This Story is a parody of the musical story of Peter and the Wolf. Sofia reminded me of Peter from the musical story in 1936. A little kid can do anything he/she wanted. like hunting a wolf

Characters represented by musical instruments in the orchestra

  • Mia & Robin (Two birds) each by a flute
Peter and the Wolf, Op 67 Allegro (The Bird)01:22

Peter and the Wolf, Op 67 Allegro (The Bird)

Mia and Robin joins Sofia

  • One of those Swans from Sofia the First (Duck) by an Oboe
Peter and the Wolf, Op 67 Andante No 24 (The Duck)00:35

Peter and the Wolf, Op 67 Andante No 24 (The Duck)

The swan's demise

Peter and the Wolf - duck theme00:20

Peter and the Wolf - duck theme

the swan's theme

  • Princess Peach Toadstool in a cat suit from the Mario franchise (Cat) (tritagonist) by a clarinet
Prokofiev Peter and the Wolf Cat Themes01:21

Prokofiev Peter and the Wolf Cat Themes

  • Roland II (Grandfather)(one of the main characters) is an old bassoon
Peter and the Wolf, Op 67 Poco Pin Andante No 15 (The Grandfather)01:02

Peter and the Wolf, Op 67 Poco Pin Andante No 15 (The Grandfather)

Roland II comes along

Peter and the Wolf, Op 67 Andante No 18 (The Grandfather)00:39

Peter and the Wolf, Op 67 Andante No 18 (The Grandfather)

Roland II takes Sofia home

  • Wolf O Donnell (The Wolf) (Main Antagonist) from the Star Fox franchise by three French Horns
Peter and the Wolf, Op 67 Andante Molto No 19 (The Wolf)01:14

Peter and the Wolf, Op 67 Andante Molto No 19 (The Wolf)

Star Wolf appears

  • Captain Toad and his Brigade (Hunters) (deuteragonist) by woodwind and brass and their rifles by the timpani and bass drum
Peter and the Wolf, Op 67 Allegro Moderato No 39 (The Hunters)01:13

Peter and the Wolf, Op 67 Allegro Moderato No 39 (The Hunters)

The Toad Brigade approaches

  • Sofia the First (Peter) (Main Protagonist) by the string quartet
Peter and the Wolf, Op 67 Andantino (Peter)00:53

Peter and the Wolf, Op 67 Andantino (Peter)

Sofia in the meadow

Peter and the Wolf, Op 67 Andantino Come Prima No 17 (Peter)00:26

Peter and the Wolf, Op 67 Andantino Come Prima No 17 (Peter)

Sofia doesn't listen

New Characters

  • Princess Peach Toadstool - A princess from the Mushroom kingdom often kidnapped by an evil turtle, Bowser
Cat Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World

Cat Peach represented by a clarinet

  • Captain Toad - a bit scatter brain, and kind of a scaredy-pants, not what you call the most reliable Toad in the Brigade.

Captain Toad

  • Toadette - Captain Toad's friend
Toadette CaptainToadTreasureTracker


  • The Toad Brigade
  1. Blue Toad - wearing glasses
  2. Yellow Road - sleeping
  3. Bank Toad/ Green Toad - digging and giving away money
  4. Mail Toad - deliviring mail
Toad-brigade model CTTT

Toad brigade



  • Wolf O Donnell - Leader of Star Wolf who's the rival of Star Fox

Wolf O'Donnell Represented by three french horns


Wolf O'Donnell (damaged)


Early one morning, Sofia opened the gate and went out into the big green meadow.

On a branch of a big tree sat two little birds, Mia and Robin, Sofia's animal friends. "All is quiet, All is quiet!" chirped the birds gaily.

Just then, a swam came modeling around. She was glad the Peter had not close the gate, and decided to take a nice swim in the deep pond in the meadow. And She jumped into the water. Seeing the swan, the little birds flew down upon the grass settled next to her, and shrugged to his shoulders.

Mia: What kind of bird are you...

Robin: If you can't fly?

Swan: Then what kind of bird are you if you can't swim? HA!

She dived into the pond.

They argued and argued, the swan swimming in the pond and Mia and Robin hopping around the shore.

Suddenly, something caught Sofia's attention. She noticed a Princess, Princess Peach Toadstool of the Mushroom kingdom in a cat suit crawling thru the grass.

Peach: hmm... the birds are busy arguing. I'll just grab him.

Stuffily she cracked the bottom on her velvet pores.

Sofia: LOOK OUT!!!

The bird immediately flew up into the tree. And the swan quacked angrily at the Peach from the safety in the middle of the pond.

Peach walked around the tree.

Peach: Meow. is it worth climbing up so high? By the time i get there, the bird would've flown away.

Roland II came out. he was very angry, because Sofia had gone into the meadow.

Roland II: (in his deep grandfather voice) It's a dangerous place. If the wolf should come out of the forest, what would you do then, huh?

Sofia paid no attention to his stepfather's words. Kids like her are simply not afraid of wolves. But Roland took Sofia by the hand locked the gate and led her home. No sooner had Sofia gone, a big gray wolf named, Wolf o Donnell came out of the forest from his Wolfen.

In a twinkling, Peach climbed up the tree.

Peach: (sighs) Oh my goodness... scaredy-cat...

The swan quacks, and then her excitement, FOOLISHLY JUMPED OUT OF THE POND! But no matter how hard the swan tried to run, she couldn't escape the wolf. He was getting nearer and nearer catching up with her, and then her got her! with one big gulp, he swallowed her.

And now, this is our famous stood. Peach was sitting on the branch, The Mia and Robin on another. Not too close to Peach. And Wolf walked around and round the tree looking at the wet greedy eyes.

Sofia, in the meantime, stood behind the closed gate, watching all that was going on. He wasn't at all afraid. He ran home, grabbed a strong rope and climbed up a giant stone wall. Now, one of the branches of the tree, around which the wolf was waiting, stretched out over the wall. Grabbing hold of the branch, Sofia lightly climbed over onto the tree.

Sofia: (to Mia and Robin) (whispering) Fly down, and circle around Lord O Donnell's head. Only take care that he doesn't catch you.

Mia and Robin almost touched Wolf's head with their wings. While Wolf snapped at them again and again and again. He was very angry. How Mia and Robin didn't worry about Wolf, And how the wolf wanted to catch them. But Mia and Robin were clever and the Wolf simply couldn't do anything about it.

Meanwhile, Sofia made a lasso with his rope, and carefully letting it down, caught the Wolf by the tail, and pulled with all his MIGHT!!!!!!! Feeling himself caught, Wolf began to jump wildly trying to get loose. But Sofia tied the other end of the rope to the tree. And Wolf's jumping only made the rope around his tail tighter.

Just then... out of the woods, came Captain Toad and his Brigade. Following Wolf's trail and shooting as they led.

Sofia: DON'T SHOOT! DON'T SHOOT!!! Mia, Robin, Peach and I have caught Wolf. Now, you should help us take him to the zoo.

Clown: And now, imagine the triumph and perfection, Princess Sofia the First. On the other hand Captain Toad, Toadette, and their brigade leading the wolf. And one after perfection, King Roland II and Princess Peach Toadstool.

Roland II tossed his head discontemptible.

Roland II: Well, heh-heh. If Peter had hadn't caught Wolf, What would've happened then? Huh? (turns to Sofia) You've just got no infect.

Sofia: (giggles) Oh, Father!

Above them, flew Mia and Robin Chipping merrily, "My little brave fond Hero, Peter! Ha-Ha! Look what we've caught."

And if you listen real carefully, you could hear the swan quacking inside the wolf.Because the Wolf in his hurry, and with a fortunate lack of decore, had swallowed her alive.

The End.