aka Noah Alexander Johnson

  • I live in Eau Clare Wisconsin USA
  • I was born on June 7
  • I am Male
  • NoahAlexanderJohnson101

    This Story is a parody of the musical story of Peter and the Wolf. Sofia reminded me of Peter from the musical story in 1936. A little kid can do anything he/she wanted. like hunting a wolf

    • Mia & Robin (Two birds) each by a flute
    • One of those Swans from Sofia the First (Duck) by an Oboe

    • Princess Peach Toadstool in a cat suit from the Mario franchise (Cat) (tritagonist) by a clarinet
    • Roland II (Grandfather)(one of the main characters) is an old bassoon

    • Wolf O Donnell (The Wolf) (Main Antagonist) from the Star Fox franchise by three French Horns
    • Captain Toad and his Brigade (Hunters) (deuteragonist) by woodwind and brass and their rifles by the timpani and bass drum
    • Sofia the First (Peter) (Main Protagonist) by the string quartet

    • Princess Peach Toad…

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