal Aladdin’s true identity to Jasmine; including Abu’s presence too, who had been hiding inside Aladdin’s former hat the whole time. Though shocked, Jasmine still remained enamored of Aladdin but their love was cut short when Fasir ceased him and Abu within his magic clutches and had sent them flying away to a faraway land where no one will ever find them. Luckily, Jafar, who had witnessed the whole thing the entire time, was able to catch up with them using his staff to gain the power of flight.

Moments later, Aladdin and Abu found themselves in a frozen wasteland after regaining consciousness. When trying to make their way back to Agrabah on foot, Aladdin, feeling like Abu was the only one he could really talk to, confessed to the errors of his foolishness after realizing where it had led him and the only friend he loved since childhood to; knowing that now he owed everyone an apology starting with Jafar. However, his confession was more than enough to convince Jafar, having heard the whole thing as he magically appeared in front of him after that, to forgive him and apologize for having involved him in this mess in the first place, thus, earning Aladdin’s forgiveness and trust in return. After a warm hug of amiability and forgiveness, Jafar wrapped his arm around Aladdin (with Abu wrapped around his neck) and used his staff to fly them all the way back to Agrabah as fast as possible.

Back at the palace, in the throne room, surrounded by the palace guards now placed under hypnotic control, Fasir was happily sitting on the throne with Jasmine chained next to it while her father, all gagged and tied up, was hanging upside down on top of a huge lava pit with Fashoom constantly taunting and toying around with him; much to the princess’s dismay. As much as he enjoyed having everything he had around him and seeing the former sultan suffer, Fasir still felt some pain and remorse for seeing the princess reduced to all this. To make her feel better, he ordered Fashoom to cease the taunting for her sake and offered her a crown created by his magic from the chains that formerly held her as a bridal gift. However, Jasmine’s refusal with a face slap led Fasir to teach her some respect by returning the favor more violently as she fell to the ground until he stopped. It was then that he decided to make his final wish for the princess to fall desperately in love with him.

Meanwhile, Jafar and Aladdin, having finally returned to Agrabah, were racing back to the palace as fast as they could until Iago, having escaped the pot he was trapped in by Fashoom earlier, managed to catch up with them. “You made good time getting here! Where have you been, you miserable bird?” said Jafar to Iago. Then, Iago replied: “It’s a long story! Don’t ask! And it’s not pretty either!” During that time, Spirit, still under Fasir’s control and unable to revolt against him, tried to explain the same wish limitations he told Aladdin about but Fasir refused to listen and ordered him to obey and fulfill his last wish.

Later, Jasmine looked up the window to find Aladdin and her uncle, motioning her to play along. Her acting was more than enough to distract Fasir while Jafar and Aladdin jumped down with Iago. Aladdin offered to improvise in an attempt to steal the lamp back while Jafar and Iago had his back as Jasmine continued distracting Fasir with false compliments about himself. However, Fashoom spotted him in the process. Luckily, Iago and Abu were able to silence him by grabbing him from behind, covering his mouth, and Iago pecking him on the head a few times as retribution for after their last encounter earlier. As Aladdin was getting closer to the lamp, Fasir and Jasmine were about to kiss when Fashoom managed to knock over a bowl. Fasir turned to look, but Jasmine grabbed him back and kissed him; much to everyone’s disgust, especially Jafar’s: “(he whispered to himself in anger) Thank goodness this isn’t real otherwise, I would’ve been very upset!”

After the kiss, Fasir seemed enamored but not convinced for he still remained aware of the noise made earlier and when he turned to look again, he was enraged to find the street rat, still alive, trying to steal the lamp behind his back. “You! (He zapped Aladdin with his staff) What is it going to take for me to put you out of my misery for good, boy? Guards! Stop him!” Jasmine tried to stop him but to no avail after Fasir had her trapped in an hourglass. Then, Jafar made his move by zapping Fasir further away with his staff. “Touch one hair on that boy or my beloved niece and you will have nobody to answer to but me!” shouted Jafar. Fasir, having regained consciousness and his strength, replied: “Well, if it isn’t the Almighty Jafar come to challenge the Great Fasir on behalf of a worthless street rat and a foolish princess!” Using their staffs and all the magic they had in them, the two sorcerers dueled while Aladdin, Iago, and Abu (having subdued Fashoom and the guards long enough) came to Jasmine’s aid and for the lamp despite Fasir proving to be far more superior than Jafar.

During the duel, Fasir said: “You know, Jafar? As a fellow sorcerer to another, I must say… t his battle is futile and meaningless! Just think… with both our knowledge and hunger for power, we could become the most powerful sorcerers to rule the Seven Deserts side by side and have everything we could ever dream of! And nothing would stand in our way!” Jafar replied: “I see you are quite a man of vision, Fasir. I, too, had a vision of ruling a kingdom once. A kingdom that was wrongfully taken away from me by someone close to me those many years ago (looking at Fareed). But seeing as to what my vision had led to, I regretfully must decline. You see, Fasir? Unlike you, I still possess a heart that guides me to the path of righteousness. Without it, I’d be half the monster you are now.” Then, Fasir replied back: “Oh, so unwise!” and zapped Jafar away. When he noticed Aladdin and his friends trying to free Jasmine and retrieve the lamp, he had the two animals turned to stone and Aladdin trapped in a ring of swords. Using his magic, he was able to snatch the lamp from Aladdin’s hands and back into his possession.

Taking out a sword and rushing over to the evil magician as Jafar, having regained his strength, joined him, the two heroes now found themselves trapped in a large ring of fire created by Fasir. “Is it courage or fear that compels you, Fasir? You mangy coward!” shouted Jafar. “Whoever said I was afraid of anything, Jafar?” replied Fasir as he entered through the ring. “You know, Jafar? From what I’ve noticed, you seem to fancy the snake as the animal of your choice. Perhaps you would like to know what it feels like when you actually come face-to-face with one in reality!” added Fasir as he began to transform into a giant cobra right before their very eyes with the ring of fire forming as the rest of his snake body. The snake made moves on them. On the second try, Aladdin swung his sword and hit Fasir and on the third try, Jafar swung his staff and zapped him with his magic. In an attempt to stall Fasir while Aladdin rushed to save Jasmine, Jafar temporarily transformed himself into a giant jackal and fought the snake single-handedly but his efforts proved to be in vain and reverted back to his human self to join Aladdin.

Spirit, in the form of four cheerleaders, tried to cheer and route for them in hopes of encouraging them to fight back and never give up. “You stay out of thissss, sssslave!” shouted Fasir to the genie. Spirit replied weakly: “Fasir, Fasir, he's our man. If he can't do it, GREAT!” Aladdin and Jafar used this distraction to make a break for the hourglass where Jasmine was trapped in. However, Fasir saw this and blocked the path. The two heroes were thrown away separately and Aladdin lost his sword in the process. When Jafar heard his niece shouting Aladdin’s name for help, Jafar used his staff to fly over to retrieve both the sword and Aladdin and turn to a corner where the pursuing snake couldn’t pass through. However, the front half of Fasir crashed through a wall and hung outside the palace with Jafar and Aladdin floating behind him. “Now!” shouted Jafar as he swung Aladdin to jump on the snake's back to make his move and stab it somewhere next to the head, which caused Fasir to scream in agony. “Nice shot!” added Jafar. Then, the two tried to free the princess again. “Jasmine, we’re coming! Hang on!” shouted Aladdin. But before Jafar could strike the glass with his staff, both men unfortunately found themselves within the grasp of Fasir.

Laughing maniacally, Fasir stated: “You little fools! You thought you could actually defeat the most powerful being on Earth! (He turned to Jafar) Even more powerful than the Almighty Jafar himself!” Aladdin defended Jafar: “Leave him alone!” Then, Fasir turned to Aladdin: “Bah! Face it, boy! Without Jafar AND without the genie, you’re nothing! Just as you always have and always will be! Nothing!” At the very mention of the genie, Aladdin had an idea: “The genie? The genie! The genie has more power than you’ll ever have!” “What?!” exclaimed Fasir. Aladdin replied: “He gave you your powers and he can still take it away from you!” Then, Jafar, aware of Aladdin’s ruse, joined in the conversation: “Yes! I mean think about it, Fasir! Why else do you think I wanted the lamp in the first place? It was much more than just about revenge, power, and control! A powerful sorcerer is one thing but a genie... That’s something far beyond what you could imagine, wouldn’t you say?” Spirit, having listened to the whole thing, asked them: “Boys, what are you doing? Why are you two bringing me into this?” Aladdin continued: “Yeah! I mean, face it, Fasir! Compared to Jafar, you're still just second best!” Fasir stated: “You're right! His power does exceed far greater than my own! But not for long!” When Spirit tried to convince Fasir of the two men’s “madness,” Fasir decided to make his third wish: “Slave! I have decided to make my final wish! I wish to be an all-powerful genie!” Though reluctant, Spirit had no choice but to obey and fulfill the wish. During Fasir’s transformation, Aladdin and Jafar were free to rush over and save Jasmine before the hourglass emptied its last grains of sand by smashing the glass with one hit from Jafar’s staff and all the sand along with Jasmine poured out.

“Yes! Yes! The power! The absolute power!” shouted Fasir in his new genie form as he broke out of the throne room’s ceiling and began conjuring. “What have you done?” asked Jasmine. Aladdin replied: “Don’t worry! It’s all taken care of!” Jafar replied as well: “Trust him, my dear! He knows what he’s doing! (He turned to find a black lamp appearing at Fasir’s base) As do I!” Fasir, still busy conjuring, stated: “The universe is mine to command! No, wait! To control!” Then, Jafar intervened: “Not so fast, Fasir! Haven’t you forgotten something? (Fasir looked down questioningly) You wanted to be a genie, then so be it! (Then, shackles appeared on Fasir’s wrists as he shouted: “What?!”) And everything that goes with it… (He held up the dark lamp, tossed it in the air, and then swung it with his staff like a Baseball towards the lava pit’s direction where Fareed remained hung on top of; much to Fasir’s sudden shock) to the pit!” Fasir watched with horror while shouting: “My lamp!” as his lamp fell into the pit until it hit the lava and began to sizzle.

Realizing her father was still in trouble as she pointed the fact to the others; Jafar used his staff to fly over to Fareed, barely free him, and carry him back to safety despite his constant animosity of him. Meanwhile, Fasir began to lose his powers as he glowed, and then got electrified in the process while screaming in pain and agony until he was at his full destruction. With Fasir destroyed, everything reverted back to normal: the animals, the carpet, the guards, the princess and her father’s clothes (though the sultan still remained gagged and tied up), and finally, the palace.

Aladdin questioned Jafar’s recent action and he answered him with another question: “Would you rather have let it fall into the wrong hands someday than get rid of it when you still had the chance?” When nothing else came out of Aladdin’s mouth, Jafar knew he understood what he meant and continued: “Thought so.” Then, Aladdin asked: “But how did you know…?” Jafar answered: “Ah, you see, my boy. To destroy a genie, you would have to destroy the lamp itself. In other words, to destroy Fasir’s lamp would mean to destroy Fasir. At least, that’s what I was taught in all my years of learning magic and sorcery. Trust me.”

Then, Aladdin turned to Jasmine. Jafar watched as Aladdin apologized to the princess about all the lies he told her. Not disappointed, Jasmine still remained enamored of him. But their love wasn’t enough to respect the law that remained still intact. Then, Spirit intervened: “Al, no problem. You've still got two more wishes left. Just say the word and you're a prince again. The last one, you’ll think of something.” Aladdin said: “No, Spirit. This time, I have to do what I know is right. And not just for me but for everyone. And there is still your freedom to consider.” “Hey, it's only an eternity of servitude but this is something much more special… This is love. (He leaned down next to her.) Al, you're not gonna find another girl like her in a million years. Trust me, I know. I've looked.” Jafar, touched by Spirit’s speech, took out the Jasmine flower Aila offered him years ago when he was cast out of the palace, remembering how his life was like before and after he lost her. Thus, realizing that Aladdin would have to spend the rest of his life in the same situation he has been through all because of an obstacle standing in their way of true love. Already, his own brother got in his way for the love of the same woman the first time but now, only the law stood in the way of the children’s own.

When Spirit was done explaining everything to Aladdin, Jafar joined in the conversation: “You would be wise to listen to the genie if you wish to remain happy for the rest of your life, boy. He knows what he’s talking about. Trust me; I’ve been where you are now. And it was a lot worse than the life of a street rat. It’s bad enough my foolishness and hatred are what led us to this mess in the first place. All because of my lust for revenge on the one man who betrayed me for the love of the same woman in the first place. My brother. My own flesh and blood… Fareed, whom you may know as the sultan of Agrabah.” Jasmine asked: “Your brother? But that would mean you would have to be…” Jafar answered back: “Yes, Jasmine. I am indeed your own flesh and blood. The uncle you never knew.” When Jasmine stated that her father never mentioned him to her, Jafar replied as his eyes focused on Fareed: “And why should he? After his betrayal, he preferred not to talk about me much. In fact, he has spent his whole life trying to forget me. Even if it means keeping me a secret from you. His own daughter. My dear niece.”

It was then that Jasmine had a flashback from her childhood and somehow remembered him as the man in black clothing who gave her the tiger cub she named Rajah on the day of her celebration. Satisfied to know she had another relative who cared for her and grateful for his gift, Jasmine embraced her uncle by giving him a warm hug for the very first time and he returned the favor.

“When I look at you, I see your mother in you every day. You have her beauty, her hair, and above all… her eyes.” said Jafar as he looked into her eyes and felt her cheek after the embracement. Then, he continued: “Did you know that she named you after the Jasmine flower itself?” Jasmine replied: “My mother did tell me she always had someone to offer her Jasmines every summer. Hence, my name. I just didn’t know that someone was actually you.” Jafar replied back while showing her the flower: “Yes. The one flower I used to offer her as a token of my love whenever she came to visit Agrabah every summer. The very same that matches your beauty as well.” When holding it, she added: “I really miss her. I just wish she were still here.” Then, Jafar comforted her: “Jasmine, my dear. If your mother were here, you know she would be as proud of you as I am.”

Then, Jasmine turned to Aladdin. Aladdin told her: “Jasmine, I do love you. I really do, but I've got to stop pretending to be something I'm not, which is why I regretfully must abide by the law. It’s bad enough, as a street rat, I violated other laws when it came to stealing for survival and resisting arrest but this is something I really can’t break. I just can’t. I already tried and look where it almost led to.” Jasmine replied: “Oh, that stupid law. This isn't fair… I love you. But I understand.” Jafar intervened: “Oh, I wouldn’t worry too much about that, my dear. In fact, I think I know someone who just might help us fix this minor problem in no time at all.”

Then, he turned to Fareed, lying on the ground all tied up. Jafar turned Fareed towards him and harshly removed the cloth from his mouth. “Go ahead! Do what you’ve always wanted to do to me! Kill me! Torture me! Hurt me! Just like you once hurt Aila.” shouted Fareed. Jafar answered back: “Normally, that’s what I would be doing right now. You’re right. But I won’t. In fact, not ever. No. I’ve come to talk to you about something much more important.” Fareed continued: “I want nothing more to do with you! It’s bad enough you insulted her mother when she found you in the arms of another woman on the day she was to announce her decision about whom to marry!” Jafar shouted: “You and I both know that’s not exactly what happened! You were the one who set me up with that woman on that night we celebrated her mother’s upcoming betrothal! You had me thrown out of the palace! You insulted her! That wasn’t me. That was you!” Fareed replied back: “Either way, you didn’t deserve Aila! Somehow, I knew she was going to choose you as she spent more time with you every summer. And to make sure that never happened, I had to take some drastic measures. Even if it meant betraying my own brother and hurting the woman I loved at the same time. You didn’t deserve her as much as I did!” Jafar continued: “Ah, yes. But the better question is; did she deserve you? You’re lucky Aila never loved you. She only liked and cared you. You just couldn’t see it that way because you were too selfish, greedy, and jealous to do so.” Fareed added: “At least, I gave her everything she needed… a good life, a good home, and a lovely daughter. Everything you couldn’t.” “No thanks to you.” remarked Jafar. Then, Fareed continued: “Nevertheless, it’s too late. Revenge won’t undo what’s already been done. Nor will it bring Aila back. Nor will it give you the life you would’ve had with Jasmine as your own daughter if not for me.” Jafar stated: “You’re right. It won’t. (He looked at Jasmine and Aladdin) Nevertheless, it’s never too late for you to do the right thing. The first being this matter of your daughter’s betrothal, which is what I’ve come to talk to you about.” Fareed said: “My daughter will marry a prince! Whomever it might be this time! Not some mere, common street rat who has had the nerve to lie to me about everything!” Jafar said: “I’m afraid I must agree with you there. I thought like you once. Indeed, that’s how I also felt… but that was before I realized how much my niece loved him as much as he loved her.” Fareed answered: “Which is why my daughter deserves someone better than this nobody!” But Jafar stated: “And yet, this “nobody” has proven himself worthy! He did something no other commoner or prince would do. Heaven knows where we would all be right now if not for him.” “Yes. A minor compensation for today’s disastrous event.” said Fareed. Then, Jafar told him: “You will change the law, Fareed! Whether you like it or not! After all,… you are the sultan.” But Fareed refused: “I will do no such thing! And there is nothing you can do to persuade me otherwise!” Jafar proved him wrong: “Oh, trust me, brother. I have ways of making people do things they refuse to do… even without the use of magic.”

Later, Fareed was seen hanging by his ankles by Jafar at the balcony; forced to change the law for the sake of his daughter but Fareed, as stubborn as always, still refused. So, Jafar proceeded to perform the most despicable act he could think of and drop him; leaving his brother to scream and fall to his supposed death. Of course, it wasn’t moments later until Fareed, now completely terrified, resurfaced; thanks to the magic carpet, that he finally came to reason and proclaimed that the princess shall marry whomever she deems worthy from this day forth. Much to Jasmine’s joy, she chose Aladdin as she ran into his arms. It was then that Aladdin decided to make his second and final wish… the wish for the genie’s freedom; much to everyone’s shock and surprise. With Spirit now free, he began celebrating a bit and decided to pack his belongings in order to go out and see the whole world, but after seeing how sad Aladdin would be, he thought it would be best to stay until the end of the upcoming wedding.

However, before the wedding preparations, another matter was yet to be resolved. Fareed was now told by Jafar to sign a letter of confession about his crime in the past and present it forth to the council. At first, Fareed refused but when Jafar threatened to drop him off the balcony again only without the carpet to save him this time, he quickly and reluctantly agreed to it. The next day, the truth about Fareed’s treachery and the confession letter to prove his guilt was brought forth before the council at court and later spread throughout the entire city. It was then decided that Fareed would be stripped off of his title as sultan and sentenced to a lifetime imprisonment rather than exile. Even the woman, now working as a lady of pleasure in a brothel, who was involved in Fareed’s scheme those many years back, was sentenced to prison for 20 years. But to show a little mercy, Jafar saw to it that Fareed would spend the rest of his life in prison with Fashoom to keep him some company, be properly taken care of, and have daily visits from his family; especially his daughter.

“Damn you, Jafar! Somehow, I should’ve known exile was not the best option for you! If it had been death, I would’ve been rid of you a long time ago! Brother or not! And Jasmine wouldn’t have to know about you either! Nor would I have to put up with this idiot’s incoherent blather either (pointing at Fashoom)!” shouted Fareed. “Oh, spare me the drama, Fareed! You’re lucky I’m not half the heartless monster you are nor am I half the man I used to be the day I became a sorcerer because any other day, you would be the one suffering a fate worse than death! In fact, you’re lucky I did this for your daughter other than the fact that you are my brother no matter what!” said Jafar to an angry Fareed. “If it’s my gratitude you seek, you can forget it! The moment you put me in behind these bars, I knew right then that you weren’t my brother anymore! And you can take that for granted!” replied Fareed. “Well, if it’s any consolation to you, Fareed, you weren’t exactly my brother anymore from the day you had me thrown out of the palace either! Nevertheless, my heart tells me you still are. And you still are her father as well (pointing Fareed to his daughter). Try not to forget that while you’re in prison!” replied back Jafar. Then, he, Iago, Aladdin, Abu, and Jasmine walked out of the dungeon as Fashoom kept annoying Fareed with his never-ending chattering.

The next morning, Aladdin and Jasmine were getting ready for their wedding, Jafar and Iago were taking care of the arrangements and decorations with a little help from Spirit, and everyone from Agrabah and other neighboring cities and lands came to present their gifts to the bride and groom. Everything was ready except for the groom’s presence.

Back at his old home, Aladdin along with Abu was everything but ready for his own wedding since he hardly had anything to wear for such an occasion. It was until the genie appeared and provided him with the proper attire. Then, Iago came along to remind him of the time. So, Aladdin and Abu hitched a ride on the magic carpet to the palace as Spirit and Iago followed them and made it just in time.

At the wedding pavilion, the ceremony began when Spirit, as a trumpeter, sounded the trumpet and then disappeared. After that, Jasmine's bridesmaids walked down the aisle, followed by a little boy carrying a flag. Then, the guests bowed as four guards walked down the aisle; carrying a throne with Jafar on it. Once the guards reached the end of the aisle, Jafar ran off the throne and into the pavilion and Aladdin bowed before him. “Chin up, lad. This is a happy day.” said Jafar.

Just then, Spirit made a white carpet appear, led by doves that covered the entire aisle. The peacocks standing in front of the door contracted their feathers, revealing Jasmine, wearing a beautiful, traditional wedding dress with a golden trim and a veil and holding a flower bouquet. Jasmine walked down the aisle, to the crowd’s amazement. When she reached the end, Jafar took her hand. “I may not be your father but I can very well tell you this. I never thought this day would come and now I'm afraid it has come all too soon.” said Jafar to his niece. “Oh, uncle.” replied Jasmine as she hugged him; much to Fareed’s disgust as he watched the ceremony through the spell of vision Jafar used for him to witness his daughter’s wedding in his cell while Fashoom continued annoying him with his never-ending talking.

After walking up a few stairs to the top of the pavilion, Aladdin and Jasmine kissed and were finally married. Then, everyone including Jafar and their friends cheered and Spirit started shooting off some fireworks.

The newlyweds walked up the aisle with Rajah carrying the train of bride's dress. When they came out of the palace, Jasmine threw her bouquet into the crowd and one of the girls caught it. Later, at night, after a celebration, it was time for Spirit to depart and explore the world. Before leaving, he said his good-byes to everyone including his friends and promised to return home as soon as possible. Then, Aladdin and his new wife followed Spirit on the magic carpet with Jafar and Iago following them from a distance until they reached the end of the city and waved good-bye to one another. As Aladdin and Jasmine shared another kiss, Spirit flew off into the moonlight as he shouted out: “Well, I can’t do any more damage in this town. I’m out of here! So long, everybody! I’m history! No, I’m mythology! I don’t care what I am. I’m free!”

A few days later, Jafar was made the new royal vizier to the new sultan and sultana of Agrabah, namely Aladdin and Jasmine, as a token of their appreciation and gratitude for everything. With Jafar at their side, they ruled the kingdom wisely, where all their subjects overflew with good wishes towards them in return for giving each one what they needed or wanted and worshipping each one, from the famous and most important nobles down to the common workers including the poor, in spite of the rulers being the object of so much adoration, respect, and worship as well.

Then, one day, Jasmine was about to inform her husband and uncle the most wonderful news. But that was another story for another time.