After much blogging on my fear of what Frozen has been becoming, I've finally seen it for myself. So for my opinion, do I LOVE it or HATE it. The answer is: OKAY. I tried my best to get something out of it, and my verdict is that for ME ALONE this film has its ups and downs, with the ups slightly less than the downs. Don't get me wrong, there are some aspects of it that I enjoyed. I didn't get to into the songs, but the choirs were good. I said I didn't get into the songs, especially Let it Go, to me that sounded more like Katy Perry than Disney, but I did get some enjoyment from the animation on the creation of the ice palace. Most of the characters aren't quite what I imagined them to be. I found Anna kind of uninteresting, but did get a little enjoyment out of Kristoff. I was kind of bored with Anna's love at first sight with Hans and then switching to Kristoff, it reminds me too much of that romance in Enchanted and I found that one kind of cheesy. Elsa was the character that I thought was best. All in all, Frozen ISN'T one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES and it's FAR from that, and I didn't LOVE it or HATE it, I just ENJOYED IT A LITTLE.