Lately, to me and my friends, more particularly the males, Frozen has gotten old. Movies like the ones of the Renaissance era don't because as my friends and I get older, those movies get better and better. As we all know Frozen was an obsession among most people, and had a more modern feel to it than the renaissance films in terms of music and tone. The way I look at Disney these days, all people want from them is something they've seen a million times before rehashed and Disney agrees to that just because it rolls in the money. They seem to be making it so that whatever people were obsessed with is just used over and over again until it gets old and that takes time away from focus on originality. You may say that Frozen isn't a rehash because it's about sisterly love, but that's not why I say it is. Frozen could be considered a rehash because its philosophy about getting to know a man before you marry him has already been established in a lot of Disney's other princess movies before, from Beauty and the Beast and so on. Also, the idea that a girl does not need prince charming is established enough in Beauty and the Beast and Brave, obviously because Belle starts out not even thinking of romance with anyone and Merida, throughout the entire course of her film, has no interest in romance at all.

An article from the Baltimore Sun given in the link below discusses Aladdin on its first release in 1992-1993.

It starts out by saying, "Many films are not well-received during their initial release an become classics decades later. Others make millions their first time out and fade from memory over time. I suspect that "Aladdin" may wind up as one of the latter."

To me, those words really say Frozen.

When you look at it analytically, has it gotten old to you?