I just saw this video on YouTube of a couple of little kids opening up the Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection Toys from McDonalds. They opened the sets from both 1996 and 1997 and seemed to know most of the characters fine, except for a few.

When they opened the box for AristoCats, they didn't recognize Scat Cat. When they opened the box for Pete's Dragon, they didn't recognize Elliot. When they opened up the Sword in the Stone box, it took a while for them to recognize Merlin.

All of this is understandable,


When they opened the Bambi box, they didn't know Bambi was a male, not a female.

And what drives me mad are two things:

First, when they opened the When they opened the Lion King box, they assumed the figure was Mufasa and not the Adult Simba.

Second, when they opened the Return of Jafar box, they didn't know the original film was called "Aladdin". They thought it was called "Jasmine", and the worst part is, they almost didn't know Aladdin's name.

If you're thinking, "Jasmine's more popular because she's the princess," let me tell you, it makes more sense to focus on Aladdin, as he is the MAIN CHARACTER.

This really begs the question,

Are kids really watching these movies, or do they just know these characters from the toys and clothes they get with the characters on them?