Any idea I post on any of the blogs or message walls seems to lack attention. Most people like my ideas when I show it to them, so why is it that rarely anyone responds to them?

On the Future Disney Princess Ideas wall I said I disliked Frozen for it's "anti-male" message and I said that there should be a fairy tale that conveys a positive message to a male audience.

I gave the idea for an adaptation of Oscar Wilde's The Happy Prince about a prince named Caden who lives in a world where princesses are favored over princes and wants to change that. Eventually he meets a young woman named Dove who is expected to follow old-fashioned values in the kingdom. She helps him realize that love and passion is the key to happiness, not fame and fortune. The hero and heroine would be designed to look like a man and a woman instead of a boy and a girl.

That idea had potential, no?

Here's another one. This one is an original story that explains how love at first sight is accomplished and how it may pay off for some people. Our hero and heroine in this story are not the typical teenage couple, but instead are young children. In this story, there is a love goddess who plays matchmaker with the people of earth, which reveals that falling in love at first sight is not by choice for them. The hero is a 10 year old prince named Gabriel who is the youngest of five children, with the rest being teenage to young adult aged sisters. His existence is hidden from the kingdom by his mother, the queen, who favors her daughters and sees boys as inferior to girls. the heroine is an 8 year old girl named Clover who is the youngest of five daughters with the older ones being older and closer together in age who pay little attention to her. The love goddess decides to make these two kids fall in love as a way to create chaos among their families.

That seemed interesting, did it not?

Anyway, hate me all you want for my "anti-princess" attitude, but those are only my feelings about FrozenMania. I hated it from the start for it's anti-male message and thought that looking at it from a more adult-oriented standpoint should be more interesting partially because those of us who edit here are not children and that there are very few adult-oriented animated films.