I've talked about Aladdin enough on my blogs. I'm going to talk about The Lion King now. Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie based on a fairy tale and The Lion King is my absolute favorite out of all of them. The Lion King is doomed as Frozen has almost out-grossed it at the box office. The only place the latter has left to open in is Japan, and we can all imagine how it'll do there. I'm angry about this because The Lion King should be irreplaceable. Why am I so against Frozen? I'll tell you, immediately when I saw the teaser trailer for it, I remembered being forced to see Wreck-It-Ralph with the rest of my family and I didn't like it. Knowing how well it did, I realized what was going to become of this new movie and I wanted absolutely no involvement in it. It was something I did NOT, repeat DID NOT want to get into.